Seafood Surprises at Dog-friendly The Melusine Restaurant

Tucked away in the heart of St Katharine Docks is a well-kept secret, the dog-friendly The Melusine Restaurant where the menu changes daily, serving a delicious menu of seafood surprises. Just before Lockdown, we were invited along to see just how dog-friendly the Melusine is and sample the seafood of course.

Dog-friendly The Melusine Restaurant St Katharine Docks

As a vegetarian who doesn’t eat fish, it wouldn’t have been doing the invitation justice if only myself and Beliha went along. So we invited our friend and food blogger Fede from Pastabites and her Basset Fauve Amber who enjoys sniffing out dog-friendly London eateries to join us.

The walk to and from The Melusine certainly showcased St Katharine Docks at its best. In fact, the shimmering water with the boats set against the skyline made me feel like we’d been teleported to more Mediterranean climes just for a moment.

Boats at St Katharine Docks

On arrival at The Melusine, the restaurant was smaller than I had imagined, tucked away in the arches underneath Ivory House. We were given a warm welcome and shown to our table that had been thoughtfully chosen to allow the dogs to have space to stretch. Both dogs were offered a bowl of water and treats as a priority which deserves a paws up.

The Melusine Restaurant St Katharine Docks

The Melusine definitely gives context to the phrase ‘small but perfectly formed’. Although the space is intimate, we didn’t feel cramped at all, and the decor was contemporary and warm. The chefs, led by Theodore Kyriakou (of the Real Greek and The Greek Larder fame) who is clearly the king of the kitchen, prepare the dishes within sight, adding to the intimate ambience. 

The Melusine Restaurant St Katharine Docks
Belinha at the Melusine Restaurant St Katharine Docks
Warm contemproary interiors at The Melusine

The Melusine restaurant opened in St Katharine Docks in 2019 with a mission to serve sustainably sourced seafood and deliver an unforgettable and unexpected experience for diners. Every day the menu is different depending on what seafood is available and the dishes created are designed to be intriguing as a result. 

Even as a vegetarian, I felt the Melusine front of house team led by Wade Munford went out of their way to suggest items on the menu to suit and adapt where needed. As a result, I enjoyed a tasty meal followed by one of the best desserts I have had in a long time…the surprisingly delicious Chocolate and Tahini Tart. 

Fede from Pastabites was on hand to sample the seafood more extensively, here’s the Pastabites review…

Fede and Amber from Pastabites at The Melusine Restaurant St Katharine Docks

“If you are vegetarian, vegan or do not eat fish, then The Melusine may not be the right place for you. However, if you do like fish – sustainably caught of course – then you’re in for a treat. The ever-changing menu (everything comes from day boats) is divided into snacks, a raw and crustacean bar, small plates and big plates as well as a number of sides and offers a wide choice to suit most (fish-eating) palates.

Pickled herring with half soft boiled egg - The Melusine
Home-pickled herring with half soft boiled egg, breakfast radishes

Amongst the snacks we tried was a well balanced pickled herring with half soft boiled egg and radishes. The handpicked crab from the raw bar was a delicate mix of white and brown crab meat served on bitter, crisp endive, but could have done with a little more seasoning or some tart element to pimp up the fresh crab. The cold smoked Scottish salmon with pickled greens and horseradish cream was the standout dish of the evening: the fish had great texture and the pickling as well as the cream offered a beautifully zingy contrast.

Handpicked crab served on bitter crisp endive - The Melusine
Hand picked crab served on bitter crisp endive with lemon mayonnaise
Cold Smoked Scottish Salmon with Pickled Greens and Horseradish Cream - The Melusine
Cold smoked Scottish salmon with pickled collard greens and horseradish cream

We did try some non-fish based dishes: a satisfying, seasoned beetroot salad with gorgonzola cheese and sunflower seeds, a portion of winter tomatoes and the triple cooked chips. We also ordered a portion of bread which is needed, particularly to offer some support to the fish dishes which come with no starch or carbs.

Seafood Smorgasboard at The Melusine

With the dessert menu, the chef seems to have some fun. There are some really interesting and appetising options, and we had some difficulty deciding what to try. The chocolate and tahini tart revealed a crispy base and dark, intense chocolate ganache which hid a nutty tahini layer. A challenging-sounding Cornish blue cheese ice cream went from odd to really tasty within a few mouthfuls, helped by the sour cherry coulis it was laced with.

Chocolate and Tahini Tart and Cornish Blue Cheese Ice Cream with Sour Cherry Coulis
Chocolate and tahini tart with salted caramel cream and Cornish blue cheese ice-cream with sour cherry coulis

Front of house staff are knowledgeable and friendly and made us and our dogs feel very welcome. The interior is small and offers only 40 covers, adding a touch of intimacy to space, aided by the lights of the docks shimmering through the windows.”

Visiting Dog-friendly The Melusine With Your Dog – The Dogvine Verdict

Belinha and Amber certainly seemed to feel right at home, enjoying the fuss and attention the staff gave them. If they had any canine criticism about their visit to The Melusine, it would probably be that they weren’t allowed to sample the seafood too…

Dogs are welcome at The Melusine Restaurant St Katharine Docks

So did The Melusine deliver an unexpected and unforgettable experience? I would say it lived up to its mission. The menu was delicious and surprising, as was how much we enjoyed our evening at this small seafood restaurant in St Katharine Docks with our two dogs.

Also worth knowing is that the dog-friendly The Melusine is handily located (approx a 6-minute walk) to combine with a visit to London’s iconic Dog-friendly Tower Bridge.

Plus it’s a genuinely refreshing change to the usual chain restaurants you find in the area and one even as a vegetarian, I look forward to visiting again.

Dog-friendly The Melusine Seafood Restaurant St Katharine Docks


We were kindly invited to dine at The Melusine, however, this does not influence the honest opinions in this review.


  1. 17th October 2020 / 10:19 am

    Just look at that face (In the first image)

    • 19th October 2020 / 7:02 pm

      That’s her give me a treat face

  2. Gill
    4th April 2022 / 10:38 am

    Thanks to your recommendation we took our dog to Melusine restaurant in st Katherine dock. What a treat. The food was amazing. The view of the docks is so pretty and they were fantastic with our dog.
    Thank you.

    • 4th April 2022 / 10:43 am

      That’s wonderful to hear, so glad you enjoyed your visit to The Melusine and thanks for letting me know, Teresa

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