What Did We Think Of Wellybix Dog Biscuits?

For a while now we’ve been hearing quite a lot of dog talk about Wellybix Dog Biscuits so when we were contacted by Alison and Welly from Wellybix to see if we would like to try them, three sets of paws immediately went up in the air (well ok they didn’t actually go up in the air but imagine they did).

As ‘chief treat controller’, I first had to check with Alison that they would be suitable for The Dogvine crew as both Belinha & Moleque can only have low-fat treats due to a history of pancreatitis. (However, Nina did reassure me she was happy to do a solo review in that case, no problem at all).

Wellybix Dog Biscuits Review

Alison helpfully sent me a fat % breakdown per treat flavour and we were pleased to see that there were some that we would be able to test out (cue the canine sighs of relief in the background).

But before we jump onto what we thought of Wellybix, let’s get to know a bit more about Wellybix…

Who are Wellybix?

Wellybix is run by Alison and her two-year old Jack Russell Welly. Alison used to be a pastry chef (for humans) but after having to leave her job for family reasons, turned her baking skills to making biscuits for Welly and then supplying local businesses and things grew from there.  Alison has now even won several awards for her wooferful dog biscuits.

Alison - Wellybix Dog Biscuits
Alison & Welly. Photo courtesy of Wellybix

The adorable Welly has the VIP role of Chief Tester, a job he takes extremely seriously.

Welly - Wellybix Dog Biscuits
Chief Treat Tester Welly. Photo courtesy of Wellybix

What Are Wellybix Dog Biscuits?

Wellybix Dog Biscuits are hand-baked treats that are completely free of any artificial flavours, colours and enhancers and come in 7 flavours (plus one limited edition flavour). The mouth-watering flavours currently available are…

  • Apple  with fresh Mint
  • Carrot  with fresh Parsley
  • Peanut Butter with Spelt Flour
  • Chocolate flavour with Carob (no actual chocolate in these)
  • Chicken with fresh Thyme
  • Beef with fresh Parsley
  • Lamb with fresh Rosemary
  • Strawberry & Cream (Limited Edition)

The treats are hand-baked in Teeside by Alison, using only human grade ingredients and often herbs from Welly’s own garden. Each flavour has a detailed nutritional breakdown available on the Wellybix website and the nutritional values for the biscuits have been approved by a veterinary laboratory.

What Did We Think Of Wellybix Dog Biscuits?

When we received the package it was immediately clear that a lot of love goes into making these treats.

Wellybix Dog Biscuits

We were only expecting to receive one of the flavours to try but Alison very kindly sent us THREE flavours to try – Beef, Chicken and Lamb, these are the flavours that all have the lowest fat content (12.37%)…how thoughtful.

The first thing we liked was the packaging. The biscuits come in lovely little brown paper eco-friendly bags (each bag contains 110g of treats) that have a clever resealable fastening. Attached to each bag is card with the ingredients, nutritional values and hand-written use by dates; they had a shelf life of 8 weeks away so that gives plenty of time to get through them although I’m sure for most pups they’ll be eagerly eaten long before then!

Wellybix Dog Biscuits

Wellybix Dog Biscuits - Info Card

Wellybix Dog Biscuits - Eco Packaging

Now for the taste test….

Wellybix Dog Biscuits - Belinha

Moleque’s Wellybix Dog Biscuits Taste Test

First up was Moleque who decided these treats deserved a good sniff before considering a paws up for Wellybix.

Moleque Sniffing The Wellybix Dog Biscuits

When presented with all three flavours, after (brief) consideration, Moleque’s first choice was the Chicken followed by the Beef and then the Lamb. Safe to say all three were gobbled up pronto.

Moleque - Wellybix Dog Biscuits

Moleque - Wellybix Dog Biscuits

Nina’s Wellybix Dog Biscuits Taste Test

Next up was Nina. Nina didn’t seem to favour the sniff first approach but opted for more of a dive right in case the human changes her mind way of doing things.

Nina - Wellybix Dog Biscuits

Nina - Wellybix Dog Biscuits

Nina - Wellybix Dog Biscuits

Nina went for the Lamb as first choice followed by the Chicken then the Beef.

Belinha’s Wellybix Dog Biscuits Taste Test

Last up and taking a more laid back approach to things (as she generally does) was Belinha.

Belinha - Wellybix Dog Biscuits

After some very ladylike sniffing, followed by some sidling over to one bowl then another to have a good look, Belinha went for the Chicken as first choice, followed by the Beef and then the Lamb…coincidentally the same as Moleque.

Belinha - Wellybix Dog Biscuits

Belinha Wellybix Biscuits

Where To Buy Wellybix Dog Biscuits?

Wellybix Dog Biscuits are a bargain at just £3.25 a bag and you can buy them directly from the Wellybix website where this is also a helpful list of stockists.

The Verdict

Disclaimer: We received complimentary Wellybix Dog Biscuits to review but this is an honest independent review – we only write about products we genuinely like and believe in.

Given the rate at which these disappeared, we’re pleased to repawt that Belinha, Moleque & Nina loved their Wellybix, so it’s a BIG paws up from them. From the chief treat controller’s perspective they’re also a thumbs up for their homemade ingredients, their eco packaging and quite simply the love and care that so obviously goes into making Wellybix by Alison (and Welly of course).

Wellybix Dog Biscuits 2

Wellybix Dog Biscuits 3

Wellybix Dog Biscuits 2 (2)

Wellybix Dog Biscuits Banner



  1. 8th August 2016 / 10:38 am

    Want to say a massive Fank Ooo for such a lovely review from your Top Doggies Nina, Moleque and Belinha… who obviously have wooftastic taste… BOL
    Lovely content and photos… which must have taken you simply ages…. your review is really appreciated.
    Thank you so much again, and have a lovely week.
    Alison and Welly xx

    • 8th August 2016 / 10:44 am

      Aww thank you Alison and Welly…Belinha, Moleque & Nina could not get enough of Wellybix…nearly had a whole packet disappear at one point when my back was turned taking pics Safe to say we think Wellybix are PAWSOME! Have a lovely week too! Teresa, Belinha, Moleque & Nina xxxx

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