London Dog Photography You will Love: Raven Imagery Review

As the writer of a London Dog Blog, I’m always looking out for London dog photography that makes me look twice. When I first came across Raven Imagery’s photos on Instagram, I did just that and was intrigued, as this was a London dog photographer that I hadn’t seen before. On further investigation, I was really impressed with Raven Imagery’s photographs, both from the impressive dog photography in London as well as farther afield. So when Andrew from Raven Imagery got in touch, I knew any pictures Andrew took of Belinha would do my beautiful girl justice.

Belinha at Horse Guards Parade - London Dog Photography - Raven Imagery

In this blog post, I’ll share our experience with our Raven Imagery London Dog Photoshoot. That way, you’ll know what to expect if you’re thinking about booking a photoshoot for your own dog. 

Belinha at Westminster - London Dog Photography by Raven Imagery

I’ll also be sharing how you could win your own fabulous London dog photoshoot with Raven Imagery in our Giveaway, so read on to find out more…

The London Dog Photographer Behind The Lens

In this case, the London dog photographer behind the lens is Andrew Richardson, an engineer who decided to follow his true calling (dog photography, obviously), and we’re glad he did. From the beginning, I could tell Andrew cared passionately about getting the best shots of his canine clients and ensuring the photoshoot was the best experience possible for them. 

Striking a pose in front of the National Gallery - by Raven Imagery

What To Expect From A Dog Photoshoot With Raven Imagery

With a studio in Bishops Stortford, Andrew’s outdoor photoshoots take him into London and further afield, resulting in stunning photos as can be seen in the gallery on the Raven Imagery website. For dog photography in London, Andrew has a choice of signature photoshoots routes to choose and is always happy to incorporate any particular landmarks or locations you may prefer.

Belinha Strutting Down The Mall by Raven Imagery

Given that Belinha considers herself to be a Queen, we opted for a shoot that included Buckingham Palace (Belinha’s rightful residence), Trafalgar Square and other well-known spots in Westminster.

Buckingham Palace - Belinha's Rightful Residence

One of the other routes that Andrew suggests takes in some equally iconic London backdrops such as Tower Bridge, Leadenhall Market, St Pauls and more. It was a tough choice but ‘what a Queen wants, a Queen gets’ and so the Westminster shoot it was.

Our London Dog Photography Experience

When the big day came, we were unlucky enough to have some pretty rotten weather. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t make for the best photos, Belinha lives up to her Brazilian roots and is not a fan of the snow! Andrew immediately offered to move the shoot to another day so that Belinha could be as comfortable as possible. Belinha was happy, and I was extremely impressed with how Andrew put Belinha’s needs first.

Strolling through the streets of London - by Raven Imagery

Although it was a cold day, we were lucky enough to have some blue skies when we were finally able to do the photoshoot, and it made for some beautiful photos, as you can see.

Anyone who knows us will know that Belinha is often seen strutting the streets of London, looking fabulous in her latest collar and bow-tie combination. So it was no surprise (to us at least) that we turned up with quite a few collar and bow-tie outfit changes to include in the photos. If Andrew was surprised, to his credit, he didn’t show it, patiently taking as many pictures as we needed to go with Belinha’s ‘outfit’ changes.

London Dog Photography at Buckingham Palace- by Raven Imagery

The session itself lasted for about two hours, including walking time between each photoshoot location. If you’re wondering how Belinha coped, she was chauffeured between each spot in her dog buggy, just as a Queen of her standing should be! 

Beautiful Memories To Treasure 

After the shoot, Andrew sent through an album of photos for me to review to pick my favourites that would go onto editing. At this point, I could see that Andrew had captured some stunning shots. It was going to be so hard to choose between photos, so in the end, I gave in and selected pretty much the whole album. 

Westminster London Dog Photography - by Raven Imagery

When I received the edited photographs, I was absolutely over the moon with Belinha’s pictures from her London Dog Photoshoot and will treasure them forever.

Belinha at Horse Guards Parade opposite St James's Park - by Raven Imagery

As you know, through the blog, I take many photos myself, but you just can’t beat professional dog photos and Andrew is a very talented dog photographer. Turns out that Andrew is not only a fantastic photographer but also knows just how to edit a photo to make it look even more fabulous. Then again, I don’t need to tell you that as hopefully, the pictures speak for themselves.

Belinha in front of the National Gallery Trafalgar Square

For post-shoot options, Andrew offers several different image and print packages which is good to see. Personally, when considering a photo shoot, being able to purchase digital images is a priority and prints a secondary one. Of course, everyone will have different priorities, but you should find something that works for you in the Raven Imagery After Your Shoot Packages.

How Would We Rate Our Raven Imagery London Dog Photography Experience?

If you hadn’t guessed it by now, we would rate our London Dog Photoshoot with Raven Imagery as simply top-notch. 

Belinha at Buckingham Palace - by London Dog Photographer Raven Imagery

Ultimately, every photoshoot will be judged by the photos at the end of it, and I am so pleased with Belinha’s. At her age, Belinha is understandably not as patient when it comes to posing and, thanks to some creaky limbs, has pretty much one signature pose these days (standing). Nevertheless, Andrew captured Belinha’s character so well, time and time again.

London Dog Photography in Trafalgar Square - by Raven Imagery

Aside from the stunning photos that we received, Andrew’s thoughtful, considerate and patient approach both pre, during, and post-shoot made the whole experience a thoroughly enjoyable one.

Belinha in front of Buckingham Palace - by Raven Imagery

Would I book another photoshoot with Raven Imagery? Absolutely, I wouldn’t hesitate. Neither would I hesitate to recommend Andrew as a London dog photographer to any pup parent wanting to create beautiful memories to treasure of their dog.

To keep up with Andrew, visit Raven Imagery’s website or Instagram/Facebook.

The Dogvine x Raven Imagery Giveaway

London's iconic Phone Boxes are the perfect backdrop - Dog Photography in London by Raven Imagery

If Belinha’s photos have got you thinking about booking a photoshoot, then exciting news…we will be teaming up with Raven Imagery on a fantastic Giveaway. One (very) lucky winner will win a prize worth £333 of a London dog photoshoot with Andrew from Raven Imagery plus 3 beautiful digital images to treasure!

Entries for the Giveaway will open on Saturday 20th March 2021 on Instagram, so make sure you’re following us to get your entries in when the Giveaway is announced!

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Good Luck!

Belinha at Traflagar Square - by Raven Imagery

Before we go, a shout-out to Belinha’s choice of accessories for her photoshoot, which were:

Bow Ties: The Distinguished Dog Company (read our Bow Tie & Bandana review here) and Winthrop Clothing Co.

Collars: Broughton & Co, Milgi London and Rag and Paw.

It's a hard life being a top London dog model - London Dog Photography by Raven Imagery
It’s hard work being a top London dog model…
We were kindly gifted our photoshoot as part of this collaboration, however, all views are my own honest opinions. All images courtesy of Raven Imagery.

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