Fetch & Follow’s Walk & Talk March Edition: The Walk & Talks series, bring together dog owners with a different expert for a dog-friendly walk in varying spots across the capital. With Spring just around the corner Fetch & Follow are excited to announce that the March walk will be about learning to run with your dog.

Running with your dog is a fantastic way to keep fit and have fun. Also known as canicross, it’s an exciting and fast growing sport. On Sunday 17th March we will be joined by Clare Grierson and Jo Ashbridge who will be sharing tips on how you and your dog can learn to run together.

Canicross (canine + cross-country) is the sport of off-road running with your dog and is a fantastic way for both dog and owner to become healthier and fitter through the use of the outdoors. Running with your dog strengthens the bond and is ideal for dogs with high energy levels, behavioural issues or that simply cannot be let off the lead for whatever reason.

For the Fetch and Follow Walk & Talk March Edition (Sunday 17th March) we’ll discuss canicross as an activity, the ideal kit, cues and the range of benefits for dogs and humans. There will also be an opportunity for a short, 15 minute run to test canicross kit. However, if you would like to learn more but would prefer to simply join the walk, that’s fine too!

The walk will be taking place at 10am on the 17th March at Epping Forest / Leyton Flats .We will be meeting at the entrance of Snaresbrook Road, at the west side of Eagle Pond.

Fetch & Follow’s Walk & Talk March Edition | Sunday 17th March 2019 – 10am 

The Fetch and Follow Walk & Talk March Edition walk is £5 to attend with the money raised going to Chilterns Dog Rescue Society which is the shelter Jo rescued her beloved dog Molly from.

After you purchase your ticket Fetch & Follow will send you all the relevant information. Please indicate if you would like to join the short run. If so, dog’s must be in a lightweight non restrictive harness and we advise you to wear suitable trainers or trail shoes and comfortable clothes as parts of the route may be a little muddy.

Fetch & Follow’s Walk & Talk March Edition Terms and Conditions  

We are delighted that you and your dog are planning to attend one of our walks. To ensure that both you and your dog enjoy your this time please take time to read the below. By agreeing to attend the walk you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions.

You agree to accept full responsibility for your dog, including any bodily injury to any person or animal during the walk, or cause any property damage or other loss or liability in public areas during the walk.

Please do not leave your dog unattended at any time during the walk.

At the beginning of each walk there will be a discussion on if owners would prefer for the dogs to be on or off the lead. With this in mind you are responsible for choosing the right option for your dog

You must make Fetch & Follow aware of any behavioural issues your dog may have before the walk

If you have any questions on the above or if you plan to bring children to the walk then please email Victoria@fetchandfollow.com