Lily’s Kitchen launches Recovery Recipe for poorly dogs

New - Lily's Kitchen Recovery Recipe
Picture: Lily’s Kitchen

North London natural and organic pet food company Lily’s Kitchen have announced a new addition to their dog food range, the Recovery Recipe. Recovery Recipe has been created with the needs of dogs recovering from an illness or operation in mind, but can also be used on those days your dog just has a sensitive or upset tummy.

Until now, there has been limited choice of post-illness low-fat / sensitive dog foods available.  Speaking from experience they are usually not the most appealing in terms of look, texture or taste.  Now there is an alternative and it sounds yummy!

As with the rest of the Lily’s range, Recovery Recipe is full of nutritious ingredients. The Recovery Recipe contains 30% less fat than the other recipes, is grain free and contains a whopping 50% of freshly prepared Chicken as well as Potato, Banana, Vitamins & Minerals and natural Prebiotics FOS & MOS.

Chicken as dog owners know is the go-to food in times of a sensitive stomach. Banana is a source of vitamins B & C, fibre and potassium and is good for heart and muscle function as well as good digestion. FOS found in plants is great for stimulating the growth of friendly microflora bacteria in the intestine and MOS from nutritious yeast, provides food for the friendly bacteria that helps maintain a healthy digestive system and avoid upset tummies.

It sounds almost good enough for us humans to eat! Probably because Lily’s Kitchen have their own team of (human) pet food tasters, as featured in the Guardian’s recent list of unusual jobs!

Lilys Kitchen Dog Food Taster
Philip Wells, Chief Taster for Lily’s Kitchen. Photo: The Guardian
Where to buy:

You can buy Recovery Recipe from the Lily’s Kitchen website. Look out for Recovery Recipe coming to stockists of the Lily’s Kitchen signature range (e.g. pet shops, vets and Waitrose).  It won’t be available in Tesco as they only stock the diffusion range. If you’re not sure of the difference between the ranges check out this handy little infographic.



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