How PAAW House Is Helping Wild At Heart Foundation And StreetVet

Last month saw the launch of PAAW House, newcomer to the London dog scene. We went along to the launch party to find out what PAAW House is all about, and how PAAW House is helping Wild at Heart Foundation and StreetVet, two London charities we whole-heartedly support.

How PAAW House is Helping Wild at Heart Foundation and Streetvet - Panda
Panda, a Wild at Heart Foundation rescue

PAAW House, New Pup On The Block

There’s a new pup on the block in London…PAAW House which stands for Pets Are Always Welcome. But who or what are PAAW House? Well, PAAW House is an online club for pets and owners with a purpose. Founded by Gabby Kuehn, PAAW House aims to ‘promote the human-animal bond, campaign for positive pet policies and support each other’ with our pets. 

PAAW House X Wild at Heart Foundation party
Belinha | Photo: Smartpicsuk / PAAW House

On PAAW House you’ll find a PetsNet forum for advice, campaigns such as calling on the Government to ban no pet covenants in leases and tenancy agreements, an online magazine and events supporting the PAAW House Charity Partners, Wild at Heart Foundation and StreetVet.

PAAW House - Pets Are Always Welcome

For those of you who may not know, Wild at Heart Foundation (WAHF) is a London based dog rescue and adoption charity with a global reach. Wild at Heart’s motto is ‘Believe in Dog’, and WAHF do just that by supporting dog rescue and adoption projects all over the world, as well as sterilisation campaigns and international education projects on their mission to reduce the world’s 600 million stray dog population. 

Also, London based but with a growing team of volunteer vets all over the UK are StreetVet who, inspired by the incredible bond between homeless people and their dogs, provide vital veterinary support to the UK’s homeless pet owners through partnering with local community projects and StreetVet’s own outreach work.

PAAW House X Wild at Heart Foundation party
That’s us! | Photo: Smartpicsuk / PAAW House

We caught up with PAAW House founder Gabby Kuehn to find out how PAAW House will be helping Wild at Heart Foundation and StreetVet and why these two (very well-deserving) charities were chosen as the PAAW House Charity Partners…

What’s the story behind PAAW House?

How PAAW House is Helping Wild at Heart Foundation and Streetvet 5

“I was inspired to create PAAW House after a public and lengthy court battle to keep our dog, Vinnie in our home. During this time, we received amazing support from dog-loving communities and animal charities all over the UK; hence, the seeds for PAAW House were sown.”

Tell us, why did you choose Wild at Heart Foundation and StreetVet as the PAAW House Charity Partners?

Wild at Heart Foundation: “I had been following the work of the Wild at Heart Foundation for some time. I’m not sure exactly when but their slogan I Believe in Dog caught my eye and provoked both happy and sad feelings. Reducing the worlds stray dog population compassionately and positively is a massive challenge, so we hope we can help spread the word about the value of this work. 

In addition, their commitment to the education of young people on animal welfare issues and hopefully eradicating some of the suffering and cruelty in future generations is such an important pledge.”

PAAW House X Wild at Heart Foundation party
Burly Bear Pom and Maggie the Wunderdog, Wild at Heart Foundation rescue and ambassador | Photo: Smartpicsuk / PAAW House

StreetVet: “The PAAW team are all connected by our love for animals. We are also very aware of the problem of homelessness in the UK and the challenges facing those who experience it. Living in central London, we see first-hand the problem of homelessness on our streets daily, and we love what StreetVet have achieved with their growing army of volunteer vets helping the dogs/pets of the homeless since they started three years ago. 

PAAW House X Wild at Heart Foundation party
StreetVet co-founder Jade (right) with fellow StreetVet vet Anna (left) & her dog Snow | Photo: Smartpicsuk / PAAW House

At PAAW House, we are also committed to campaigning for the recognition of emotional support and companion animals. Changes in the laws surrounding this would help those who choose to sleep rough rather than take a bed for the night and be separated from their best friend.

We have all volunteered with homeless projects over the years, and I personally make a point of spending time speaking to our local homeless whenever we meet them on our daily walks.”

How is PAAW House helping Wild at Heart Foundation & StreetVet?

PAAW House X Wild at Heart Foundation party
Belinha | Photo: Smartpicsuk / PAAW House

“PAAW House will be hosting events in aid of both charities, raising awareness over our social media platforms, offering our members the opportunity to donate and keeping them up to date on the charities projects and achievements with regular features in our PAAW magazine. In addition, we will be donating 10% of any profits to both charities.”

The PAAW House launch party raised over £1,000. Keep up the good work PAAW House! 

How PAAW House is Helping Wild at Heart Foundation and Streetvet 3

We’ll be featuring future PAAW House events on our London Dog Events Calendar, so look out for them there!

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