Dog Friendly Pubs Infographic | How Dog Friendly Are The UK’s Pubs?

Britain is a nation of dog-lovers. Apparently we’re also a nation of pub-goers so it stands to reason that we should be a nation of dog-friendly pubs too right? Well maybe, but some it seems are more dog-friendly than others.

Dog-Friendly Pubs Infographic | How Dog-Friendly Are The UK's Pubs? 4

Dog-sitting and home boarding platform Dog Buddy is making it their mission to find out not only how dog-friendly UK Pubs are, but which pubs in the UK stand out with their second annual ‘Dog-Friendly Pub Awards’.

The awards were launched after Dog Buddy realised that many owners actually struggled to find dog-friendly pubs that welcome their pooch for a drink too. In fact, they surveyed 3,000 dog owners and a whopping 67% had been put off visiting a pub because it wasn’t dog-friendly!

We were really surprised to hear this high number as it’s a common perception that most pubs (as oppose to cafe’s and restaurants) are actually very dog-friendly.Dog-Friendly Pubs Infographic | How Dog-Friendly Are The UK's Pubs? 3

Maybe we’re spoilt for choice here in London but surely pubs recognise that it makes good business sense to be dog-friendly? We’re glad to see that those pubs that are dog-friendly are getting recognised for it, like The Hand In Hand, Wimbledon who were last year’s winners (and who also featured in our Airbnb Dog-Friendly Guidebook) or The Narrowboat, Islington who regularly hold a Doggy Brunch (read all about the Narrowboat Doggy Brunches in our post here). Hopefully more will follow in their pawsteps.

If you have a local pub that you think should be recognised for being dog-friendly then make sure they get the recognition they deserve! Hurry up and vote for them in the Dog Friendly Pub Awards before voting closes at midnight on 29th October 2017. The site is also a great resource for finding new dog-friendly pubs either in London or around the UK. We’ll definitely be checking out the ones we haven’t been to yet on the London Dog-Friendly Pub Leaderboard when the winners are announced on 10th November.

Whilst we’re waiting for the results to come in so we can head off to the winning pub, here’s the pawsome dog-friendly pubs infographic that Dog Buddy have put together. Looks like Londoners are one of the least loyal to a local drinking spot (13%) but we do make sure that wherever we go, we capture the pawfect pub pic with Londoner’s pooches topping the list for having their own social media account (23%). No surprise there.

How Dog-friendly Are UK Pubs?

Thanks to Dog Buddy for producing and sharing this infographic

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