Discover Dogs London 2014 at Earls Court

This weekend it was Discover Dogs London 2014  at Earls Court – for those of you who haven’t been, Discover Dogs is THE show for all things Dog in London that takes place every autumn. Breeds of all shapes and sizes (apparently 200 different ones to be precise), descend on Earls Court together with stalls selling every dog product you could possibly need (and plenty more that you probably don’t need but will buy anyway), as well as lots of dog shows and displays for all ages. The show is free for under 12’s so it makes for a value for money, fun and educational day out for those with younger ones.

Dog Puzzles (not only for Dogs) at Discover Dogs 2014
Dog Puzzles (not only for Dogs)

I heard about it last year…yes, you guessed it, on the “dogvine” in the park. So off I went, not quite sure what to expect and was completely blown away by the sheer size of the event, all the fantastic dogs to say hello to and all the cool dog products to choose from, many with show discounts and deals. Of course I emerged several hours later with a very heavy bag and a significantly lighter wallet but all money well spent (well that’s what I keep telling myself anyway).

This year was just as good with plenty of the old faces and some new and it was nice to see some of the dogs from last year. My favourite has to be the Mexican Hairless Dog (or Xoloitzcuintele Dog), not only because it also hails from South America like the Dogvine Crew, although they can’t boast quite the same pedigree, but also because it is one of the oddest but strangely coolest, looking dogs around. There are not many dogs that can pull off a hairless body, huge ears and a Mohawk in style, but believe me, this one did and it grows on you.

Mexican Hairless Dog at Discover Dogs 2014
The (rather cool) Mexican Hairless Dog

I spent some time finding out about the Pyrenean Mountain Dog or rather asking some questions to the owner and the dog in question just lay there, like a rock. Apparently despite their huge size they sleep a lot and need very little exercise, in fact the owner said they’re quite happy with 20 minutes exercise, twice a day. This one was living definitely living up to the hype.

The (rather tired) Pyrenean Mountain Dog at Discover Dogs 2014
The (rather tired) Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Last year my star purchase was most definitely the raised HiK9 dog beds. I purchased one on the Saturday to try out with my crew and after them fighting over who got to be on it that evening, I had to go back to the show to get them one each on Sunday. It’s not the cheapest dog bed around but one that I have been raving about to anyone who mentions they are in the market for a dog bed. Apart from the fact that they are good for joint mobility as dogs get on and off, they allow ventilation from underneath which makes for a less sweaty sleep. The Dogvine crew love them and the house is a lot cleaner and more stylish as a result. The mesh ones (as oppose to the canvas ones) are great for the terrace or garden for dogs that like to sunbathe too. Definitely worth paying the extra for:

HiK9 Dog Beds at Discover Dogs 2014
HiK9 Raised Dog Beds

This year, my star purchase was a lot cheaper thank goodness, but just as cool. The Leanlix dog treats, essentially a lollipop for dogs, this ticked so many boxes for me…easy and accessible to carry on walks – tick, it hangs around your neck, healthy for dogs with diet issues – tick, zero fat and gluten free and value for money – tick, just over £10 buys you 5,000 licks apparently. When we got home I offered it to the Dogvine Crew and after several attempts to try and eat the whole thing in one ago, they cottoned on to just licking it. I now only have to show it to them and bums hit the ground in anticipation. It’s been on several dog walks already and received several “oh that’s cool” comments from other dog owners:

Leanlix Dog Treats at Discover Dogs 2014
The benefits of Leanlix (lots of them)

Sadly, this was the last year that Discover Dogs will be at Earls Court and next year Discover Dogs London 2015 will moving to the ExCel Exhibition Centre on the 17th and 18th of October 2015. Oh well, I suppose it’s only fair that the other side of London gets a turn.


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