8 Reasons Why We Loved The Saltdean Lido Dog Swim (Again)

Last weekend was the weekend we look forward to most all year when dogs of all shapes and sizes have the time of their life swimming with their humans at the Saltdean Lido Dog Swim. This was the second year that we went along (last year we had a fabulous time too, read all about it here) and can definitely say that we loved it all over again.

Frank the Bulldog Enjoys The Saltdean Lido Dog Swim

For those who don’t know, Saltdean Lido opens it’s doors to dogs for the last swim of the season, and we only wish that the London Lidos did this too. Saltdean Lido take the dog swim seriously – chlorine levels in the pool are lowered especially for the occasion, and each swim session is limited in terms of numbers to ensure everyone has a great time.

Doggy Diving At the Saltdean Lido Dog Swim

Honestly, it’s our favourite weekend of the year, so here are our top reasons why the Saltdean Lido Dog Swim should be a yearly date in your diary…

Lilliput the Maltese Tries Swimming At The Saltdean Lido

Dogs have the best time at The Saltdean Lido Dog Swim!

Dogs Go Crazy At The Saltdean Lido Dog Swim

Most dogs are literally delirious with delight once they realise they have free run of the swimming and paddling pools that they’re usually not allowed anywhere near! Some dogs are naturally nervous, so it’s best to start off in the shallow paddling pool if that’s the case. This is also a firm favourite with more confident dogs thanks to the slide that adds an extra level of fun to the experience.

Nancy The Rescue Tries Out The Slide - Saltdean Lido Dog Swim
Little Cavalier Sitting On The Poolside At Saltdean Lido
Pups In The Pool At Saltdean Lido Dog Swim

Humans have the time of their lives too…

Jumping Into The Pool At The Saltdean Lido Dog Swim

It’s not only the dogs having the time of their lives at the annual Saltdean Lido Dog Swim, but the humans are too. And of course, encouraging your pup to imitate you and jump into the pool can make for hours of fun.

The Saltdean Lido Dog Swim is a great bonding experience with your dog

Dogs and Humans Enjoy The Saltdean Lido Dog Swim

We’re all about doing things with your dog, and the Saltdean Lido Dog Swim is a chance to do something you usually wouldn’t do together, so make the most of it!

Now there are more opportunities to swim at Saltdean Lido with your dog

Cavalier Swimming At The Saltdean Lido Dog Swim
Dogs Go Swimming At The Saltdean Lido Dog Swim
Dog Plays Fetch in the Pool At Saltdean Lido

By popular doggy demand, 2019 was the first time that the Saltdean Lido Dog Swim took place over more than one weekend and looks like this will be a firm fixture for future years. This means you’ll be more likely to get your paws on tickets or even go back for a second swim if you love it that much!

The Saltdean Lido Dog Swim is not far from London

Dylan At tHe Saltdean Lido Dog Swim

It’s only about 1.5 hours from London (by car or public transport) so getting to Saltdean Lido is easy too. If you time it right, you’ll have time to explore Brighton and nearby too – more on both of those in a moment.

And It’s great value (and for a good cause)

Gimme The Ball - Saltdean Lido

Well, we think it is. Humans pay £7.95 to swim as do dogs for a 90-minute swim session. If you just want to watch, it’s £3.18. Either way, it’s a brilliant deal, and the proceeds from the event go to support the upkeep of this fabulous art deco pool.

You Can hit the beach after the dog swim

Saltdean Lido Dog Swim | A Fabulous Day Out for Dogs 51

If you or your pup still want to swim, then hit the beach just across the road from the Lido and finish off with refuelling at the dog-friendly White Cliffs Café.

Saltdean Lido Dog Swim |White Cliffs Dog-Friendly Cafe

There’s plenty to explore near to Saltdean Lido

Rottingdean Village by GrassRootsGroundswell
Rottingdean Village – Photo by GrassRootsGroundswell

Before or after your swim, why not explore the area? Of course, you can head into Brighton itself to wander around the Lanes or find a dog-friendly spot to hang out, but there are also some other spots between the Lido and Brighton that you should check out too. Why not take a walk to Rottingdean Windmill on Beacon Hill followed by a visit to the picturesque Rottingdean Village or stop for a waterside lunch at Brighton Marina?

You can get to Rottingdean in 25 minutes on foot / 15 minutes by bus from the Lido and the Marina in 25 minutes by bus.

Rottingdean Windmill by GrassRootsGroundswell
Rottingdean Windmill – Photo by GrassRootsGroundswell

 Saltdean Lido Dog Swim Top Tips

Doggy Fun At The Saltdean Lido Dog Swim
  • Tickets are released in Spring/early Summer – so book early as the prime-time slots go fast especially for dogs coming from London. Watch out for announcements about tickets on our Dog Events Calendar and our Facebook Page!
  • Get there early for your slot as there will be a queue to get in and you want to make the most of your session time as possible
  • We often get asked what humans should wear…bikinis, swimming costumes, t-shirt and shorts or any combination of those is fine. Everyone’s looking at the dogs anyway!
Pool Fun for Pups and Humans
  • If you’ve got a spectator ticket, bring a change of shoes that can get wet for standing by the pool e.g. flip flops
  • Bring toys or balls that float for your pup. There are balls flying everywhere so a few spares might be handy too
  • A towel for you and your pup is a must although if you’re lucky with the weather as we were, dogs will dry off very quickly

Getting to the Saltdean Lido Dog Swim from London

Frank the Bulldog at The Saltdean Lido Dog Swim

To get to the Saltdean Lido Dog Swim, it’s just over an hour from Brighton on the train from London then a 20-30 minute bus ride along the coast. From Brighton, take the number 27 bus from outside the station or if you are in the centre of Brighton, then the numbers 12, 12A and 14 all go to the Lido from Brighton Clock Tower.

Pups Swim Too At The Saltdean Lido Dog Swim

More Saltdean Lido Dog Swim Photos On Our Facebook Page!

And in case you missed it, here’s the Facebook Live from the day…


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