London’s Talented Canines Delight at Dog Factor 2016

Move Over Britain’s Got Talent…Here’s Dog Factor 2016!

On Sunday Finsbury Park North London, played host to Dog Factor 2016 where London’s canines strutted their stuff and showed off their tricks much to the delight of their audience.

Classes - Dog Factor 2016

All Dogs Matter - Dog Factor 2016

Quincy - Dog Factor 2016

From large to small, pedigree to mutt, in our eyes they were all winners. With the ever popular categories such as Best Rescue and Cutest Pup as well as newcomer categories Best Trick, Best Condition and Potluck Class, Simon Cowell would have been pressing the golden buzzer all afternoon at the oodles of canine cuteness and talent on display.

Pippin - Dog Factor 2016


Pepe- Dog Factor 2016


Gustavito - Dog Factor 2016


Rescued…Our Favourite Breed

Alongside cuteness and talent there were some very special stories from inspirational rescue dogs who had suffered cruelty or neglect. It was amazing to see them having a second chance with their much loved forever families. And it’s charities such as All Dogs Matter (the organisers of Dog Factor), who play such an important part in making those second chances a reality.

Honey - Dog Factor 2016

Honey the Sharpei (and ex-All Dogs Matter dog) who starred in Vets on the Hill a couple of weeks ago

Bailey - Dog Factor 2016

Bailey, a rescue dog from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home who had his head burnt with a hot iron as a puppy

Charli - Dog Factor 2016

Charli a rescue dog from Romania

We were really pleased to hear that the Dog Factor 2016 raised £652.34 which will go to help support the great work that All Dogs Matter do and other dogs in need.

Where Are They Now?

It was also a chance to see some of the pups (as they were then) that we’ve met at previous events who’ve since been adopted and who are now much loved and much bigger (little Milo being the exception) in their forever homes. We do so love a happy ending.

Cleo - Dog Factor 2016

Cleo, an ex All Dogs Matter dog who was abandoned on Christmas Eve last year


Milo, an ex All Dogs Matter dog

This was our first time at Dog Factor and as with all the other All Dog Matter events we weren’t disappointed – lovely people, amazing dogs, heartwarming stories and fabulous fun. Definitely a paws up from us.

The Winners

Best Rescue - Dog Factor 2016

Category – Golden Oldies: Bailey, Ozzy, Hope & Quincy

Best Female - Dog Factor 2016

Category – Best Female: Bella, Luna, Luna & Fifi

Best Male - Dog Factor 2016

Category – Best Male: Odin, Rudy, Teddy & Teddy

Best Condition - Dog Factor 2016

Category – Best Condition: Kimble, Roxy, Star & Amy

Best Child Handler - Dog Factor 2016

Category – Best Child Handler: Tristan with Dora, Lucas & Austin with Tinkerbell, Uliana with Buskin, Talia with Rosie

Best Condition - Dog Factor 2016

Category – Best Condition: Deja, Maude & Cleo

Deja - Dog Factor 2016

Category – Best Condition: Mir

Best Trick - Dog Factor 2016

Category – Best Trick: Charli, Gustavito & Cali

Potluck Class - Dog Factor 2016

Category – Potluck: Gracie, Jesse Bumpkin, Bailey & Amy

We’ll leave you with the beautiful Effie who we met at Dog Factor 2016 – Effie is a 10(ish) month Staffie Cross who was at the event looking for her new home and we’re excited to be able to report that Effie is now one step closer to that and is on reserve, wooftastic!

Effie - Dog Factor 2016

More photos from Dog Factor 2016 on our Facebook Page.

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