Behind The (Dog) Brand With Crazy Dog Lady

Have you ever wondered who was behind a dog brand? Well wonder no more as all will be revealed in our new Behind the (Dog) Brand features where we’ll be catching up with dog brands that we (and hopefully you) would like to know more about to find out what makes them woof. It seemed the right thing to do to have the hottest new brand on the London Dog Events scene as our first feature so let’s go Behind the (Dog) Brand with Crazy Dog Lady

Behind The (Dog) Brand With Crazy Dog Lady 1

Behind The (Dog) Brand With Crazy Dog Lady

The women behind Crazy Dog Lady are  Muffy Hitzeroth and Katie Tovey-Grindlay and you may recognise these names. Muffy is the brains behind Duke Loves Fergie, the urban dog (& human) fashion brand and Katie behind Woof Woof Network, helping pet businesses grow (and of #WoofWoofWednesday fame). Let’s find out what they’re up to in their latest venture with Behind the (Dog) Brand with Crazy Dog Lady

Crazy Dog Lady sounds like something we can all relate to! Tell us what is it all about?

Right!? They’re the best people!  Crazy dog Lady is a space for like-minded dog lovers to be together. We want to connect people who just ‘get it.’ You know! Dog lovers who know about your #dogsofinstagram obsession because they have one too. Those who will gladly sit through your camera roll and coo over every pic of the pooch. We want to share heartwarming stories from people whose lives have been changed by their dogs through the I’m a Crazy Dog Lady Podcast. Bring people together with our Crazy Dog Lady events,  and be a place that we can all talk about our awesome on our social media channels. Because these furry heroes need to be celebrated.

Behind The (Dog) Brand With Crazy Dog Lady 5

What inspired you to set up Crazy Dog Lady?

We met a few years ago through our mutual love of dogs. After attending many an overpriced, disappointing, doggy event we decided to team up and throw events that would inspire and delight crazy dog ladies just like us.

Behind The (Dog) Brand With Crazy Dog Lady 6
Katie with Toby, Betty and Bertie
Behind The (Dog) Brand With Crazy Dog Lady 3
Muffy with Duke

Tell us about the four-legged members of your team?

You mean the bosses? Sure! There’s Bertie (the gorgeous lab), Toby (the sassy sausage) and pretty puppy Betty. Toby is the ringleader of this pack of the most loved dogs in the west country, and they all inspire Katie’s love of dogs.  Muffy belongs to a dog called Duke. The cutest (self anointed!) Frenchie in London. He has an opinion and he’s not afraid to let the world know!

Behind The (Dog) Brand With Crazy Dog Lady 15
Bertie, Toby and Betty
Behind The (Dog) Brand With Crazy Dog Lady 13

What advice would you give other people looking to bring more of the Crazy Dog Lady spirit into their lives and start their own dog related business?

Without sounding like giant chiches  – if it’s your passion you just have to do it! Make sure you surround yourself with a great support network, whether it’s networking with other small business owners (we’re all in it together), reading books on entrepreneurship, an inspiring ted talk, or signing up to facebook groups or webinars (some of the best support I have received is from attending as much free webex and seminars as possible).

Behind The (Dog) Brand With Crazy Dog Lady 14

Also don’t be too hard on yourself. Running your own business is tough and setting up a successful one takes time. Give yourself permission to try things and fail… try things and learn, there’s a great quote to remember and inspire: “I haven’t done my best yet, only my best so far.”

Behind The (Dog) Brand With Crazy Dog Lady 7

Your first Crazy Dog Lady event, Summer Kind of Wonderful Prosecco and Puppies Summer Party is coming up – can you tell us what inspired you to put together an event like the this?

Behind The (Dog) Brand With Crazy Dog Lady 2

Gosh, we are so excited for this event! We love attending doggy events. Any excuse to take our best friends out for an awesome day together. We were gleefully attending everything – if it had ‘puppy’ or ‘dog’ in front of it we were there. There is definitely a demand for dog friendly events and restaurants! But after attending many an overpriced, disappointing, event where we felt like just because we had dogs with us it had to be in a less than premium part of the venue, or crammed into a small room  – grateful that we were just allowed to bring our dog – we decided right there and then to team up and throw events that would inspire and delight crazy dog ladies just like us. Events in places that welcomed dogs and felt premium and fun!

Each Summer Kind of Wonderful session is two hours long, what can dogs and their owners can expect if they come along?

Behind The (Dog) Brand With Crazy Dog Lady 4

Let’s talk about the venue  – in the heart of London, our party will be hosted at  the Ice Tank. A chic, premium venue that’s close to super dog friendly Covent Garden and Carnaby Street. This is not an average doggy brunch or pub garden meet up. The space will be transformed into a luxury hangout for you and your best friend – we think it’s going to be the most instagrammable and fun doggo event of the year! Think white chesterfields, Peonie flower walls, fireplace, doggy touches all round and a  bar serving human and dog bubbles and nibbles. You and your dog will be treated to bottomless Prosecco, luxury vegan cupcakes, pupcakes and puppaccinos, and a goodie bag worth over £50. We’ll have professional videographers and photographers there on the day to capture you and your dog enjoying the pawty. Hot off the press is we will be having a TV Documentary team there on the day filming everything for a documentary too. Make sure to shine those collars!

Behind The (Dog) Brand With Crazy Dog Lady 9

After you have partied with like-minded dog lovers, insta stars and the dog blogging community, you can extend the dog friendly fun in Covent Garden. We’ll supply you with a guide before the day. Starting with some retail therapy in Liberty and the designer shops in Carnaby Street and we’ll give you access to some discounts at our partner dog friendly eateries in the area too!

London dogs are lucky that there are so many dog-friendly events going on for them. How do you see London dog events evolving over the next couple of years?

More! More dog events! We think that the events industry will notice that there is a real demand for events like this – that they can be premium, and that dog owners want to include their dogs in experiences and days out. Not just in London either – we hope that in the future we can offer similar experiences for dog owners in  other parts of the UK.

What three items do you think every Crazy Dog Lady should own?

  1. A portable phone charger – how else are you gonna keep Fido’s insta up to date!
  2. Designer poo bag holder – sh*t can be chic
  3. A slogan tee which proclaims lines like”I came to pet all  the dog,” “No dog’s? K, Bye.” Naturally.

If you had to pick one instagram account you’d recommend other Crazy Dog Ladies follow, who would it be and why? (Aside from yours obvs)

Just one??? This is cruel Teresa! Lols.  This is like Sophie’s choice! It has to be @thedogvine! Every Crazy Dog Lady’s insider knowledge of cool things to do with your dog!

(Teresa: Thank you x)

Finally, can you share with us what’s coming next for Crazy Dog Lady in 2018?

Watch this space guys! We’ll have more events coming up this year and we’ll also be developing a line of Crazy Dog lady Merch.

Behind The (Dog) Brand With Crazy Dog Lady 8

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Get your tickets for  the Crazy Dog Lady Summer Kind of Wonderful Prosecco & Puppies Summer Party on 21st July 2018 before they’re all gone. Human & Dog tickets  – £60, Human only tickets £55. Both include a goodie bag worth £50.
We hope you enjoyed our Behind the (Dog) Brand with Crazy Dog Lady feature. If there are (dog) brands you would love to hear more about, leave a comment below!
Photo credits: Crazy Dog Lady unless otherwise mentioned


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