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We’re all about spending more time with our dogs, aren’t you? Well, it’s lucky that Londoners have plenty of opportunities to do just that as the number of places in London that welcome dogs as well as events and things we can do with our pups, keeps on growing. So whether you’re a dog-friendly London pro or are new in town (pup or human) – what will you do in London with your dog this year?


We often get asked for suggestions on dog-friendly things to do in London be it from local or visiting doggos, so to kick off the year, we’ve put together our list of the top dog-friendly things to do in London – some you may have already done, others may be new but the one thing that is for sure is that your dog can come too! 

Dog-friendly London | The Best Dog-friendly Things To Do in London - The Dogvine
Photo: Emma O’Brien

The Dog-friendly Things To Do in London Facebook Group

We also have a Dog-friendly London Facebook Group for people to share their latest dog-friendly finds, you can find the Dog-friendly London Facebook group here.

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Please do come and join the conversation, that way together we can continue to grow the capital’s dog-friendly community!

We’ll also be adding to this guide as we discover new pup-friendly things to do in London. In the meantime, this list (in no particular order), should fill up your weekends for quite some time…

Dog-friendly London | The Best Dog-friendly Things To Do in London - Herbie and Dave
Photo: Emma O’Brien

The Best Dog-friendly Things To Do in London All Year Round

First up are dog-friendly London activities that you can do all year round so you can take your time to work through the list. There’s a seasonal section to this guide too but more on that in a moment.

We’ve tried to include a mix of paid and free activities to suit all pup pockets but if you are looking specifically for free things to do in London with your dog, then check out our guide to 42 Free Dog-friendly Things To Do In London here.

Now, back to our list of dog-friendly things to do…

(1) Take your Dog to Afternoon Tea

Dog-friendly London | The Best Dog-friendly Things To Do in London - Afternoon Tea

Nothing is more quintessentially British than Afternoon Tea and a tea where we can take our dogs is the only kind of Afternoon Tea we’re interested in. Fortunately, London pups have quite a few to choose from and we’ve rounded them up for you in our Guide to the Best Dog-friendly Afternoon Tea in London. Of course, the must-do on most pups to do list is the Dog Afternoon Tea at The Egerton House Hotel where the dogs get their own Afternoon Tea menu!

Where: 17-19 Egerton Terrace, Knightsbridge, London SW3 2BX

Price: The cost of the Doggy Afternoon Tea is £25 per dog with Afternoon Tea for humans from £48 per person.

(2) Visit One of London’s Dog-friendly Historic Houses

Dog-Friendly Ham House and Garden 18

Historic houses and hounds don’t typically go together as no-one wants a dog to be responsible for ruining a valuable piece of history. However, many of London’s historic houses welcome dogs to the grounds and their cafés. Why not try visiting Ham House (Richmond), Morden Hall Park (Morden) or Osterley House (Osterly) as we’ve featured on the blog previously or other options are Chiswick House Gardens in Chiswick and Kenwood House in Highgate.

Where / Price: Visiting the grounds of the houses mentioned above (see links for more details on each) are free with the exception of Ham House which charges an entry fee (from £11.75 for Adults)

(3) Dine with your Dog

Dine With Your Dog - Dog Menus in London - Pepper Chung

We love dining out with dogs and even more so when restaurants have gone out of their way to create a dedicated Doggy Menu for dogs to tuck into. This has to be the ultimate doggy dining treat but of course, just like for us humans, should be indulged in moderation to keep pup waistlines trim. We’ve rounded up the best dog menus in town so you can dine with your dog  – see our Guide to the Best Dog Menus in London for where to go.

Price: Various depending on the venue as listed in this guide.

(4) Take your Dog for Tapas

Dog-friendly London | The Best Dog-friendly Things To Do in London - Dog Tapas at Brindisa Battersea

Continuing the theme of doggy dining, our best doggy dining experience has to be Tapas at Brindisa Battersea so this deserves a slot of its own on our list. Pups are given their own Doggy Tapas basket and can also choose one of the delicious Doggy Tapas off the menu free of charge. Belinha couldn’t believe her luck! Read our full Doggy Tapas review here or here’s the link to Brindisa Battersea where the Doggy Tapas Menu is available daily from 12-5pm.

Where: Unit 25, Battersea Power Station, Circus Rd W, London SW11 8EZ

Price: Dogs eat for free when humans are eating.

(5) Drink Dogtails with your Dog!

Dog-friendly London | The Best Dog-friendly Things To Do in London - Dogtails at Smith & Whistle
Photo: Smith & Whistle

At this central venue, whilst your dog is drinking a Dogtail you can enjoy a cocktail or two. Smith & Whistle in Mayfair is home to London’s first dedicated Dog Cocktail (or Dogtail) menu where your pup can enjoy a Poochie Colada, a Hounds Hops or a Bubbly Bow Wow, all cocktails specially designed for dogs…cheers!

Where: Sheraton Grand London Park Lane, Piccadilly, London W1J 7BX

Price: Dogtails from £5

(6) See a Film at a Dog-friendly London Cinema

Dog-friendly London | The Best Dog-friendly Things To Do in London - Dog-friendly Cinema

Watching a film at one of London’s dog-friendly Cinemas has become a regular occurrence for some London dogs. However, outside of London and particularly our friends from abroad can’t quite believe that dogs get to go to the cinema too. So although we may be used to taking our dogs to the cinema, we should appreciate just how lucky we are to share this dog-friendly London experience with our pups.

Picturehouse Cinemas (which offer a more traditional cinema experience, read our review here with cinemas across London) and Exhibit Cinemas (which offer a more boutique cinema experience, read our review here with cinemas in Balham and Streatham), are the cinemas with the most regular dog-friendly screenings. Dog-friendly Cinema screenings are always listed on our London Dog Events Calendar so you can plan your doggy diaries.

Price: Dogs go free and the cost of an adult cinema ticket is usually approx. £14.50

(7) Hang out in a Street-food Market or Market Hall

Dog-friendly Fulham - My Dog-friendly London - The Market Hall Fulham 3

One of our dog-friendly finds last year was the number of dog-friendly Street Food Markets and Food Halls there are in London. Not only do these markets offer a great choice of food options for the humans, but they are also, very welcoming to doggos which we love. We’ve compiled a guide to the best Dog-friendly Street Food Markets and Food Halls in London with our favourites being Borough Market, Mercato Metropolitano, Flat Iron Square and Mercato Mayfair to pick a few.

Price: Whatever your human eats.

(8) Visit Tower Bridge With Your Dog

Dog-friendly London | The Best Dog-friendly Things To Do in London - Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of the few London indoor tourist attractions where dogs are welcome to visit with their humans. The Tower Bridge dog policy is that “Dogs must be kept on leads and supervised at all times. At busy times we may restrict the number of dogs allowed into the attraction however assistance dogs will be allowed in at all times.”

Your ticket will gain you access to the Glass Floor in the high-level Walkways, the north and south Towers as well as the Engine Rooms. The other great thing is that all areas are fully accessible via lift so dogs in buggies can enjoy all areas of this iconic landmark. To avoid peak tourist times, it’s best to visit on weekday mornings. Read our review of our visit to dog-friendly Tower Bridge.

Price: Adult tickets are £9.80, dogs go free.

(9) Go Dog-friendly Wine Tasting

Dog-friendly Wine Tasting August Wine and Canine

A fun thing to do with your dog is to take them wine-tasting with you (you taste the wine not your dog). London wine guru Pippa Penny, runs regular dog-friendly wine tasting sessions throughout the year where dogs are given different tasty treats to sample to accompany the different wines their humans are tasting. By its very nature, it’s a social dog-friendly thing to do for both humans and hounds. The next dog-friendly wine tasting events will be listed on the London Dog Events Calendar as they become available or on Pippa Penny’s website.

Price: Various depending on the venue.

(10) Travel in Style With Your Dog on the Thames Clipper

How To Get Around London With A Dog On The River Bus 15

Taking your dog on the Thames Clipper has to be the ultimate way to travel with your dog on public transport in London. No crowds, the humans always get a seat, and you can sit indoors or out to take in some of London’s landmark sights as you sail by. Since I first took the Thames Clipper with Belinha, I try to plan our journeys to travel this way whenever we can. Read all about traveling with your dog on the Thames Clipper here.

Cost: One-way tickets from £4.90-£13 depending on how far you want to travel.

(11) Take Your Best Friend For a Dog Brunch

London Dog Events and Things to Do July 2019 - Brunches and Socials

Doggy Brunches are a pawsome way to enjoy the weekend with your pup. There are a couple of regular doggy brunches that we can recommend – the Savage Garden Dog Brunch (read our Savage Garden Dog Brunch review here) for amazing views and the Gaucho Hampstead Doggy Sunday Brunch for a North London brunch that has been rocking the weekend for London dogs for quite some time. Both offer tasty treats for dogs as well as humans on the menu. As well as these firm favourites, there are many pop-up dog brunches throughout the year, again these are featured on our London Dog Events Calendar as they are announced.

Price: Whatever your human eats.

(12) Enjoy Walks & Wine at a Dog-friendly Vineyard

Denbies Dog-friendly Vineyard | A Delightful Day Out 31

One weekend why not head to Denbies, a dog-friendly vineyard in Dorking, Surrey. Dogs and grapes don’t mix but as dogs are asked to stay away from the vines, this isn’t an issue. The walks through the vineyard are long and scenic and you can continue from Denbies into the Surrey Hills and beyond if you want. Read our review of Dog-friendly Denbies Vineyard here for what to expect as well as some tips for walking and eating nearby.

Price: Free

(13) Treat your Pup to a Poochini

Dog-friendly London | The Best Dog-friendly Things To Do in London - Shake Shack

Doggy ice-cream decadence awaits at Shake Shack in the form of a ‘Poochini’. Basically, a Poochini is a doggy ice-cream on steroids and consists of red velvet dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard. Shake Shack say that it’s not intended for small dogs but medium dogs and above can tuck in much to Belinha’s relief. Definitely not to be consumed as an everyday treat but take your pup for a Poochini at least once and your dog will love you for it.

Cost: Shake Shack Poochinis are £4.75 and Shake Shack have restaurants across London.

(14) Get to know Dog-friendly Greenwich

The Dogvine Guide to Dog-friendly Greenwich 15

If you want to feel like you’ve left London without actually doing so, then Greenwich is the place to go. Quaint streets, spacious parks, the famous Greenwich Market (dog-friendly of course) as well historic monuments await. We’ve rounded up some of the best places to visit, eat and shop in our Dog-friendly Guide to Greenwich to help you make the most of your visit. And to make it even more of a dog-friendly experience, why not take the dog-friendly Thames Clipper to or from Greenwich too.

Price: Free

(15) Woofs and Walls your way through Shoreditch

The Dogvine Guide To A Shoreditch Street Art Dog Walk - Herbie & Dave

We often get asked where’s a good place to get shots of your dog against street art/graffiti in London. Well, one of the answers is Shoreditch. For a multi-location experience, try our Guided Photo Walk in Shoreditch with some street art spots specially selected for pups to pose against. As a bonus, the photo walk finishes at the very dog-friendly Bike Shed Motorcycle Club for either more photos or just relaxing.

My Dog Friendly London By Rusty Red The Schnauzer | Dog Friendly Shoreditch and Hoxton Bike Shed 3
Photo: Seb Coman

Cost: Photo walk – Free

(16) Explore a new London neighbourhood 

The Best of Dog-friendly St Johns by Milo the Maltese - L'Oculto 2

There’s always something new to discover in London and what better way to discover it than with a local London dog as your paw guide? If you agree, then our My Dog Friendly London Series is for you, where local dogs take you on a tour of their favourite local places and share why they love them. So what are you waiting for, pick an area and enjoy!

And these days you can find much-loved dog-friendly restaurant Megan’s in many London neighbourhoods such as Islington, Clapham, Balham and more. Starting with the original Megan’s on the King’s Road, this ‘self-proclaimed’ most dog-friendly London restaurant can now be found in sixteen London neighbourhoods with more planned for this year. Pups will receive a warm welcome with treats and a Megan’s dog bed to snooze on after all your exploring.

Dog-friendly Megan's Islington 2

Price: Free but that depends on which Cafés, Restaurants or Pubs you decide to try along the way.

(17) Get Lucky at Doggie Bingo

Dabbers Doggie Bingo - The Dogvine Review 21

Move over the bingo of the 80’s, there’s a new type of bingo in town…Dabbers Social Bingo. Located in the aptly named Houndsditch, a recent addition to their bingo lineup is Dabbers Doggie Bingo where dogs are welcome to join their owners for an entertaining bingo session. Expect special doggie bingo calls and disco balls, a chance to show off your dog’s party tricks and more. Basically it’s party bingo for pups and people – read our Doggie Bingo review here.

Price: Doggie Bingo Tickets are £12 (dogs go free)

(18) Meet New Friends at a London Dog Meetup

THE DOGVINE London Dog Meetups & Groups Guide

Find your tribe at one of London’s Doggy Meetups. Be it breed specific or just sharing a common interest, there are plenty of doggy groups for London dogs for both hounds and humans to make new friends. Find one for you and your dog in our Guide to Meetups & Groups for London dogs.

Price: Free, although some groups ask for a charity donation to attend the meetups,

(19) Downward Dog (With Dogs) at Dog Yoga

Dog Yoga With Doga Mahny London
Photo: Doga Mahny

Do downward dog with a whole class of doggos at Dog Yoga aka Doga. A relaxing sport for both dog and owner, both small and big dogs can take part and although we haven’t tried it yet, we’re told it’s a great experience to strengthen the bond between dog and owner. Find a class at Doga Yoga or Pets Yoga.

Price: Various depending on the class/venue

(20) Tuck into the Treats on the Dog Menu at Wags N Tales

Dogs Love Wags N Tales Surbiton - Dog-friendly Pub Awards 28

Wags N Tales in Surbiton is Belinha’s favourite dog-friendly café around. Why? Quite simply it’s for the treats…puppuccinos, pupcakes and doggy scones are on the doggy menu as well as a warm welcome for both humans and hounds. Read all about it in our Wags N Tales review as well as get some tips of things to do nearby. Definitely a must-do for café loving canines.

Where: 7-9 Brighton Rd, Surbiton KT6 5LX

Price: As per the menu, doggy treats from £1.50

Dog-friendly Things To Do in London – Seasonal Things To Do

Some of London’s fabulous dog-friendly activities you can only do at certain times of the year so make sure to plan these in the doggy diaries…

(21) Take in the splendour of Chelsea in Bloom 

New Pet Lifestyle Brand Love My Human + Chelsea In Bloom 31

For one week every May, the streets of Chelsea transform into a floral paradise full of intricate floral creations thanks to Chelsea in Bloom. It is really is a floral spectacle like no other and it’s free to walk around, admire and of course take advantage of the plethora of photo opportunities on offer. Look out for this year’s theme and dates being announced on the Chelsea in Bloom website.

When: May

Price: Free

(22) Be Pretty in Purple at Dog-friendly Mayfield Lavender Farm

Dog-friendly Mayfield Lavender Farm - 33

One of the sweetest smelling dog-friendly experiences in town is a visit to the Mayfield Lavender Farm in Banstead, on the edge of south-west London/Surrey. A carpet of luscious lavender stretches for miles before you and dogs are just as welcome as every other visitor. Plan your visit with our Dog-friendly Mayfield Lavender Farm review here.

When: June to August

Price: Entrance is £2.50 per person

(23) Enjoy open-air rooftop cinema at the Dog-friendly Rooftop Film Club 

Spectacular Movie Moments at the Dog-friendly Rooftop Film Club 21

A unique dog-friendly cinema experience in London is the Peckham Rooftop Film Club open-air and silent cinema. Open during the warmer months for obvious reasons, this is a must-do on the dog-friendly London to-do-list. Read our review of our visit to the Dog-friendly Rooftop Film Club to get an idea of what to expect.

When: May to October

Price: Rooftop Film Club Tickets from £15.95 per person.

(24) Go boating with you dog on Regents Canal

Dog-friendly Go Boat London Experience Regents Canal 70

Row, row your boat down Regent’s Canal – well, you don’t actually row as the boats are electric but you get the idea. This dog-friendly boating experience from Go Boat London takes you on a tour of London’s canal ways offering a unique experience for both pups and people on board. No licence or experience needed, just a quest for a new adventure. Read our Regent’s Canal Dog-friendly Boating Review here.

When: March to October

Price: From £59 per boat.

(25) Go Paddleboarding with your Pup

Your London Dog Events Agenda for 08-09 September - Dog and Human Paddle Boarding 1

One of the more adventurous experiences we tried has to be dog and human paddleboarding on The Thames. It would have been quite the experience if it were just humans but being able to go paddleboarding with your dog was something else. Despite both human and dog lacking in sporting prowess in our case, we had an absolutely amazing time – read all about our Dog-friendly Paddleboarding Experience here. Other providers of dog and human paddleboarding experiences are Back of Beyond Adventures in Richmond who run group sessions during Summer.

When: Summer

Price: Various depending on who is hosting the session.

(26) Soak up the beach vibes at Fulham Beach Club 

Dog-Friendly Neverland Beach Club - All You Need To Know 24

It may look like it’s in the south of France but it’s actually in Fulham and four-legged friends are most welcome! Previously called Neverland, Fulham Beach Club is a great place to hang out in Summer. Dogs are allowed until 5pm (as after this it becomes more of a party venue) but with’s beach huts, daybeds and decor to die for, it’s a great place to hang out with your pup – read all about it in our review here.

When: May to October

Price: Standard entry is £5 with unreserved seating. Reserving a beach hut or daybed is extra and details can be found on the website.

(27) Take Your Dog Sailing on The Thames 

Dog-friendly Go Boat Kingston Upon Thames 1

After the success of the dog-friendly Go Boat experience on Regent’s Canal, it’s no surprise that Go Boat opened a second dog-friendly sailing experience, this time on The Thames starting from Kingston. The boats are the same but the experience is very different due to being in much more open water. We had a brilliant time on board with four dogs and six humans sailing from Kingston to Hampton Court and back, read all about it here.

When: March to October

Price: From £59 per boat.

(28) Enjoy The View at Skylight London 

Every Day is a Dog Day At Dog-friendly Skylight London

Another urban playground where pups are welcome is Skylight London, in Tobacco Dock, Wapping and this time, it has a superb view! Skylight London transforms between Summer and Winter, with rooftop games and daybeds galore in Summer and London’s only rooftop ice-rink and igloos in Winter. There’s even a special Skylight Dog Day once a year in September with special treats for dogs and owners to enjoy. We definitely recommend a visit in Summer as pups can join in with the games, unlike the ice skating! Read all about our visit to Skylight London here.

When: May to October (Summer) and November to April (Winter)

Price: Free unless you want to book an activity or reserved seating area which you can do on the website.

(29) Take a River Tour of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Dog-friendly Boat Tours London - Lee and Stort 19

Why not see one of London’s great legacies, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park by taking a dog-friendly boat tour down the River Lea. Not only is this a unique way to see the park, but you’ll get a full lowdown on the park’s history too, especially with regards to the Olympics. Read our review of our tour with Lee and Stort Boat Tours here.

When: April to October

Price: Adult tickets £9, dogs go free.

(30) Swim with your Dog at Saltdean Lido

Doggy Fun At The Saltdean Lido Dog Swim

Although the Saltdean Lido Dog Swim is not in London, we simply couldn’t miss including this in our bucket list of dog-friendly things to do. Both for us and for many people and pups who have been, this is one of the top things to do with your dog. About an hour and a half outside London (near Brighton), Saltdean Lido opens it’s doors to dogs for the annual doggy swim at the end of the swimming season. Even if your dog doesn’t like swimming take a friends dog or just go along with a friend to watch as the joy on all the dog’s faces at being let loose in this giant swimming pool is truly something to behold. If you’ve any doubts, here’s our feature on last years Saltdean Lido Dog Swim so you can get the picture. Not surprisingly tickets are snapped up when they go on sale so get your paws on them quick – we will be announcing them on the London Dog Events Calendar,our Facebook Page and our Insta as soon as they do.

When: September

Price: Swimming Tickets – £7.95 dog or human, Spectator Tickets – £3.18

(31) Kick back at a Dog-friendly Festival 

What to Take to a Dog Festival Checklist - Dog at Festvival

Did you know there are dog-friendly festivals you can take your dog to, both in and nearby London? If festivals are your thing, then this is a fun weekend activity for you and your pup. Plus many of the London festivals are free! Check out our handy Guide to Dog-friendly Festivals here.

When: Spring/Summer

Price: Various depending on the Festival.

(32) Show your suppawt at a Dog-friendly Football Game

Dog-friendly Football Teams in London - Pie the French Bulldog

Although Premier League Football games aren’t dog-friendly, many of the Non-league games are. We were recently introduced to dog-friendly football in London and it was a lot of fun. Non-league Dogs is even a ‘thing’, if you don’t believe us check out the Non-league Dogs Insta or Twitter accounts. And if you’re not sure which match to go to, then our Guide to the Top Dog-friendly Football Teams in London put together by guest repawter Pie the Frenchie is on hand to help you decide.

When: August to May

Price: Various depending on the club

(33) Go Pumpkin Picking with your Pup

Dog at Dog-friendly Pumpkin Patch

Nothing says Autumn like pumpkin picking at a Pumpkin Patch and even better when your pup can come too! Dog-friendly Pumpkin Patches aren’t easy to find but there are a few that welcome dogs near London – see our Guide to Dog-friendly Pumpkin Patches for more information.

When: October

Price: Visiting is free, you just pay for the pumpkins you pick.

(34) Feel the Alpine Vibes at Winterland

Come Winter, Fulham’s Beach Club (featured above), transforms into a Winter Alpine Club complete with winter lodges and igloos for an authentic alpine experience. Dogs are welcome to cosy up on the fur-covered sofas with you until 5 pm; read our Winterland Alpine club review here to see what’s in store.

When: November to March

Price: Standard entry is £5 with unreserved seating. Reserving a winter cabin or igloo is extra and details can be found on the website.

(35) Get in the Christmas spirit at one of London’s Dog-friendly Christmas Markets

Dog-friendly Christmas Markets in London - Christmas at Flat Iron Square

It wouldn’t be right to celebrate the festive season without a visit to a Christmas Market, and it definitely wouldn’t be right to leave your dog behind when you do! Fortunately, many of London’s Christmas Markets are dog-friendly so they too can help you celebrate Christmas in style. Our Guide to Dog-friendly Christmas Markets in London will help you decide which markets to visit and when, enjoy!

When: December to January

Price: Free

We hope that’s given you plenty of inspiration for dog-friendly things to do in London!

Let is know in the comments below if you have any favourites on the list or any others you think should be included.

Dog-friendly London Guide - The Best Dog-friendly Things To Do in London

And don’t forget to check out our feature on 42 Free Dog-friendly Things To Do In London for more ideas!



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