Top Dog On The Best UK Pet Blogs 2019 List

This week we got some wooferful news – Vuelio, the leading UK provider of PR & media solutions including their famous Top Blog lists, released their annual list of the Top 10 UK Pet Blogs and guess what? We’re ranked #3 on the list behind two cat blogs making us the Top Dog on the list of the Best UK Pet Blogs 2019; I’m so proud!

The Dogvine - Vuelio Best UK Pet Blogs 2019 List 8

The Dogvine has been ranked on the list since Vuelio first released their Top 10 UK Pet Blogs list in 2017, starting at #8, rising to #4 last year and now #3 for 2019! The cats are holding on to the first two slots for the second year, but let’s not get into a which is better dogs or cats debate (we love them both but fear we may lose). See the full Top 10 UK Pet Blogs 2019 List here.

The Dogvine - Vuelio Best UK Pet Blogs 2019 List 6

Being ranked so highly on the list of the Best UK Pet Blogs 2019 is even more of an achievement as 2019 hasn’t been easy for us. If you follow us on social media, you’ll know that Belinha has given me several health scares (but thankfully all is fine for now) and I’ve lost someone very close to me which left me knocked for six and quite simply not able to blog as much. As I’ve mentioned before, I blog outside of my (hectic) day job, so The Dogvine is a labour of love that means lots of late nights and busy weekends. But it does mean I get to spend lots of time with my dogs and share some fantastic dog-friendly experiences that we wouldn’t otherwise get to do.

The Dogvine - Vuelio Best UK Pet Blogs 2019 List 7

It’s also so rewarding when I get a message from someone who follows us to say how much they love The Dogvine and how the content we provide has helped them in some way. I’ll never forget the first time someone told me that through The Dogvine they had become part of a whole new community of friends through the events we share on the London Dog Events Calendar and how it made such a difference to them. A proud and heartwarming moment.

The Dogvine - Vuelio Best UK Pet Blogs 2019 List 2

Our dogs are so important to us, and any dog parent will be the first to say their dog is their best friend, I certainly do. They give us so much in the short time they are with us, so spending as much time as possible doing things they and you love, is so important. Since starting the blog, we have seen more and more places and experiences become dog-friendly, so we love discovering and sharing them with you so you too can create memories to cherish.

The Dogvine - Vuelio Best UK Pet Blogs 2019 List 5

So a big thank you to all our readers and followers for your support and for coming with us on our blogging journey. If you’d like to see something featured on the blog, please do get in touch and I’ll see what we can do.

And thank you Vuelio for rating The Dogvine as one of the UK Best Pet Blogs 2019…the top dog in our house will most certainly be demanding a pay treat rise now and she deserves it!

The Dogvine - Vuelio Best UK Pet Blogs 2019 List 3

How does Vuelio compile it’s Top 10 Blog Lists? There is no voting involved, Vuelio uses a proprietary algorithm to rank blogs in each sector. The methodology takes into consideration a vast number of factors including social sharing, topic-related content, post frequency, engagement, social media influence, traffic and interactivity.

Photos by Emma O'Brien // Personalised Embroidered Tee of Belinha by Hoop n Loop

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