Judging at PupAid 2015 – Every Pup’s a Winner!

Last Saturday we went along to PupAid 2015 on Primrose Hill. PupAid is all about raising awareness of the cruel practice of puppy farming and is one of the most popular London dog events of the year.

PupAid 2015

PupAid 2015

Marc Abraham the TV Vet and founder of PupAid, did a fantastic job of organising the event and rounding up lots of celebrity support, all in the name of puppy welfare. High paws to all the animal loving celebs who came along to show their support, we managed to spot quite a few…

Peter Egan and Charles Dance at PupAaid 2015
Actors Peter Egan and Charles Dance
Meg Matthews, Anais Gallagher, Reece Bibby, Kirk Norcross and Holli Willis at PupAid 2015
Reece Bibby (Stereo Kicks), Anais Gallagher, Meg Matthews, Kirk Norcross (TOWIE) and family

Jo O'Meara S Club Singer at PupAid 2015
Jo O’Meara (S Club)

Judging The Dog Show – They’re All Winners!

I was honoured to be asked to help judge the ‘Prettiest Bitch’ category  in the fun dog show, but little did I know just how hard this would be! I was judging with Kirk Norcross (TOWIE) and Tim Vincent (Blue Peter) and boy, did we have our work cut out.

Judging at Pupaid 2015
Photo: Bridget Davey Photography

Pup after pup made their way into the ring and as far I could see they were all gorgeous; so how the hell were we going to pick the winners?!

Judging at PupAid 2015
Photo: Bridget Davey Photography

I know how people look forward to the judges coming to say hello. What I didn’t realise was that with a field full of entrants this is no mean feat. We did our best to get around to meet all the gorgeous pups and quite frankly, they were all winners. Be it a funny face, tongues sticking out, rescue or pure breed; they were all gorgeous. But we had to pick the Top 5, how?! Then with those selected, we had to place them in first to fifth positions, all with them standing in front of us…no!!!

Judging with Kirck Norcoss and Tim Vincent at PupAid 2015
Trying to decide who wins…

All I can say, is that I have a new found respect for ‘fun’ dog show judges. Plus, I think we nearly gave our celebrity host Simon Happily a heart attack because we took so long to decide (and it was his first dog show gig). Each one of us had our favourites but between us we just about managed to pick our Top 5, with Coco the Alsatian pup taking the top spot…

PupAid 2015 Dog Show 'Prettiest Bitch' Winners
Front: Dog Show Winners; Back: Judges – Me, Kirk Norcross and Tim Vincent

Would I do it again? Absolutely, with the caveat that I toughen up a bit first so that I don’t spend the rest of the day apologising to the contestants who didn’t win when I bump into them (for not picking them).

The Dogvine Pupaid Parade…

If you’ve seen me at other events, you’ll know I usually have a camera in hand. I’m not a pro-photographer by a long shot (huge amounts of respect for the pros like Bridget Davey Photography and DogStar who come along to these events), but I just can’t resist taking pics of all the pawsome pups (especially the rescue pups). So here are some pics from the day; their faces tell the story of what a wooftastic day it was, way better than I could…

Holly - PupAid 2015
Holly, a gorgeous rescue from Soi Dog Thailand
Ernest an ex-All Dogs Matter Dog at PupAid 2015
The very cute Ernest, an  ex-All Dogs Matter dog
Rescue dog Elsa from Azerbaijan at PupAid 2015
Inspirational disabled rescue dog Elsa from Azerbaijan
PupAid 2015
Buddy Dog – The Rescue Staffy

PupAid 2015

Milo and Rocco from Baker & Bray
Milo and Rocco from Baker & Bray
All Dogs Matter Dog Plum at PupAid 2015
Lovely little Plum from All Dogs Matter
The British Dalmation Welfare at PupAid 2015
The British Dalmation Welfare Crew (Oliver, Juno and Lola)
Susie-Belle Schanuzer - PupAid 2015
Puppy farm survivor Susie-Belle Schanuzer
PupAid 2015
Milo from Leucillin
George at Ruperts Street - PupAid 2015
George the Pug waiting to be served at Ruperts Street
Teddy the Staffy - PupAid 2015
Teddy the Battersea rescue Staffy who’s met the queen @TeddytheStaffy

There were certainly wagging tails everywhere, as well as a spot of bag scavenging….

All Dogs Matter Abi at PupAid 2015
If I’m not going to win a prize for Best Rescue, I’ll see what they’ve got for me in here…(Abi the Staffy from All Dogs Matter)
More photos coming soon on our Facebook Page, see you at PupAid 2016!



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