Second Chance Stories: Fernanda & Avena

Meet the first of our Second Chance Stories here on The Dogvine: Fernanda & Avena (@avena_the_batdog), an 11-year-old Malinois mix rescue from Mexico. Fernanda & Avena live in London, and this is Fernanda’s story about how she came to give Avena a second chance…

Second Chance Stories Fernanda and Avena - Rescue Dogs of London

Tell us about yourself…

I came to London 11 years ago. It was supposed to be a one-to-two year thing, and here we are still! I work in advertising. Before the pandemic, I used to go to the office every day, but now, I go once or twice a week. We (Avena and I) live in a one-bedroom flat in SouthWest London.

Second Chance Stories Fernanda and Avena  2

Tell us about your rescue dog…

My dog’s name is Avena. She was found in the middle of a motorway in Mexico, trying to drink water from a puddle. A lady heading to a dog rescue home was driving by; she stopped and took Avena to her shelter in Mexico City. She was seven months old.

We suspect she was put in a rubbish bin, along with her siblings, as she had signs of canine distemper. The area where she was found is known for non-regulated dog breeding. So it looked like they were disposed of, as they would probably die anyway, and they wouldn’t have been able to sell them.  It breaks my heart. 

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She clearly survived. I have never did a breed test on her, but the vets think she has a bit of Malinois in her…and something else.

What made you decide to rescue?

There are loads of stray dogs in Mexico, so it is common to adopt the dog that sleeps by your door. My family always did that. When I moved out of my parents, I really missed having a dog buddy, so it made sense to rescue one.

How did you choose your rescue dog?

Ha! Avena chose me. There were loads of dogs lined up in a park. The rescue house had brought them all there on a Sunday so people could meet them, walk them and fill in the adoption form. I was looking at them, and Avena came straight to me and jumped up to say Hi. The rest is history!

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Tell us about the rescue/shelter you adopted from. 

It is called ‘Por los que no tiene voz’ (In the name of those who don’t have a voice). It is in Mexico, and they do a lovely job rescuing animals and trying to get them into the best family possible.

How easy was it to get your rescue dog to the UK?

There is a company called Pet Air, which is run by Melissa. They are experts in getting animals to any destination and love them to bits. Melissa helped me get Avena to the UK. The fee was higher than getting them from Europe to the UK, but it was totally worth it. Also, there are different ways now to bring them over that are cheaper and safe.

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What did you think about rescue dogs before adopting?

They are the best. Loyal, funny, smart and just want to love and be loved. All my dogs have been rescue dogs.

What do you think about rescue dogs after adopting?

I still think they are the best!

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What is your message to anyone who is thinking of getting a rescue?

Don’t think twice about it. Sometimes, we think we are rescuing them when they are actually rescuing us. Every day.

What are your favourite things to do in London with your rescue dog?

Second Chance Stories Fernanda and Avena  6

I love taking Avena for long walks in parks, heaths or by the river. She travels on the District Line, buses, overground and trains. Anything too deep and noisy, i.e. the Northern Line, is not for her.

We once went to Scotland by train, and she slept all the way. We also like going to restaurants, pubs and shops. London is super dog-friendly, and I love that. There’s so much you can do with your dog!

Second Chance Stories: Fernanda and Avena

Second Chance Stories Fernanda and Avena  7

Thank you, Fernanda and Avena, for sharing your precious Second Chance Story! We first met Avena and Fernanda in our local park when Belinha and Moleque were still with me, and Avena had, and still has, the most stylish collection of scarves & bandanas that she wears around London!

Avena’s is just one heartwarming story of the difference you can make by choosing to rescue a dog in need, and each story deserves to be celebrated. Together with Miss Darcy’s Adventures, we will continue sharing some of these wonderful Second Chance Stories from our Rescue Dogs of London Community over the next couple of weeks in the run-up to our inaugural Rescue Dogs of London & Friends Meetup on 12 May and National Rescue Dog Day on 20 May.  

Rescue Dogs of London & Friends Meetup

And if you would like to join us for the Rescue Dogs of London & Friends Meetup on May 12th, where rescue dogs, friends of rescue dogs and their humans will be coming together, read on…

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The inaugural Rescue Dogs of London & Friends Meetup is on 12 May from 11 am, at the Queen Caroline’s Temple in Kensington Gardens. Tickets are just £20 (+ Eventbrite fee), and you can get yours on Eventbrite. 100% of the event proceeds go to two deserving charities; here’s what’s included with your ticket:

  • Plenty of space for sniffing, socialising & zoomies
  • Meeting new four-legged friends 
  • Making memories – included in your ticket is a photo of your pup (or you & your pup) taken by legendary London dog Photographer Andrew from Raven Imagery. Photos will be emailed to attendees after the Meetup.
  • Knowing your doggy social life is helping dogs in need, as 100% of proceeds from this event will go to two amazing dog rescues, ZEM Rescues in Greece (the Animal Welfare Association of Megara) who rescued Piccolina & Harbin Slaughterhouse Survivors in China where Lulu was rescued from. Every ticket sold and every contribution made directly impacts the lives of more deserving dogs these charities rescue, offering them hope for a brighter future.
  • Especially for the Rescue Dogs of London & Friends Meetup, you can treat your pup to delicious special edition Rescue Dog Cookies from Darcy’s Bakery.
  • Got a training or behaviour question? Respected London Dog Behaviourist and Trainer Emilia O’Hara will be at the meetup to share her expertise.
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Don’t forget ALL dogs are welcome for this Meetup – rescues and friends of rescues, so we hope to see you there!

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