The DogBuddy Ultimate Guide to Holiday Dog Care

Now that summer is here, if you haven’t already planned your holiday you’re probably thinking about doing so. For some, that means going on holiday and taking their dog with them but for others, it will mean leaving your dog behind whilst you jet off to the summer sun for two weeks. We caught up with London dog sitting company DogBuddy who’ve recently published The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Dog Care Options, to find out their tips for how to prepare your dog for when you go on holiday and they can’t go too.

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Now, let’s assume that you’ve already made the decision of whether your pup will stay with family, a dog sitter or a boarding facility (think holiday retreat for dogs rather than kennels) and if you haven’t then there’s a section in the guide for that too.

The part of the guide I found most useful was ‘What Do I Need To Prepare For A Dog Carer‘. No matter who you choose to look after your dog you need to ensure they have all the information they need to do the best job possible which will help put your mind at ease as well as theirs and in turn your pups.

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Whenever I go away, I make sure to type up a long list of instructions on how much food and treats my dogs should be given. DogBuddy have made this easy with their Ultimate Guide to Holiday Dog Care printable PDF sheets where you can detail your dog’s dietary requirements and walking schedule. These can easily be adapted to include a medication schedule too which I think is essential for anyone new in charge of giving your pup medication.

Now that Belinha is a senior lady, for the first time I’m considering not going away this summer so I wasn’t surprised to read that of the dog owners that DogBuddy surveyed for the Ultimate Guide to Holiday Dog Care, 60% said that owning a dog stopped them taking a short break or going on holiday for longer than a week. I first joined (and used) DogBuddy a few years ago and I’m impressed to see that DogBuddy have invested in their app, for example with the addition of the new Walkies tracking option. I would love to get updates on my dog’s walks when away!

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If you’re an experienced dog owner, I’m sure much of what’s in the Ultimate Guide to Holiday Dog Care may be familiar to you. However, I think there’s always something to take away – for me that was including the list of commands in your pet’s ‘holiday kit’ that my dogs understand. For example when they’re being a bit naughty, I use the ‘place’ command to signal they need to calm down and go and sit in their beds. However unlike sit and stay, this isn’t something you would naturally know looking after someone else’s dog.

And if you’re a first time dog owner or considering being a first time dog owner, then there will be lots to take away from the DogBuddy Ultimate Guide to Holiday Dog Care, happy reading!

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DogBuddy told us they are really keen to make this guide as useful as possible so if you think there’s something they’ve missed (we’ll be suggesting the addition of the Medication schedule PDF), let us know and we’ll pass it on!


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