Faith | The Story Of A Romanian Street Dog Looking For Love

Meet Faith the Romanian street dog who is searching for her special someone. Faith arrived in London a few weeks ago after a truly heartwarming rescue by a team of volunteers from Angels for the Innocent Foundation, IAPWA and Red Panda Romania. Faith was found in plummeting minus 20 temperatures in Romania in January this year and would have perished if she hadn’t been rescued.

Faith The Romanian Street Dog Looking For Love

Faith, The Story Of A Romanian Street Dog

When the team came across Faith she was full of milk so they knew she had puppies somewhere nearby. Finally, after a harrowing two hours searching for her puppies, the team found the puppies in a shed at the back of a disabled man’s house. Faith had crawled into the shed to give birth but was having to fend for herself and her pups as the man wasn’t feeding them.

Faith The Romanian Street Dog Looking For Love With Puppies
Faith had crawled into a shed to give birth to her puppies | Photo: Angels For The Innocent

It was clear that the entire little family would be at risk of death if they were left in the freezing sub-zero temperatures. The decision was made…that was not going to happen and Faith and her puppies were taken in by Red Panda Romania with the support of Angels for the Innocent Foundation and IAPWA.

Watch the gripping story of the rescue of Faith and her pups…

After spending time at Red Panda Romania to allow the puppies to be weaned, Faith the Romanian street dog was a completely different dog when Anneka Svenska from Angels of The Innocent Foundation went back to visit her in July of this year …

From Romanian Street Dog to London Top Dog Model…

About a month ago, Faith took another step forward on her incredible journey and with the help of many generous people, Faith arrived in London. Faith is now in foster in North London and we met up with Rowena Kenward her fosterer to lend a helping paw and take some photos of Faith to help in the search for her forever home.Faith The Romanian Street Dog Looking For Love DSC_0700

For a dog that’s gone through what she has, Faith is doing unbelievably well. You would never have guessed that she had been living on the streets of Romania not so long ago. Faith is loving and affectionate (get ready to be showered in kisses), playful and very quick to learn and seems totally at home in London.

Faith now knows how to sit on command but hadn’t quite mastered the stay command. By the end of 30 minutes of me taking photos and the help of some treats, Faith was really getting the hang of it (as well as quickly learning that a camera meant treat time).

Faith The Romanian Street Dog Looking For Love DSC_0502

Faith The Romanian Street Dog Looking For Love DSC_0640 (1)

Faith The Romanian Street Dog Looking For Love DSC_0604 (1)

Faith The Romanian Street Dog Looking For Love DSC_0709

We then headed back to the Doggy Brunch at The Narrowboat where there were lots of other dogs around and Faith took it all in her stride. If she feels threatened Faith will let you know about it with a bark or two, but this is natural given her background and will no doubt improve once she’s settled and with training.

Faith The Romanian Street Dog Looking For Love DSC_0939

Faith The Romanian Street Dog Looking For Love DSC_0083

Rowena told us Faith’s already been out and about on a Puppy Therapy visit to University of The Arts in Holborn with All Dogs Matter (the charity Rowena works for) and starred as a dog model in a pet brand photo shoot for Rachel Oates Pet Photography. Clearly Faith the little Romanian street dog is a top dog model in the making!

Adopt Faith

We think Faith is absolutely gorgeous and there is no doubt that she will make someone a fabulous four-legged friend. She’s a great size (on the smaller end of medium), approx 4-5 years old, very intelligent and incredibly loving. Whoever adopts Faith will be very lucky.

If you think you could be Faith’s special someone, then please contact Anneka Svenska (Angels for The Innocent Foundation) on: or Rowena Kenward (All Dogs Matter ) on:

Faith also has her own Facebook Page where updates will be posted.
Videos courtesy of Green World TV
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