What Did Ned From All Dogs Matter Think Of Butternut Box?

Butternut Box is a brand we’ve had our eye on for a while (since we first spotted them at the National Pet Show last year actually) as they are clearly trying to do something very different in the world of dog food and are keen rescue supporters too  – they donate a meal to a rescue dog in need for every new customer that signs up amongst other ways they support dogs in need.

Ned - Butternut Box 8

So when Butternut Box co-founder Kevin got in touch to see if we would like to do a Butternut Box review we were definitely interested. Whilst chatting to Kevin, he told me that a rescue dog – Ned from London Rescue and Rehoming Charity All Dogs Matter was going to be trialing Butternut Box we thought it would be even better to feature Ned’s journey (and help spread the rescue dogs rock message a bit more) rather than review the food ourselves. So not only did we follow along on Ned’s journey, but myself and Belinha met up with Ned and his foster humans Rowena and Amos to visit the Butternut Box kitchens. Read on to find out how Ned (and we) got on…

Belinha - Butternut Box 7

Firstly What Is Butternut Box?

Butternut Box is aiming to change the way we feed out dogs. Butternut Box is fresh (yes fresh) human grade,  grain free food made from either 60% chicken, Turkey, Beef or Lamb and packed with nutritional ingredients such as Lentils, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Spinach that is delivered to your door. You know the saying ‘you are what you eat’? Well, for Butternut Box this doesn’t just apply to humans but our four-legged friends too. The Butternut Box menu has been developed alongside vet nutritionists to make sure your dog has everything they need and research has shown that dogs eating a natural, home cooked diet can live up to 32 months longer than those who were fed industrial canned products. Where do we sign up?! There is an eye-opening comparison against wet and dry food on the Butternut Box website as well as a breakdown of ingredients that is well worth a read.

Butternut Box 23

So Who is Ned?

Ned is an absolute sweetheart of a rescue dog who was sadly found abandoned in North London on West Green Road on 2nd April this year. He had no microchip, no tag and no collar so was taken to All Dogs Matter who set about finding Ned the pawfect home. Whilst Ned was waiting he was fostered by Rowena from All Dogs Matter and her partner Amos from Mr B’s Proper Walks. Rowena and Amos think Ned is a German Shepherd Cross…possibly with crossed with an Estrela Portuguese Mountain Dog (how exotic).

Butternut Box 5
Amos & Ned

We caught up with Rowena and Amos to find out a bit more about Ned and his Butternut Box journey…

How was Ned’s general condition when he arrived at All Dogs Matter?

When he first arrived in our care, he was underweight and smelly. His coat was in poor condition, he had bad teeth, bad breath and once he was neutered, he also got a bad infection (Oh no poor Ned). Luckily he came to us on foster at the end of April right after this infection was discovered so we could take extra special care of him.

Why did you decide to try Ned on Butternut Box?

Butternut Box kindly sponsored Bring Your Dog To Work Day this year and then wanted to get more involved and support the charity so they got in touch.  They offered us a two-week trial for our own dog Nordle but we thought it might be a fun idea to trial it with a foster dog so we could record their journey and make a bit of a feature out of it!

Butternut Box 9
Ned is in favour of that…
What was Ned eating before you started him on Butternut Box?

He was initially a bit of a fussy eater so we had to have him on dry and wet food.

How long has Ned been eating Butternut Box and what changes did you notice over this period?

Ned has been on Butternut Box for at least 5 weeks now!  When we first brought him home, he also had a very bad post-neutering infection which was horrible for him. However putting him on the Butternut Box did nothing but good things for him, he did not get an upset stomach and he was obviously a big fan from the start!

Here’s what else we noticed…

His weight has been a bit up and down since he arrived all those months ago. The sudden heat waves definitely had an effect and he did get a bad stomach around the 2-3 week mark which meant very little food, if not no food for a day or two. He also had to have some dental work recently which meant he only managed smaller meals. But he is back to his normal self now and he’s back to hoovering down his normal meals!

Week 1-2 Week 2-3 Week 3-4 Week 4-5
30.2kg 29.8kg 30.0kg 28.5kg

Ned’s coat was greasy and coarse when he first arrived, he also had very dry skin and some ‘hot spots’. We also found a few scabs on his head and ears where it looked like he had been bitten by another dog, these took a few weeks to heal up properly but there’s not even a hint of them now!  His coat has become more shiny and smooth as opposed to wiry feeling. He seems to be much less itchy too.


His breath has improved a great amount, so much so that we barely notice it now!

Energy Levels

He has always been quite energetic, although when he first arrived we were worried about his legs not being great… then he jumped over a 6ft garden fence and we realised, he’s probably ok! He might not look it, but he’s got a lot of energy for an older dog and he loves long walks and being out and about. However when he gets home and spots the Orvis bed… it’s snoring time!

Butternut Box 6
What do you mean for an ‘older dog’?!
The Poo Factor

Ned’s stomach has been pretty much perfect on the Butternut Box food, it’s helped keep him consistent (bar the few unfortunate times he got diarrhoea… which was unrelated to Butternut Box)

Which Butternut Box flavour was Ned’s favourite?

Lamb but he’s been lucky enough to enjoy all the different flavours! We were so excited that he loved this food so much, after being a bit picky when he first arrived. The difference in meal times is hilarious, the Butternut Box almost causes a riot at our house!

Butternut Box 3

As Ned’s foster humans what did you like about Butternut Box?

It is really quick and easy to prepare. It is well packaged and easy to store. The dogs response has just been amazing to it and it’s so good to know that they are getting everything they need.

Butternut Box 10

Was there anything you think could be improved by Butternut Box?  

No! We are just excited to see more from Butternut Box! We are so impressed with Butternut Box and have decided that our dog Nordle should join the Butternut Box family too. We are paying slightly more than we would normally but we are happy to do this considering the quality of the food and the service you receive. Ingredients are nearly all organic, which is great.

Butternut Box 13
It’s a paws up from me too!

Will Butternut Box be supporting other All Dogs Matter Dogs?

Hopefully! As our own dog is now a member of the Butternut Box family maybe he will share with future fosters… but we’ll have to check with him first!! Watch this space, we hope that they will continue to support an All Dogs Matter dog in need.

Butternut Box 1
Ruby from All Dogs Matter puts her case forward for why she should be the next lucky recipient of Butternut Box…(but now she’s been adopted)
Butternut Box 21
So All Dogs Matter Office Dog Dashy is more than happy to step up…

Our Visit To The Butternut Box Kitchens (& Surprise Taste Test)

Butternut Box 12
Just show me the food…

When Kevin from Butternut Box invited us to the Butternut Box kitchens we couldn’t resist (Belinha would have been so upset had I said no). So we arranged to meet Ned, Rowena and Amos and arrived very excited to learn more about how this fabulous food we had been hearing so much about was made. After a tour of the kitchens, I suggested we do a surprise taste test with Ned and Belinha as I wanted to see how Butternut Box stacked up against, let’s just say another very reputable and high-end dog food brand. I was also really interested to see what Belinha thought of it as a Butternut Box newbie too.

Butternut Box 15
I’ve heard good things Mum…

We had so much fun capturing it all on camera! Watch the video to see what happened…

Well, despite Belinha nearly giving Kevin a minor heart-attack by nearly picking the other food…Butternut Box emerged a clear winner!  After visiting the kitchens, hearing the Butternut Box story and seeing how passionate co-founders Kevin & Dave were about Butternut Box, I was super impressed and realised that we too needed to join the Butternut Box family….much to Belinha’s relief! So watch this space to find out how we get on!

Butternut Box 19
Butternut Box co-founder Dave comes to see how the four-legged visitors are getting on

But enough about us and more about Ned. I absolutely fell in love with Ned during the few hours we spent with him and could not believe such a wonderful and gentle dog had been abandoned and was still looking for his forever home. Well…the best news is that Ned is no longer looking…he’s packed his suitcase (with plenty of Butternut Box of course) and has traveled to the Isle of Wight to his forever family!!! Apparently he is very excited to see the sea for the first time!

Butternut Box 24

Butternut Box 16

Butternut Box 17
Not too big for a cuddle…

Butternut Box 18

Butternut Box - Ned goes to his forever home
Ned with his new forever family – Iris & John

So although Rowena and Amos (and their dog Nordle) are incredibly sad to say goodbye to Ned they told us ‘His new family were worth waiting for, they are utterly in love with him and we know that he will have a completely wooferful life with them! We had no idea that Ned and Nordle would be such great friends and so good for each other, although they still have their mischievous days! It was a slightly daunting thought having two large dogs in the house but they are so well-behaved at home. They love cuddling up together in bed, if they can work getting themselves into the large Orvis bed… it’s like Doggy Tetris! Fostering is such a rewarding experience and we would recommend it to anyone!’

Butternut Box 2
Nordle & Ned play (a very adorable) Doggy Tetris…

To keep up with Butternut Box & All Dogs Matter, you can find them on:

Butternut Box: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

All Dogs Matter: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

If you are interested in fostering a dog just as pawsome as Ned, please contact All Dogs Matter: info@alldogsmatter.co.uk

Thank you to Rowena & Amos for the additional photos

Butternut Box 11

Disclaimer: Butternut Box were kind enough to support All Dogs Matter and send Ned his food to review and we are so pleased that not only is this an honest review (as rated by Ned & his foster humans) but it’s a review with a very happy rescue dog ending!

Butternut Box 22



  1. 9th August 2017 / 2:04 pm

    Wow! This food sounds yummy -so cool that the company are supporting rescue dogs too.

    • 9th August 2017 / 4:55 pm

      It is on both accounts Sal & Maya! Apparently the dogs won’t eat anything else once they’ve had Butternut Box! BIG paws up from us on giving back to rescue dogs too ❤️

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