London Dog Portraits To Make You Smile | Rebecca Harrison Designs

I love supporting London dog brands, especially when their products are gorgeously stylish. And that’s just what the dog portraits created by London-based artist Rebecca Harrison are. The portraits immediately caught my eye when I first met Rebecca putting up a display of her work in a new London groomers, Masters…

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A Christmas Gift Guide For Dog Divas

A Christmas Gift Guide for Dog Divas, wrapped up. By Pops, serving fierce festive realness. Listen up pooches! I’ve taken the stress out of Christmas shopping for ya’ll! I’ve been one busy sausage and I’ve compiled a list of my top products in my ‘Christmas Gift Guide For Dog Divas’, at a…

Growlmama London Carry (Camel)
Growlmama London Collar (Camel)
Personalised Pet Sweatshirt
Furbo Dog Camera
Woof and The Gang Pet Collection
Personalised Gold Heart Lovelock Charm
Rose Gold Glitter Leather Dog Collar
Growlees Dog Collar Charms
Feed Me: 50 Home Cooked Meals for your Dog
Me and My Pets Pet TeePee
By Benji Biltong
Pets So Good Snuffle Mat
Sherpa Dog Fleece Jacket | Green and Orange
The Dog Walker’s Gift Set
Moschino Dog collar and lead
Moschino Padded Jacket For Dogs
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How to Keep Your Dog Cool in Warm Weather | Tips from PetsPyjamas & Pet Teezer + Giveaway!

The summer heatwave may officially be over but summer is still with us when you step outside. At first glance, the weather may look like it’s returned to the norm of an English summer but don’t be fooled, the sun can still pack a punch just in stealth mode. Plus rumour…

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Oralade Hydrate Plus for Dogs Helps Your Dog Hydrate

We are big fans of summer and the sun, no complaints about the unusually hot English weather over here! However although us humans may love it, not all pups do and we have to be extra careful about making sure pooches stay hydrated when out and about in the hot weather. Especially…

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The Dogvine Day Out With Fetch & Follow In Dog-Friendly Whitstable

When we heard that London dog lifestyle brand Fetch & Follow were taking their dog shop on tour to dog-friendly Whitstable, we were excited to receive an invite to go along and visit them. One of our favourite London dog brands and a dog’s day out by the sea, sounded like…

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New Pet Lifestyle Brand Love My Human & Chelsea In Bloom

This past week has been a big week for Chelsea, not only did it play host to the annual floral spectacular that is Chelsea in Bloom but the new pet lifestyle brand Love My Human opened its doors on the King’s Road to London dogs (and cats). The latter is obviously…

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How To Help Your Dog Get Fit – PoochPlay Dog Activity Tracker Review

No-one wants a portly pooch. Yet over 40% of the UK’s dogs are overweight according to research compiled by MedicAnimal. Just like humans, diet and exercise are the two key inputs into just how (un)healthy our dogs are and sadly how long they live. Who wouldn’t want their best friend to…

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Introducing The Pet Teezer, The New Tangle Teezer For Dogs

Who owns a Tangle Teezer? I certainly do and couldn’t live without mine for brushing the tangles out of my often unruly mop of hair. When grooming Belinha, I’ve often thought someone should make a Tangle Teezer for dogs and it seems I wasn’t alone. Turns out that as well as…

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Dog Trousers Review | Do They Keep Your Dog Clean?

With the snowy and rainy weather recently it’s been the pawfect opportunity to put Dog Trousers from The Dog Trouser Company to the test. I decided to try them on Belinha as opposed to Moleque as being smaller, she often comes back from a wet walk with a very dirty and…

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Gift Guide | 5 Pet Tech Gifts You Need For Your Dog

When it comes to gadgets us humans can’t seem to get enough of them. So for those of us with pets it’s no surprise that our technology filled world is expanding more and more to include our four-legged companions. Whether you’re looking to keep an eye on your pet, help them…

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