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As we start thinking about planning our summer holiday getaways, no-one wants to think about leaving their best friend behind.  Although there are definitely more dog-friendly choices available these days, dog owners often still have to make compromises to find dog-friendly travel options to fit with their plans. Well, what if we told you we recently discovered that there is something else that could make traveling with your dog easy? How about dog-friendly motorhome or campervan hire for your next adventure so your dog can come along for the ride, literally!

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We’ve teamed up with the motorhome sharing community Goboony (think of Goboony as the Airbnb of the motorhomes and campervans world), so you can find out why and how you can hire a dog-friendly motorhome, as well as some tips to help give your dog the time of their life if you do!

Dog-friendly Motorhome Hire - Traveling With Your Dog Made Easy - Dog in Campervan

Traveling With Your Dog Made Easy | Why Motorhome Hire?

The top reason to consider renting a motorhome for your next getaway (aside from the fact that it’s dog-friendly of course), has to be the freedom it gives you. Motorhomes encompass both accommodation and transport, allowing you to avoid being tied down to bookings and set plans. You can decide where to go on the day, or even on the way. Whilst it may not seem like a cheap initial cost, remember that it covers both transport and accommodation, which can really add up especially in peak holiday times. Plus, you can prepare your own meals easily in campervans, saving money on eating out.

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It goes without saying that it’s great to have your pup along with you on your adventures, and this kind of holiday will mean that you can make the most of the trip as you discover long walks or sandy beaches and explore the surrounding nature together.

Traveling with your dog in the motorhome or campervan is easy too as you can easily pack all of their things they might need, and they will quickly get used to being on the road with you.

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Photo: Humphrey Muleba

How To Find A Dog-Friendly Motorhome

Believe it or not, dog-friendly motorhome hire isn’t that hard to find nowadays as more and more people are choosing a campervan or motorhome as the flexible way to travel. On Goboony, you’ll find plenty of private owners that offer their motorhomes for rent and welcome your dog to come along too. There’s even have a special pet-friendly search filter in the ‘House Rules’ section, but if in doubt Goboony recommend just messaging the owner to ask.

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Tips for Traveling With Your Dog In A Dog-Friendly Motorhome

Once you’ve decided that hiring a dog-friendly motorhome could be for you, here are some tips to make sure you and your pup get the most out of your trip…

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  1. Bring a crate. It can be tempting to allow your dog to wander around the motorhome during driving, but just like traveling in a car with a dog, this is not recommended. It can be dangerous if they distract the driver, or dangerous for your dog if you were to suddenly brake and they get thrown around. Bring a crate along which is big enough for them to turn around in, and fill it with their favourite blanket or toys for familiar smells so they feel at home.
  2. Find a dog-friendly campsite. If you plan to pitch at campsites, be sure to check if they allow dogs or what their rules are. There are plenty of dog-friendly campsites to be found online or alternatively, you could always look into wild camping!
  3. Plan your trip around what your dog loves to do. Maybe your dog loves the beach? Well, now you’ve got the flexibility to incorporate plenty of sea and sand into your itinerary, just make sure you check seasonal dog-friendly beach restrictions when planning your trip.
  4. Carsick pups. Just like humans, some dogs can get carsick. Keeping them hydrated, ensuring an empty stomach when traveling, and frequent stops will help combat this. During stops, encourage them to walk around outside to fight nausea and disorientation.
  5. Keep cool. We all know the saying ‘dogs die in hot cars’, well the same goes for any vehicle. We don’t think you would leave your dog in a hot vehicle but it never hurts to say it. Our post on how to keep your dog keep cool in warm weather has lots of tips too.
  6. What if you want to do something that’s not dog-friendly? Whilst away, you may have a few human activities in mind that aren’t dog-friendly. In that case, you could consider finding a pet sitter to drop them off wit for example through the popular dog-sitting platform Rover.
  7. More Tips. For more tips on dog-friendly motorhome hire, have a read of this feature on bringing your dog when traveling in a Motorhome.

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We hadn’t really considered hiring a motorhome before now but we’ve realised that we may have been missing out on an exciting dog-friendly travel alternative. So if this sounds like it could be for you, why not see what dog-friendly motorhomes or campervans are available and let the adventures begin.

Happy Travels Puppers!
This is a sponsored collaboration with Goboony. Photos courtesy of Goboony unless otherwise credited. 

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