Meet Mr Zipper The Dog About Town Missing His Social Life

London dogs are usually lucky to have their pick of dog-friendly places to visit and hang out, so Lockdown has meant some big adjustments for us all. For the first feature in our ‘Dog Stories 2020‘ collaboration with PAAW House, we caught up with social pup Mr Zipper the Maltese – usually a busy London dog about town but now missing his social life and pup parties…

Mr Zipper London Dog About Town
Dressed to impress at the PAAW House Charity Party | Photo: Smartpicsuk for PAAW House

Please introduce yourself…

Hello, I’m Mr Zipper is an 8-year-old London Maltese who lives with his human Jane in Bloomsbury.

Where are your favourite walks and outdoor places to visit? 

I love going for walks in Green Park, it’s definitely my favourite place for a quiet stroll and to meet my friends and have a play around, something us dogs are missing that at the moment. It’s also an excellent place for watching humans, I love when they see me and comment on how cute I am, sometimes I even let them say hello.

My other favourite hangout is Bournemouth beach, there is nothing better than feeling the sand in my paws and the wind in my hair. However, I do sometimes need to visit my favourite groomer afterwards… 

Mr Zipper The Dog About Town - At The Beach
Beach babe!

Who are your best friends – human and canine?

My best friend is my Mum, of course, but I do have some very special doggy friends. Top of the list is my current girlfriend Amie, a 5-year-old Maltese/Shiatzu with great taste in boys! My other besties include Stella, an 8-year-old chihuahua and Mouse, who is 4 years old and also a Maltese. I can’t wait until we can all have a big picnic in the park together again. 

Mr Zipper The Dog About Town - Zipper and Amie
Me and my bae Amie

As a London dog about town, what’s the best dog event you’ve been to?

I get invited to so many great events it’s hard to pick a favourite as each one is special and so much effort goes into organising them. I do like to lend my support to events that support animal/dog charities whenever I can.  

Mr Zipper The Dog About Town - London Fashion Week
Strutting my stuff on the dogwalk

And what’s the best human event you have been to? 

I was very lucky to get invited to Trinny Woodalls make up launch party last year, at the Diane Von Furstenberg DVF store in Mayfair for an evening of cocktails, beauty and styling. I had lots of fun with the humans, Trinny loved me and the feeling was definitely mutual. 

Mr Zipper The Dog About Town - Zipper Meets Trinny Woodhall
I gave Trinny a few fashion tips…

We’ve heard you’re quite a hit with the celebs, who are your favourites from those you’ve met?

In true dog about town style, I’ve been photographed with some fabulous humans who I’ve met over the years. Last year we were invited to Victoria Beckham’s Christmas party at Harrys Bar, she posed for a photo with me and was super nice although she didn’t go as far as to take me in her arms for the photo – neither would I in that crisp white shirt!  

Mr Zipper The Dog About Town - Zipper Meets Victoria Beckham
Hoping for a cuddle from Victoria Beckham

I had my picture taken with DJ Fat Tony on the same evening – I really loved meeting him, especially as he does lots of charity events. 

I met James Middleton when he was speaking at an event in Farringdon last year. He was talking about some very important issues surrounding us pets, including the rules around pets in properties and how we help with emotional support. He’s a really good guy who is honest and open about mental health and how important his dogs are; I really admire him. 

Mr Zipper The Dog About Town - Zipper meets James Middleton
Nice to meet you James Middleton!

I don’t like to pick favourites as everyone is so lovely to me, but if I had to, I would say DJ Fat Tony and Trinny Woodhall. 

Mr Zipper The Dog About Town - Zipper and DJ Fat Tony
Putting my request for ‘Who let the dogs out’ to DJ Fat Tony

Which celebrity dog lover would you most like to meet?

I would LOVE to meet Graham Norton, I watch his show whenever I can, and I honestly think I could bring a lot of entertainment to that sofa if he were to invite me on. However, even if I don’t make the show, I’d still like to meet him and say hello. 

What’s your favourite dog-friendly London restaurant you’re most looking forward to visiting after Lockdown?

One of my favourite restaurants is the Holborn Dining Rooms at the Rosewood Hotel. The food is fantastic for both dogs and humans. I love Pearl, the resident Rosewood house dog; we’ve had many a lazy lunch together feasting on their yummy menu created especially for dogs. 

Mr Zipper The Dog About Town - Mr Zipper and Pearl - Dog-friendly Rosewood Hotel
Dog-friendly dining at its best with my pal Pearl at The Rosewood Hotel

Dogs don’t just lunch at the Rosewood, they also have a special Pampered Pets package if you want to spend the night/weekend. The package includes treats and a guide to dog-friendly London from Pearl, a pet spa as well as Barbour dog beds, treats, coats and leads available for the duration of your stay. Five-star woofs from me.

Where do you like to take your human for a brunch treat?

I love to take my Mum and her friends to Brinkley’s for brunch whenever I get the chance, summer days are the best when we can sit outside, enjoy the nice weather and watch everyone having a fun time. Another favourite spot of mine is Chelsea Corner, plenty of yummy food for a Maltese to nibble on! I do hope we can visit again soon!

And of course, every good dog deserves a treat…what are your favourites?

Treats…I get offered them everywhere I go and some I love, others not so much but I am always courteous and say thank you. My favourite treats are from Rockster, they taste delicious, and my Mum tells me they are also very good for us dogs. I’m told they are the only bio-organic dog food in the world that is certified as a superfood in its own right, no wonder I love them!

Mr Zipper The Dog About Town - Rockster Dog Treats
Rockster treats and moi…what more could you want?!

Being a dog about town, what are your go-to pup accessories to be red carpet ready? 

As a dog about town indeed, I do keep my Mum busy getting ready for all my lovely adventures. I love visiting my friends at Love My Human for pampering, they have everything a dog needs to feel fabulous, and I always leave feeling like a million dollars. My favourite place to shop for my rock star look is Rock Dog, for the best selection of trendy badass fashion, Amie loves my Rock Dog collection. I also love Bow Wow and Louis Dog for the most up to date luxury and trends.  

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Thanks for sharing your ‘Dog About Town’ story Mr Zipper! Like you, we can’t wait to visit some of our favourite dog-friendly places again and hope that day is not too far off.  

Mr Zipper Dog About Town - Dog Stories 2020
Photos (unless otherwise credited) by Mr Zipper and his mum Jane

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