Winston and Porter Dog Supplements – Do They Work?

​As your dog gets older, we all know you need to start thinking about their dietary needs differently. First comes the senior food then it’s time to start thinking about supplements too. As Belinha is now a ‘senior lady’, I’ve noticed that she’s slowing down a bit and can get a bit stiff. Moleque is not far behind at 8 which apparently is considered ‘senior’ although he doesn’t act it. So when Devin from dog nutrition brand Winston and Porter got in touch to tell us about their Nourish + C range of Winston and Porter Dog Supplements I was intrigued to learn more.

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What Are Nourish + C Winston and Porter Dog Supplements?

Nourish + C and Nourish + C Max Strength Pain Free are ‘All in One Multi Vitamin and Mineral’ dog supplements in the form of a powder which when you add water turns into porridge for dogs! Winston and Porter developed it after many years of working in the equine nutraceutical industry to help their ageing collie Charlie with his arthritis. Their ethos is all about feeding your dog an exceptionally healthy diet and that doesn’t have to be expensive. By feeding a healthy diet, owners can ensure they are doing their best to avoid diseases such as diabetes, cancers and the resulting emotional heartache for dog and owner.

There are many supplements on the market but these usually come in tablet form. The great thing with the Winston and Porter Dog Supplements is that you can add them to your dog’s food (with or without water) or you can give it to your dog separately as a tasty snack. We tried both so read on to see how we got on.

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Without water

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With water

The main benefits of these supplements are better well-being, improved stamina and increased joint mobility but your dog can also look forward to a shiny glossy coat and superb skin condition…we like the sound of all that! The Nourish + C Max Strength Pain Free has all the benefits of Nourish + C but in addition helps build healthy cartilage, ligaments and tendons as well as soothing aching joints.

The Key Ingredients In Nourish + C Max Strength Pain Free

The key additional ingredients in Nourish + C Max Strength Pain Free are MSM, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid and the anti-inflammatory enzyme Serrapeptese. You may also find these in other well-known supplements on the market but if you do the comparison (and we did), you will see that in the Nourish + C Max Strength these are in much higher doses. Also, as they are all present together, they form a molecular binding agent and stay in the body for longer meaning your dog benefits for longer! Both supplements also contain Chia Seeds and plenty of Omega 3 and 6. Just like in humans these are essential sources of healthy fats that your dog might not be getting much of elsewhere. Finally, the supplements are Gluten and Wheat Free and all the ingredients are human grade.

What Did We Think Of Winston and Porter Dog Supplements?

For our trial, Belinha was trying the Nourish + C Max Strength Pain Free and Moleque the Nourish + C All in One Multi Vitamin and Mineral supplements.  Their supplements arrived with their own personal name tags on which was a lovely touch.

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The first time Belinha and Moleque tried it, I made it as a porridge on it’s own. I could tell they were a bit surprised about the texture, especially Moleque who can be a fussy eater. However the next day I wanted to get some pictures of the supplements and when I turned my back for a minute, I found them both helping themselves, directly from the tub…clearly they liked it!

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Moleque helps himself…

I tried it both as a standalone porridge and also mixed in with their food and both work just as well as the other. Moleque who has a sensitive stomach preferred it on it’s own whilst Belinha who believes food should be eaten as soon as possible however it comes, didn’t mind either way!

Personally, I preferred to give it as a standalone snack as both Belinha & Moleque often come pleading for treats between meals so this way they get what they want and it’s healthy. I even tried adding fruit! Also the supplements contain Chia seeds, which helps the dogs feel fuller between meals and even better, studies have shown they have anti-carcinogenic properties too!

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Devin from Winston and Porter said I should notice some difference after 2-3 weeks and I did! Belinha was definitely more lively and started running and playing more on walks. Let’s face it she will never be the most athletic dog bless her, but there has been a definite improvement.

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With Moleque, I didn’t expect to see the same outcomes as Belinha as he is already very energetic so I was watching more for general signs of improvement. Devin had predicted his sensitive tummy may settle down, his coat would be glossy and his claws would grow faster. I wasn’t sure about that last one but over the last month they definitely have…I have the over-excited-getting-ready-for-a-walk scratch marks to prove it! I noticed an improvement with Moleque’s tummy too and both Belinha and Moleque now have hair shinier than mine. Maybe I should start taking some Nourish C + seeing as it’s human grade…

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One thing I was worried about was what happens when I go on holiday. Depending on who looks after your dogs whilst you are away, packing their bags together with their porridge and instructions on how to make it might not be feasible so I asked Devin from Winston and Porter what would happen if your dog stopped taking the supplement for up to 2 weeks and this is what he said:

“You can stop and start the supplement of course. What we have found is that after about a week of not taking it the dog reverts back to the previous condition (in relation to joint flexibility conditions). When re-starting the supplement say after 2 weeks in your example, then it is usually 2-3 weeks again before the dog is feeling easier again. The ‘Pain Free’ element (Serrapeptase) will stay in the system longer than the joint supplement ingredients but again it all depends on the dog’s metabolism. In summary, it would not have a detrimental effect on a dog to have a break for a couple of weeks, unless they were in severe pain and discomfort.”

From my first interaction with Winston and Porter, they have been extremely helpful and concerned about ensuring that Belinha and Moleque had the correct products but then regularly checking in to see how we were getting on and to answer any questions. It’s clear that this is a brand passionate about what they do.

As for Belinha and Moleque, safe to say they give a big paws up to the Nourish + C Winston and Porter Dog Supplements or ‘the dog porridge’ as I fondly call it and now expect it as a daily staple. As for me, I am very happy with the improvements I’ve seen, particularly in Belinha after just 30 days and look forward to seeing many more!Winston and Porter Dog Supplements 00015

One tub of Nourish + C Max Strength lasts about a month and costs £31.95 for a medium-sized dog; £24.95 for a small dog and £42.95 for a large dog – which in our case is £1.05 a day per dog. The standard Nourish + C would be 91p per day for a medium dog. I compared this to some other supplements and although this works out a bit more expensive, this is still reasonable and the benefits to be gained from the ingredients (and higher dosages of them), make it worth it in my opinion.

You can also find Winston and Porter over on TwitterFacebook or Instagram

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Disclaimer: Winston and Porter were kind enough to send us our Nourish + C products to review but this is an honest independent review – we only write about products we genuinely like and believe in. Plus we’re about to place our next order!




  1. 12th June 2017 / 7:13 am

    Many thanks to Teresa for reviewing our products. Her passion for dogs, their health and well being leaps out of the screen of this review, and the time and dedication she gives into improving dog’s lives not just here in the UK but in different parts of the world is truly admirable! A remarkable lady!

    Dev McManus
    Winston & Porter

    • 12th June 2017 / 10:14 am

      Thank you Dev for your very kind words! And thank you for being a lovely company who genuinely cares about the dogs who are your customers.

  2. 12th June 2017 / 8:18 am

    Great news that this supplement worked so well and I bet Belinha and Moleque love having an extra “meal” too!!

    • 12th June 2017 / 10:16 am

      It was a very pleasant surprise to see the improvements in Belinha and Moleque and Belinha is loving having a spring in her step again! As for that extra meal, you’re right…definitely a big hit!

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