Bella & Tallula: Two Adorable Blind Dogs Looking For Love

Here at The Dogvine we are big rescue advocates (and of course all the members of The Dogvine four-legged crew are rescues themselves), so when The Mayhew Animal Home got in touch to tell us about two special girls looking for their forever home, of course we wanted to help share their story.

Tallula & Bella are two adorable blind dogs who are would love to find their forever families. Tallula is a confident 9-year-old Shih Tzu and Bella a beautiful 8-year-old Cockerpoo who have both been waiting patiently since March for their special someone to come and fall in love with them. After watching The Mayhew’s video about Tallula and Bella, we certainly couldn’t help but fall in love with these beautiful girls and we’re confident you won’t be able to resist them either…

Meet Tallula

Photo Credit: Fernando Bonenfant

Tallua has had to overcome several battles in her life but this little girl never gives up and her spirit shines through. Tallula was born a healthy dog but at two years old she developed infections in both her eyes which developed into severe ulcers. Despite Tallula’s family getting immediate veterinary help, they had to make the difficult decision to remove both her eyes to save a lot of pain and discomfort. For many dogs, this would have been a huge hurdle to overcome but Tallula hasn’t let this get in her way at all.

Unfortunately, there was more bad news to come as when Tallula was about eight years old, her family decided to rehome her with friends. After seven months, her new family added a puppy to their household and although they had good intentions, decided they couldn’t cope with both dogs as Tallula sometimes had toilet accidents at night so they were worried they wouldn’t be able to train the puppy. Once again, little Tallula was put up for adoption, this time with The Mayhew and is now looking for her third (and hopefully last home). Will this be third time lucky for Tallula?

3  Reasons to Adopt Tallula…
1. She may be blind but  Tallula is quite the talker; chat to her and she will happily chat right back…haven’t you always wanted a dog that could talk?
Tallula tennis ball
2.  She’s full of character and loves nothing more than to play with her toys. Apparently she snores like a trooper too (go Tallula!)
Photo Credit: Bonnie Baker
3.  The staff at The Mayhew have fallen in love with Tallula and we can see why…she has a lot of love to give back, she just needs to find her special someone.

Meet Bella

Bella 2

Bella is a sweet affectionate little girl hailing all the way from Long Beach, California. Earlier this year she became blind and although her owner took her to two different vets to try to understand why, they each gave a different diagnosis. But little Bella didn’t let her blindness hold her back and never let it stop her from doing anything normal dogs do.

However blindness was not going to be the only hurdle Bella had to overcome as her owner made the decision to move from Long Beach to London. Despite her best efforts, Bella’s owner was unable to find dog-friendly accommodation so took the difficult decision to put Bella up for adoption with The Mayhew. When she arrived at The Mayhew, the vets gave Bella a full check-up and were able to give a more definite diagnosis on her condition.

3 Reasons to Adopt Bella…
1.   She’s a good-looking California girl who has come call the way to Blighty just to find YOU!
Bella 4
2.  Bella is super sociable and get’s on with everybody (cats included) so would make the perfect family pet.

Bella 3

3.  Fortunately, her condition (progressive degeneration of the retinas) doesn’t cause her any pain or need any medical treatment

 What’s It Like Adopting A Blind Dog?

You may be wondering what it’s like to adopt a blind dog…The Mayhew’s Dog Adoption Officer, Lisa Guiney who has seen many dogs adopted into their forever homes, gives some great advice:

“Blind dogs can absolutely live happy and fulfilling lives, and they can still do all the other things that dogs with vision can do, including playing with toys, going for off-the-lead walks and managing staircases. With blind dogs their other senses tend to become heightened as they will start to rely on their hearing and scent more.”

“To help a blind dog settle in to a new home it’s important to remember not to move furniture around as the dog will learn the room layouts, and not to leave clutter on the floors which they could walk into. You should keep their bed, food and water bowls in the same place so the dog knows where to find them, and make sure people don’t approach the dog suddenly as this will startle them.

How Can You Help?

If you’re interested in adopting either Tallula or Bella then please visit or call 020 8962 8000.

If you’re not able to adopt a dog at the moment, please do whatever you can to share Tallula’s and Bella’s stories. Let’s find these beautiful girls new homes…the more publicity we can get for these adorable blind dogs, the more chance they have of finding the humans they are destined for!

Paws crossed this happens soon. #AdoptDontShop

Photo Credits: The Mayhew Animal Home unless otherwise stated

More about The Mayhew…

The Mayhew Animal Home - Two Blind Dogs Looking For Love

London’s The Mayhew Animal Home, established in 1886 rescues thousands of cats and dogs from a life of cruelty and neglect.

The Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officers rescue neglected, abused and abandoned animals and work with communities to prevent issues arising in the first place. They also deliver a range of educational projects to tackle irresponsible ownership and provide support to pet owners in difficulty. The Mayhew also has a vet clinic on site which offers affordable preventative veterinary treatments, including neutering, microchipping, vaccinations and dental care.



  1. 8th June 2016 / 5:23 pm

    Well done for highlighting these beautiful dogs Tallula and Bella. I hope with all my heart they go to forever, loving homes real soon. They are awesome and deserve all the love in the world. Where would these animals be without the caring, dedicated people who put in so much time, effort, skill, dedication, care and love to mention just a few assets. Hats off to you.

    It’s at times like this I’d like a house instead of a flat. Yet, I am very grateful for my two dogs Dottie & Ollie and the loving space we share with each other.

    Keep me posted xx

    • 8th June 2016 / 5:57 pm

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment Colleen! We hope loving homes for Tallula and Bella are not far away …they are so adorable and Tallula’s talking is hilarious. Dottie & Ollie are very lucky to have you xxx

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