10 Of The Most Adorable Alternative Best Bark Off Awards

Last weekend, London’s pooches headed to Hampstead Heath for the annual Great Hampstead Bark Off, a cake and canine extravaganza organised by London Rescue and Rehoming Charity All Dogs Matter to raise money for the homeless dogs in their care.

A cake ‘Bark Off’ (doggy-themed of course) kicked off the day, followed by a celebrity-judged dog show with pooches competing for the Cutest Pup, Best Rescue, Golden Oldies and the coveted Mr & Mrs Hampstead titles.

As we were busy capturing the cute canines on camera, we couldn’t help but notice the need for a few more ‘alternative’ Bark Off categories. Here they are, along with our pick for the most worthy nominees…

1. Best Pupcake

All Dogs Matter Great Hampstead Bark Off - Best PupCake

The cakes were incredibly creative but for us the paws down most worthy nominee of this category was Ollie the Chihuahua in his ‘Best British Pupcake’ outfit. No competition on that one.

2. Best Treat TesterAll Dogs Matter Great Hampstead Bark Off - Best Treat Tester

We’re not sure there was an official ‘Treat Tester’ Bark Off job on offer but nevertheless, little Barker of Barkers of Muswell Hill stepped up to the occasion and ‘reluctantly’ took on the role. Well done Barker for taking one (or several) for the team.

3. Best Judge

All Dogs Matter Great Hampstead Bark Off - Best Judge

The ‘Best Judge’ award has to go the Lucy The Rescue Cavalier for her contortionist judging technique. At first we thought it was a clever way to get up close to the treats but then we realised this is just how she hangs…upside down most of the time.  She didn’t even get up for Rachel Riley.

4. Best Ears

All Dogs Matter Great Hampstead Bark Off - Best Ears

This is a category close to my heart seeing as I own one of these big-eared beauties. We just love a pair of ears that are simply too big for the rest of the dog and the more they stick out, the more we love them. This was by the category with by far the most nominees so maybe there should be a Best Ears category in the future (hint hint…not that we think we may win a prize or anything).

5. Best Puppy PosersAll Dogs Matter Great Hampstead Bark Off - Best Puppy Posers

These puppies may be pint-sized (or not in the case of Jack in the bottom left), but they sure know how to strike a pose already.

6. Happiest Hound & Owner

All Dogs Matter Great Hampstead Bark Off - Happiest Hound & Owner

Honor and her rescue dog Libby were grinning from ear to ear and having a wooferful time every time we saw them…clear nominees for our Happiest Hound & Owner category.

7. Best Celebpawties

All Dogs Matter Great Hampstead Bark Off - Best Celebpawity

Celebrity judge Rachel Riley came along to the event for the second year to stock up on canine cuddles (mostly from All Dogs Matter pup Gertie it seems) but our favourite nominees for this category are some of London’s four-legged celebpawties; From top right to left: Instagram sensation Winny The Corgi, Top Dog Model Basil Barkarama and Attlee the rescue dog turned travel writer of Phileas Dogg fame.

8. Best Puparazzi Shy Pups

All Dogs Matter Great Hampstead Bark Off - Best Puparazzi Shy Pup

Not everyone loves having their photo taken…these pups made it clear that being papped by the Dogvine Puparazzi was not their thing.

9. Best FurDo

Great Hampstead Bark Off - Best FurDo

These fantastic fluffy dos are winners for us. Why? Because they’re woof it of course!

10. Best Adopt Me Faces

All Dogs Matter Great Hampstead Bark Off - Best Adopt Me Faces

The whole purpose of the event was to raise money to help homeless dogs but it was also a chance for people to meet some of those dogs. These pups were putting their best paw (and face) forward in the hope of meeting their new forever families – from top left to right: Hugo, Gertie, Blossom, Tinks and Heinz (who we just heard is now on reserve, yay!). It was a thoroughly wooftastic day and we’re pleased to report that the event raised £934.91 which will go help these and more dogs in need.

If you think we papped your pooch  but you haven’t seen them yet, we’ve got more photos over on our Facebook Page

All Dogs Matter Great Hampstead Bark Off Dogs

All Dogs Matter Great Hampstead Bark Off Dogs



  1. 20th May 2016 / 7:29 pm

    Terrific pictures of the day. A massive Thank You.

    They capture moments I want to keep for all time – special moments.

    Ollie looks very chilled out as a cupcake, brings a smile to my face.

    Dottie looks grown up, she’ll be 4 in Oct – Dottie Bond!. (Very serious looking)!

    I didn’t see Honor and Libby at the show, but these pictures show such a strong, loving bond between them.

    The biggest, ears go to your girl, I’ve looked over them several times, they are astounding. The doglet in the second shot has a terrific pair of ears, they all have great ears. They are all terrific shots of terrific ears.

    Here’s to a long, happy summer ahead. Pretty sure all those beautiful dogs will be in good homes soon, heart melting eyes.

    See you soon xxx

  2. 21st May 2016 / 8:26 am

    Excellent pics! Looks to have been a fun day.

    Such a shame that most of the ‘adopt me’ dogs seem to be Staffies. Of all the dogs I’ve looked after these past nine years, wee Gem (herself a staffie, but sadly passed away at the start of the year) was definitely the most loving. And really gentle, too.

    • 8th June 2016 / 5:51 pm

      It is indeed a sad fact that high number of dogs waiting for new homes are Staffies. I can honestly say that after meeting all the dogs that I have met at the events, whilst they are all very special, Staffies are now a favourite of mine – they just have so much love to give and are the friendliest of souls.

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