Ready for Winter, Let it Glow – Dog Lights

The clocks have gone back and we’ve finally resigned ourselves to the fact that winter is just around the corner (despite summer doing a great job and hanging in there until Halloween this year). Of course, with that comes a whole new dog walking wardrobe and a whole new set of dog walking accessories.

Nite Ize Dog LightsFor me, the most essential of these are dog lights. Without lights at least one of my dogs would get run over by a poor unsuspecting cyclist or jogger on a daily basis especially as the local park is not very well lit. It also helps to find (and identify) which of the dogs is causing trouble where!

There are many different lights out there and we’ve tried, and managed to destroy quite a few! The ones that we’ve found to be the most practical, look stylish (we get lots of comments walking round the park) and so far have resisted all attempts to be destroyed by over-eager dog antics, are the Nite Ize Lights. Now, these lights are actually not specifically dog lights but are water-resistant, LED lights designed to clip onto anywhere you need a light and are often used for outdoor activities such as camping etc. They have two modes – a solid glow and a flashing glow and work on Lithium coin batteries which are easily and cheaply replaced when they run out (which takes quite a while).

I originally got the tip from another dog owner in the park a couple of years ago and have had so many people ask me where I got mine since, that I thought it was time to pass it on. This year there are some great new colours out (Orange, Pink and Green) so there should be something to suit every dog! You can get them online from Amazon or on the high street from Cotswold Outdoor for £7.


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