Guide To The Best Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London

Whether you’re a dedicated vegan or just starting out in the plant-based world, if you’re also a dog owner then finding dog-friendly vegan places in London will be something you will want to know about. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered in our Guide To The Best Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London (and some cafés too), featuring dog-friendly vegan dining options across London as well as those that may not be fully vegan but have a really good range of vegan options on the menu.

London was named the most pet-friendly city in Europe earlier this year, and also the second most vegan-friendly city in the UK so we decided to explore just how dog-friendly AND vegan-friendly London is.

Any restaurant that has a dog menu gets bonus points from us, so I’ll list the venues that offer a dog menu or dog treats first in each section. And look out for top tips from East London Dog Pie @a_slice_of_frenchiepie (featured above), as Pie knows a thing or two about the best vegan spots in the capital, especially those in East London thanks to her vegan humans. 

Dog-friendly Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in London

As mentioned already, our Guide To The Best Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London includes places that are 100% vegan as well as those that have a significant amount of vegan options on the menu, so I’ll use the following annotations to indicate whether the venue is completely vegan or not:

  • Vegan dog-friendly restaurants – (VG)
  • Dog-friendly restaurants with plenty of vegan/plant-based options – (VGF)

We have also included a few non-restaurant options such as cafés, either because we think they’re great or because they were recommended to us by our Dogvine readers so deserved a special mention.

Read on for the full guide and to start planning your plant-based dining tour around London with your pup…

Dog-friendly Vegan Places in London

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants London: South

Wags N Tales Surbiton (VGF)

Dogs Love Wags N Tales Surbiton - Dog-friendly Pub Awards 48

This (mostly) plant-based spacious restaurant and bar is a firm favourite amongst South London Dogs. Thanks to its delicious dog menu and of course the tasty human menu too (which is all vegan or vegetarian), Wags N Tales was deservedly voted the most dog-friendly London pub in the last Rover Dog-friendly London Pub Awards. Everything on the menu is delicious but make sure you save room for one of the vegan cakes for dessert. Belinha, cannot recommend the doggy Puppuccinos, Pupcakes and Scones highly enough and insists on having one of each every time we visit (although we do take some home for later).

  • Human Menu: Mostly vegan with a few vegetarian dishes.
  • Dog Menu: Puppuccinos, Pupcakes and Scones (vegetarian)

Wags N Tales Twickenham (VGF)

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London - Wags N Tales Twickenham

The Wags team have since opened another branch so London dogs (and humans) can now visit Wags N Tales in Twickenham as well as their Surbiton restaurant. Wags N Tales Twickenham offers the same tasty human menu and importantly, the same delicious dog menu of Puppuccinos, Pupcakes and Scones. And as a bonus, at Wags N Tales Twickhenham not only is there lots of space indoors but  there is a great outdoor courtyard to enjoy too. 

  • Human Menu: Mostly vegan with a few vegetarian dishes.
  • Dog Menu: Puppuccinos, Pupcakes and Scones (vegetarian)

Linnaen (VGF)


Want to grab some nourishing vegan food whilst getting a spa treatment and having your dog come along too? Then Linnean is the place to go! Beautiful interiors and a delicious (mostly) plant-based menu await at this lifestyle emporium in Nine Elms, Vauxhall. 

  • Human Menu: Mostly vegan with some vegetarian dishes
  • Dog Menu: Treats and cushions for dogs available. Plus visiting doggos can feature on their dedicated insta account @linnaendogs

Wulf & Lamb Chelsea (VG)

@freddieposingcockapoo and @barnabypoo at Wulf & Lamb

Tucked away on Pavillion Road, Chelsea canines will already no doubt be familiar with Wulf & Lamb. With a spacious interior, Wulf & Lamb is a great vegan place to refuel after a stroll or some shopping along King’s Road. And whilst the name might imply otherwise, there are no animals or animal products on the menu at all. 

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No 

The Full Nelson (VG)

The Best of Dog-friendly St Johns by Milo the Maltese - The Full Nelson 3

Blink and you’ll miss this gem of a pub on Deptford Broadway. We visited with local pup Milo who took us on a tour of his favourite dog-friendly venues in the area and told us it’s so popular that there are often queues outside! Known for their vegan burgers and chicken comfort food to go with that well-earned drink, this is definitely one to visit if you’re in the area.

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No 

Humble Pizza (VG)


A vegan gem at the far end of the King’s Road, Humble Pizza is oh so pretty in pink. As featured in our 19  Dog-friendly Pizza Places to Try in London guide, this dog-friendly pizza restaurant may not be large but it’s definitely worth visiting as this is one vegan pizza you will want to eat. You can order by the slice or a whole pizza and personally we can highly recommend the Funghi pizza slice (Potato, Mushroom, Cashew Nut Cream Fraîche, Parsley on a Focaccia base) – it was so good we had to order a second slice.

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No 

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants London: North

Rudy’s Vegan Diner Camden (VG)

If you’re planning a visit to Camden Stables Market with your pup (yes it’s dog-friendly), then make sure to stop by Rudy’s Vegan Diner. 

Pie @a_slice_of_frenchiepie and her humans told us: “You’d be unlikely to walk past this restaurant without realising, as it has a massive cow outside with a sign saying ‘not your mum, not your milk’ around its neck! They have a great spot in the stables part of Camden Market, offering the chance to grab a table on the cobbles and catch a breather as the world rushes past. Pie was given her own stool to sit on and plenty of attention and iced water from the staff. It serves real American-style burgers that are absolutely enormous – Pie had to help finish our chips as we were both absolutely stuffed. It’s a cool business that also runs the world’s first vegan butcher, which initially opened in Islington and is now also in the prestigious Selfridges Food Hall.”

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No

Karamel Restaurant (VG)

Photo: Karamel Restaurant

This completely vegan restaurant in the heart of Wood Green’s cultural quarter is a restaurant, gallery and event space in one. Karamel Restaurant is dog-friendly but check what’s on if your pup prefers a quieter environment as there can often be live music events taking place. For the humans, there is a Sunday Vegan Roast that gets rave reviews.

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No

Lost Boys Pizza (VGF)

Photo: Lost Boys Pizza

Lost Boys is a unique Camden pizza place that welcomes pups as featured in our 19  Dog-friendly Pizza Places to Try in London guide. Why unique you ask? Well, the minute you walk into this 80s vampire-themed pizza restaurant you should get the idea. The Lost Boys Black Charcoal Pizza is a must to try we’re told.

  • Human Menu: Options for everybody including meat-eaters. There is a whole Black Charcoal Vegan Pizza section on the menu though.
  • Dog Menu: No

Mildreds Camden & Kings Cross (VG)

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London - Mildreds Camden
Photo: Mildreds Camden

Most vegans will have heard of Mildreds in Soho and Dalston but there are also branches of Mildreds in Camden and King’s Cross that are dog-friendly and have the advantage of having a lot more space than the Soho branch which is good news for pups. The menu is pretty much always guaranteed to delight which is good news for the humans too.

  • Human Menu: Mostly vegan with a few things on the menu labelled as not vegan.
  • Dog Menu: No

Rudy’s Vegan Diner (VG) 

Photo: Rudy’s Vegan Diner Islington

Whether it’s at Rudy’s Vegan Diner in Camden Market or at their dedicated flagship diner on Islington’s Upper Street, vegan American comfort foods await and of course dogs are most welcome at Rudy’s Vegan Diner in Islington too. And that’s not all, there’s also Rudy’s Vegan Butcher onsite where you can pick up some pastrami, ‘baycon’ or meatballs to take home giving Rudy’s the accolade of being London’s first all-vegan diner and vegan butcher….what’s not to love!

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No

Temple of Seitan Camden (VG)

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London - Temple of Seitan
Photo: Temple of Seitan

If you’re following a gluten-free diet then this won’t be the venue for you (as seitan is made from gluten) but if you’re not and are looking for some tasty meat-free fast-food options then the Temple of Seitan in Camden offers a variety of Chick’n alternatives and some burger ones too. The Temple of Seitan restaurants tend to be fairly small so bear that in mind if visiting with your dog.

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No

Miranda Café (VGF)

Photo: Miranda Cafe

Although it has café in the name, at Miranda Café you can tuck into all things vegan from brunch to burgers and quite a few things in between. This Crouch End favourite offers a tasty menu with plenty of international influences from around the world and the venue is rustic and inviting so well worth a visit with your pup if you’re in the area.

  • Human Menu: Mostly vegan with a few vegetarian items on the menu
  • Dog Menu: No

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants London: Central

Catalina’s (VGF)

Nestled in the heart of Fitzrovia, Catalina’s serve delicious Mexican food for the humans with meat, vegetarian and vegan options available as well as a three-course menu that dogs won’t be able to stop wagging their tails for. There is a separate vegan menu available for the humans, and the staff at Catalina’s go out of their way to make sure both two-legged and four-legged visitors to the restaurant enjoy their dining experience. You need to plan ahead though as Catalina’s is only open on Friday and Saturday from 12 pm-9:30 pm but it’s worth the wait.

  • Human Menu: Dedicated vegan menu.
  • Dog Menu: A three-course dog menu like no other which does contain insect protein (crickets) and meat. If you advise of any allergies when booking, the in-house canine nutritionist will do their best to accommodate.

Redemption Bar (VG)

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London - Redemption
Photo: Redemption Bar

Tucked away in the colourful Neal’s Yard, Redemption is a vegan culinary delight in Covent Garden. The menu is simply delicious and we had one of the tastiest vegan sticky toffee pudding desserts I’ve ever tasted here. The venue, whilst very instagrammable, is quite small so if you’ve got a larger dog, then you might want to book a table outside. There used to be more Redemption restaurants in Shoreditch and Notting Hill but sadly these are no more, so we hope Redemption Covent Garden is around for a long time to come.

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No

Neat Burger (VG)

Photo: Neat Burger

Neat Burger is a plant-based fast-food brand that seems to be on a mission to take over London. With the first Neat Burger restaurants already open in Princes Street, Old Compton Street in Soho, Camden, Finsbury Park and Victoria plus more restaurants planned soon for Canary Wharf, Bishopsgate, King’s Road and Ealing, there seems to be no stopping this burger bar, just like one of its backers Lewis Hamilton. You can tuck into Beyond Meat and Chick’n burgers (in several variations), a plant-based hot dog and even a No-Filet-Fish burger and the best bit, all the Neat Burger venues are dog-friendly.

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No

Wulf and Lamb Marylebone (VG)

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London - Wulf & Lamb Marylebone
Photo: Wulf & Lamb Marylebone

Hot on the heels of the original Wulf and Lamb in Chelsea, is Wulf and Lamb in Marylebone, the second Wulf and Lamb restaurant in London. Offering the same 100% vegan menu but this time with a more central location as well as an outdoor terrace, which these days counts for a lot.

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No

Mildreds Soho (VG)

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London - Mildreds Soho
Photo: Mildreds Soho

Mildred’s in Soho was the original restaurant in the Mildred’s family and a much-loved favourite on Lexington Street that most vegan dog-owners will have heard of. Due to its Soho location, space is at a premium so it would be better to visit one of the other Mildred’s locations (see the North and East London sections) if you’re dining with your dog on a busy weekend evening for example.

  • Human Menu: Mostly vegan with a few things on the menu labelled as not vegan.
  • Dog Menu: No

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants London: East 

Barkney Wick: (VG)

Dog-friendly Vegan London - Barkney Wick
Photo: Barkney Wick

So whilst Barkney Wick isn’t a restaurant, it was recommended to us by The Floofs @the__floofs and based on what Barkney Wick do, we had to include them. Barkeny Wick is an eco-friendly, low-waste community centre on Fish Island, Hackney Wick. As well as offering a community space, doggy daycare and a host of other doggy services, there is an onsite café with a 100% vegan human-only menu and a 100% vegan pup and human sharing menu which of course includes puppuccinos and pupcakes! Humans can try co-founder Jamie’s not-sausage roll or one of the special savoury croissants followed one of the scrumptious sweet treats, whilst pups can tuck into one of the Barkney Wick Luxury Puppuccinos (Oat milk blended with coconut cream and topped with Lick&Mix) and a Pup Muffin or even a Barkney Hound Beer or Tail Wagger Creek Wine if you really want to go wild. We particularly loved that all items on the pup menu are shareable and there’s even a Pup and Human Breakfast meal deal to start your day together.

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: Yes, 100% Vegan

Unity Diner (VG)

Photo: @a_slice_of_frenchiepie

Unity Diner is not only an amazing vegan restaurant in Spitalfields but it’s also a non-profit that last year achieved its dream of opening an animal sanctuary for abandoned and abused animals – read more about Surge Sanctuary and its wonderful collection of animal characters who live there (we’re already just a little bit in love with Eric the Sheep). 

Pie @a_slice_of_frenchiepie and her humans told us: “Within a minute of stepping through the doors of the Unity Diner, we’d been presented with a water bowl and a selection of vegan dog treats. What a place! It’s a really nice set-up, with an attractive neon sign (the perfect backdrop for Pie to pose) and bar area, dining tables and booths, and also a cocktail bar. The latter really took us by surprise as we were talking and suddenly noticed in the background that there was a bloke using Alpro milks to make a cocktail. It felt like a revolution! 

There are a lot of highlights on the menu, including beastly plates of loaded fries and some of the beastliest salads on the block. Their real star attraction is the tofish and chips, which we originally sampled at a food festival and inspired us to check out the restaurant. Profits from the business go to great use, as they run an animal sanctuary, which was set up towards the end of 2020.”

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: Vegan dog treats available for four-legged visitors.

Vegan Yes (VG)

My Dog Friendly London By Rusty Red The Schnauzer | Dog Friendly Shoreditch and Hoxton Vegan Yes 2
Photo: Seb Coman

We first heard about Vegan Yes when Rusty the Schnauzer took us on his tour of dog-friendly Shoreditch and Hoxton and introduced us to Vegan Yes who offer a healthy fusion of Italian and Korean cuisine, inspired by Chef Mauro’s Italian heritage and his wife’s Korean culture. A firm favourite on the menu is the Kimchi and apparently it’s a firm favourite with visiting dogs too!

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London - Vegan Yes
Photo: @a_slice_of_frenchiepie

Pie @a_slice_of_frenchiepie and her humans told us: “Pie has never been treated more like a VIP than in Vegan Yes – when Chef Mauro sees a dog outside, he dashes to the kitchen to fetch a bowl of kimchi. In the photo you can see him kneeling down as if she is a goddess. 

The restaurant is one of our favourites as it’s firmly focussed on innovative food – delivering a fusion between Mauro’s Italian cuisine and Korean, which is where his wife Dr Min is from. The pair create a never-ending range of dishes that push the boundaries, from kimchi lasagna to naples kimbap and tofu pockets filled with rice. 

The pair are passionate about using food to promote a long, healthy life – as well as running the restaurant they also run the Mia Mamma Foundation, which breaks the cycle of poverty by empowering people to dream, aspire and achieve. If you’re passionate about good food and good health, pull up a chair and they will happily talk to you for hours (while also stroking your dog).”

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: Free Kimchi for all visiting four-legged friends

Love Shack (VG)

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London - Love Shack Outdoors

Love Shack is a real East London gem in Hackney offering an extensive vegan menu (the burger we had here was something else) and they absolutely love dogs. Their love for dogs also extends to the humans too as they give owners 10% off their bill if they bring their dog, which we just love. There used to be a doggy menu but sadly that had to be put on hold when the pandemic hit. However, the Love Shack team are hoping to be able to re-introduce the doggy menu in the not too distant future (we hope so too). Love Shack are also proudly plastic-free to add to their sustainable street-cred.

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London - Love Shack Outdoors

With an eclectic and welcoming indoor space as well as a very cool outdoor space, we can see why Love Shack gets rave reviews. 

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No, not at the moment but planned for the future

Mildreds Dalston (VGF)

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London - Mildreds Dalston
Photo: Mildreds Dalston

Mildred’s Dalston was a welcome addition to East London’s dog-friendly vegan restaurant repertoire and is probably the second most popular location after Mildreds Soho. Vegans and Vegetarians alike will love the menu at Mildred’s. And once again, Mildred’s Dalston is a more spacious venue than it’s Soho counterpart which is good news for dogs.

  • Human Menu: Mostly vegan with a few things on the menu labelled as not vegan.
  • Dog Menu: No

Brewdog Dalston (VG)

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London - Brewdog Dalston
Photo: @a_slice_of_frenchiepie

This BrewDog restaurant is a top tip from Pie @a_slice_of_frenchiepie and her humans, here’s why: “Brewdog was literally founded by two men and a dog, so it’s no surprise that canines are welcome in their pubs. In fact, pups are made a real fuss of in BrewDogs across the city, with treats and drinking bowls on hand, and you can even book a birthday party for your dog and their pals! The Dalston branch has been open for a couple of years, using the space that used to be the famous Birthdays music venue (you can still see the space where the stage used to be in the downstairs dining area. 

Brewdog has always had decent vegan options on its food menu, but the Dalston pub offers its own individual vegan menu prepared by Biffs. The wings in particular are a real highlight – as you can see in the photo, the large portion size kept us busy for a while.”

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No

The Vurger Co (VG)

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London - The Vurger Co
Photo: The Vurger Co

Vurger Co’s mouth-watering menu of ‘vurgers’, shakes and sides, will have you wanting to come back for more and the fact that Vurger Co is dog-friendly is definitely a reason to eat here too. You can also buy some of their tasty Vegan Mayos and Cheezy Sauces to take home to keep you going until your next visit.

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No

Spice Box (VG)

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London - Spicebox
Photo: Spicebox

If you love indian food then head to Spice Box in Walthamstow and you don’t have to leave your pup at home either when you do. Offering delicious indian delights that are all 100% vegan, this colourful and cosy restaurant is a well-kept local secret.

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No

Temple of Seitan Hackney (VG)

Photo: Temple of Seitan

Like it’s Camden restaurant, Temple of Seitan Hackney isn’t one to visit if you’re following a gluten free diet as seitan is made from gluten. Temple of Seitan is known for its vegan fast-food Chick’n burgers, wraps and filets as well as some burger menu options too. The Temple of Seitan restaurants tend to be fairly small so bear that in mind if visiting with your dog.

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No

Vida Bakery (VG)

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London - Vida Bakery
Photo: @a_slice_of_frenchiepie

This cute café is not a restaurant but definitely makes it on to the list as another of  Pie @a_slice_of_frenchiepie and her human’s top tips who told us: “This is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a slice of cake. Pie is pictured here eating a rainbow-coloured delight, and Vida provides a range of vegan and gluten free options to chow down on. We love them so much that our wedding party cake came from there. It’s often packed on weekends but it is well worth waiting to grab a table so you can sit down and escape the hustle and bustle of Brick Lane.”

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No

Palm Greens (VG)

Photo: Palm Greens

We haven’t yet had the chance to try Palm Greens in Hackney but we hope to get to soon, as aside from the food the terrace looks amazing! More café than restaurant, serving all-day breakfasts alongside mouth-watering Mexican Tostada’s or Miso Mushroom for lunch, Palm Greens have confirmed that they are dog-friendly too.

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No
Photo: Palm Greens

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants London: West

Farmacy London (VG)

Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London - Farmacy
Photo: Farmacy

Farmacy is known for its plant-based menu with ingredients either grown on their biodynamic vegetable farm in Kent  or sourced from local, environmentally conscious suppliers. Farmacy has an extensive menu that features many favourites, just a healthy plant-based version of them. As well as vegan desserts that will have you drooling, there’s also a delicious High-Tea menu (vegan of course) to try for a special occasion. When booking, let Farmacy know you’ll be dining with your dog.

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No 

Farm Girl Notting Hill (VGF)

Dog-friendly Restaurants in London - Farm Girl Notting Hill

Farm Girl has been a firm Notting Hill favourite since it launched back in 2015. Tucked inside a sweet courtyard, although Farm Girl is not a vegan restaurant (there are meat and vegetarian options on the menu too), vegans are well catered for. Plus the fact that Farm Girl is most definitely dog-friendly means we couldn’t leave it off the list.

  • Human Menu: Vegan menu options available. 
  • Dog Menu: No but a big fuss from the staff is guaranteed along with some treats for the really good boys and girls.

Dog-friendly Vegan Events in London

Vegan Nights (VG)

Dog-friendly Vegan London - Vegan Nights
Photo: Vegan Nights

Not a restaurant but still very worthy of a mention are the Vegan Nights events in London that (pre-pandemic) regularly put on a plant-based night market with a party vibe. After the first Vegan Nights at Truman Brewery with over 40 pop-up vegan food stalls was a total hit, Vegan Nights decided to make it a regular thing. As recommended by little London dog Hattie @hattiekin, it’s a great way to try different London vegan restaurants in one place. Vegan Nights does have a party atmosphere though so if coming with your dog it’s better to go early before the party gets going. Vegan Nights haven’t started their events again yet but look out for when they do on their website.

  • Human Menu: 100% Vegan
  • Dog Menu: No but dogs are most welcome.

Where to find the best Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London?

My Dog Friendly London By Rusty Red The Schnauzer | Dog Friendly Shoreditch and Hoxton Radio Alice 3
Rusty the Schnauzer at Vegan Yes | Photo: Seb Coman

Based on the number of dog-friendly vegan restaurants as well as recommendations, at the moment it seems East London is leader of the pack for dog-friendly vegan restaurants in London closely followed by South London. 

We’re really pleased that eating a plant-based diet is becoming more popular and mainstream, so I’m sure we will see more and more dog-friendly vegan venues pop up and I’ll update this guide as needed. In the meantime, if you’ve got any top tips for your favourite dog-friendly vegan restaurant (or café), then please do leave a comment below.

Guide to the Best Dog-friendly Vegan Restaurants in London

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