Schnauzerfest 2015 is back on 17th & 18th October 2015

A few weeks ago at PupAid, I was introduced to the world of Schnauzers when I met Janetta Harvey – Schnauzer owner, author and campaigner against the cruel world of puppy farming.

Janetta Harvey - Schnauzerfest 2015
Janetta Harvey (Right) and friend. Photo: Schnauzerfest

Janetta has three Schnauzers of her own, two of which are puppy farm survivors – Susie-Belle and Twinkle (both rescues) and their big sister Renae.

Susie-Belle Schanuzer - PupAid 2015
Puppy farm survivor Susie-Belle
Renae - Schnauzerfest 2015
Big sister Renae
Twinkle - Schnauzerfest 2015
Puppy farm survivor Twinkle

Last year, Janetta had an idea to raise money for rescues that help puppy farm pups like Susie-Belle & Twinkle so put the idea out to friends and fellow Schnauzer owners. The idea was simple, local volunteers could organise a group Schnauzer walk in their area (honorary Schnauzers welcome) and raise money for local rescues via donations. Schnauzerfest was born and everybody got to work with a (scary) goal of raising £1,000 in mind.

What initially seemed like an unachievable idea suddenly took on a life of its own. Local Schnauzer groups all over the country got behind the idea, organising walks as well as coming up with other fundraising ideas. Janetta’s orignal target was smashed with a staggering £7,500 raised for the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre (DBARC). This may sound like a lot of money but when you consider that many Schnauzers coming from puppy farms require cataract surgeries at £2,000 for each eye that are funded by the rescue, small rescues like the DBARC really need this support.

Schnauzerfest 2014
One of the walks during Schnauzerfest 2014. Photo: Mike Jackson
Schnauzerfest 2014 on Wimbledon Common
Schnauzerfest participants on Wimbledon Common last year. Photo: Mark Whiteman

This year, Schnauzerfest 2015 is back with a bang. Set to take place on the weekend of 17th/18th October 2015 there are already more than 30 events organised all over England, Scotland and Wales.

For us Londoners, there is a Schnauzerfest 2015 walk taking place on Wimbledon Common on the 17th October at 10:30am. There are also quite a few events in Surrey so have a look at the Schnauzerfest 2015 event listings to find the event closest to you.

For its second year, the Schnauzerfest team are setting their sights on helping not one but two rescues; the DBARC and the East Midlands Dog Rescue (EMDR). With just under two weeks to go, volunteers are working hard on organising their walks as well as cake sales and raffles to raise extra funds.

Local businesses are also pitching in to show their support. Little Lady Creations have made some fabulous collar corsages and Laizy Daisy Collars have designed some special Schnauzerfest Bandanas (we saw them both at PupAid and they look fabulous). Donations from corsages or bandanas sold go to the Schnauzerfest fund.

Schnauzerfest 2015 Supporters
Schnauzer models showing off the bandanas and corsages. Photo: Schnauzerfest

I should mention that Schnauzerfest is completely run by volunteers, impressive given that not only have they managed to organise a successful nationwide event from scratch but also to raise a phenomenal amount of money for a very worthy cause in its first year.

Paws crossed that this year, Schnauzerfest is even more of a success. I don’t have a Schnauzer but I am very much a supporter of this great initiative so please help share the Schnauzerfest story and if you can, go along to show your support at one of the events.

As Janetta said when we caught up with her on all things Schnauzerfest: “The whole Schnauzerfest family really is a great example of people’s generosity and compassion and willingness to help dogs in need. It’s something wonderful, it really is.”

We agree.

Schnauzerfest 2015
Photo: Mike Jackson

Schnauzerfest 2015 Details

  • When: 17/18 October 2015
  • Where: Events nationwide, see the events listing on Facebook to find an event near you.
  • Cost: Schnauzerfest operates on a ‘honesty box donation system’ so that people can attend with as many dogs they want to, without having to worry about a set fee per dog. People can also attend more than one walk over the weekend if they wish to.
For more information visit:

Schnauzerfest 2015


  1. Della
    14th November 2015 / 7:14 pm

    I live in New Malden and would love to attend with my schnauzer pup Macey had heard about this event from a fellow schnauzer owner at puppy classes would you let me know when next event is thankyou Della

    • 14th November 2015 / 10:20 pm

      Hi Della, Schnauzerfest is fantastic event that’s held once a year around mid-October. You can keep up to date with the next event on the Schnuazerfest facebook page: Hope that helps!

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