Fetch & Follow’s Walk & Talk February Edition: at Fetch and Follow a daily dog walk is an integral part of our routine come sun, rain and even snow. Having a dog opens a world of opportunity everyday with a new adventure every time you head out together.  However we understand that at this time of year due to the weather, a post dog walk bath is often in order due to all the wet and muddy fun which has been had. With this in mind Fetch & Follow are excited to announce that for their February walk on Sunday 17th February, the group will be joined by the talented groomer Serena from Lead the Walk ,who will be on hand to give some expert tips on how to look after your dog furs during the winter months.

Lasting for one hour, dogs and their owners will get together for an intimate walk with each owner receiving a Fetch and Follow Doggie Bag themed to the walk (this month will include grooming essentials)

The walks are Free to attend but spaces are limited

Fetch & Follow’s Walk & Talk February Edition | Sunday 17th February 2019 – 11am Victoria Park London 

Tickets are for 1 dog and two people only | You will be sent an email from the  Fetch & Follow team confirming your space along with further details on the walk. Book your place for the Fetch & Follow’s Walk & Talk February Edition

Fetch & Follow’s Walk & Talk February Edition Terms and Conditions  

We are delighted that you and your dog are planning to attend one of our walks. To ensure that both you and your dog enjoy your this time please take time to read the below. By agreeing to attend the walk you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions.

You agree to accept full responsibility for your dog, including any bodily injury to any person or animal during the walk, or cause any property damage or other loss or liability in public areas during the walk.

Please do not leave your dog unattended at any time during the walk.

At the beginning of each walk there will be a discussion on if owners would prefer for the dogs to be on or off the lead. With this in mind you are responsible for choosing the right option for your dog

You must make Fetch & Follow aware of any behavioural issues your dog may have before the walk

If you have any questions on the above or if you plan to bring children to the walk then please email Victoria@fetchandfollow.com