How To Teach Your Dog Tricks: 6 Free Training Resources

Following on from our blog post on ‘How to Entertain Your Dog at Home‘ – a round-up of free Canine Enrichment resources, today it’s time to take things to the next level with a round-up of some fab free resources on ‘How to Teach Your Dog Tricks‘. During Lockdown, we’ve been…

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14 Virtual Dog Events You Can Join In Online

Staying home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun, especially the dog event fun! Generally, around this time of the year, our Dog Events Calendar would be filling up with lots of dog shows, meet-ups and other fun things to do with your dog outdoors. Of course,…

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How To Entertain Your Dog At Home: 8 Free Canine Enrichment Resources

As we enter the second week of the Coronavirus Lockdown with limited exercise a day allowed for people and pups, knowing how to entertain your dog at home through canine enrichment has never been more important.  I recently read that just 10-20 minutes of mental stimulation or enrichment is equivalent to…

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London Support Groups for Dog Owners in Self-Isolation

Taking your dog for a walk or going to buy dog food was something we all took for granted until the stark reality of the Coronavirus hit. And it’s about to hit even harder when as per government estimates, 1.5 million elderly and vulnerable people go into lockdown for the next…

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