The Dogvine Selected As One Of The Top 10 UK Pet Blogs

This week we got an absolutely wooferful surprise, we found out The Dogvine had been selected as one of The Top 10 UK Pet Blogs by renowned media company Vuelio who analyse the ever growing world of influencers and bloggers to create their selection of Top 10 UK Blogs.FI - Vuelio Top 10 UK Pet Blogs (1)

After getting over the initial, ‘are you sure, double take’, we are of course absolutely over the moon and there’s been celebratory treats all round (well for the doggies anyway).

We of course wanted to know more about how the Top 10 UK Pet Blogs are selected – Vuelio have a proprietary algorithm that calculates a blog’s social media index across a number of key factors and then this is qualified and further assessed by a team of researchers to come up with ‘the most influential blogs across a variety of topics and interests’.  Again, super flattered that this includes us.

Top-10-UK-Pet-Blogs courtney-hedger-336844

Blogging is actually very hard work, especially when like me, you have a (non-dog related day job). The Dogvine is the result of many sacrificed evenings and weekends which makes the recognition even more special. Since starting the blog, we’ve attended countless events, taken literally thousands of pictures, found ways to support rescue & rehoming charities and even started a charity ourselves, had the chance to test and share pawsome pet products and last but not least met some fabulous people who have become true friends. The dog and pet community is amazing and it’s so great to be part of it, thank you for all your support!

Top-10-UK-Pet-Blogs priscilla-du-preez-364385

We’ve got lots of ideas and exciting things planned for the coming months but we want to hear from you too, so if you’ve got a story that you think should be featured or something you’d like to see on the blog, just get in touch or leave us a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

Top-10-UK-Pet-Blogs mona-eendra-301115

In the meantime there are some fabulous and well deserving blogs on the Top 10 UK Pet Blogs list so please check them out.


Love &  Woofs Teresa, Belinha, Moleque & NinaWoof

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