Gift Guide | 5 Pet Tech Gifts You Need For Your Dog

When it comes to gadgets us humans can’t seem to get enough of them. So for those of us with pets it’s no surprise that our technology filled world is expanding more and more to include our four-legged companions. Whether you’re looking to keep an eye on your pet, help them lose weight, keep them entertained or simply safe, there’s a pet tech product to help you do all of those things and more.

Listed in no particular order of pet tech pawsomeness, read on to see our top picks for pet tech gifts to ask Santa Paws to pop under the tree this Christmas…

Pet Tech Gifts Collage

1  – Pet Tech Gifts | Furbo

Since we reviewed the Furbo back in January, this treat-tossing camera has been a godsend in our house for when the dogs are home alone. Not only is it super stylish but it has a wealth of functionality! The latest version of the Furbo has a 1080p HD camera, 160° wide-angle lens, 4x digital zoom, automatic night vision, two-way audio to let you talk to your pet whilst out, barking sensor and the much-loved treat tosser to name a few of its features. Available from Furbo or Amazon, normally £249 but for a limited time available for £155!Pet Tech Gifts - Furbo

2  – Pet Tech Gifts | PoochPlay Pet Fitness Tracker

Do you have a pup who needs to lose a few pounds? Over the last few weeks we’ve been trying out some pet fitness trackers one of which is PoochPlay and we’ve been really impressed with its capabilities and the information it gives you. It’s not only a waterproof fitness tracker but also makes recommendations on how much food you should be feeding your pup in line with their exercise levels and helps you keep on top of when to give medications and regular treatments such as de-worming. Available from PoochPlay for just £39.99

Pet Tech Gifts - PoochPlay

3  – Pet Tech Gifts | Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is part human, part pet tech gift and why not!  Amazon’s ‘Petlexa’ was our favourite April Fool’s pranks of 2017 and yes, we fell for it because we would LOVE this…

Petlexa aside for now, it’s a well-known fact that classical music relaxes dogs, so whenever I go out and have to leave the dogs behind I can tell Alexa to pop them on a classical music playlist. The best bit is I can control it from my phone so if I want to turn it off when the dog walker comes I can. If you have an Audible subscription you can also have Alexa read books to your dogs and there’s even a special Audible for Dogs! The plus side of this pet tech gift is that it’s good for humans too. The Amazon Echo is available from Amazon with a usual price of £89.99 (or £49.99 for the Dot) but look out for special offers (right now the Amazon Echo starts at just £69.99).

Pet Tech Gifts - Amazon Echo

4  – Pet Tech Gifts | Leuchtie Easy Charge

I’m sure I’m not alone in having tried a multitude of dog lights for those dark winter months especially when you have to take a black dog to the park at night! The conclusion I have come to is that any dog light I purchase needs to be very visible from all angles (i.e. round the neck not just hanging from the collar) and have a long life when it comes to the light charge or battery. Cue the Leuchtie Easy Charge. German-made, it’s not cheap but there’s a reason it’s being used on Search and Rescue dogs in Germany as it can be seen up to 1000m away and is fully waterproof! It’s also super convenient, switching on and off automatically by sensor when you put it on your dog and it’s rechargeable via USB. Available in 8 colours and 8 sizes from Leuchtie for £49.99

Pet Tech Gifts - Leuchtie Easy Charge


5  – Pet Tech Gifts | Pawbo

The Pawbo is the pet camera to buy for humans with both dogs and cats.  Not only does it have a 720P HD camera, a 130⁰ Wide-Angle Lens, two-way audio and treat dispenser but also includes a light pointer came which you can control from your phone. There are upgradable options too as part of the Pawbo Theme Park concept such as the Pawbo Catch, a remotely controlled interactive furry teaser for cats! The Pawbo is available from Pawbo UK for £149 and the Pawbo Catch for £39.

Pet Tech Gifts - Pawbo


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