Dog Save The Queen: 9 Products For The Patriotic Pooch

To celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday and inspired by our good friend HRH Sage who made us come over all ‘paw-triotic’ with her hilarious ‘Woofing the Colour’ pic, we decided to round up some of our favourite ‘Best of British’ pup products that are perfect for your patriotic pooch. Enjoy…

Sage - Patriotic Pooch
HRH Sage…Woofing The Colour | Photo Credit: Sage’s Page

1. This fabulous ‘Best of British’ Gourmet Pet Hamper from The Artisan Pet Deli is a favourite of ours and we have been lusting after one of these for a while now. It contains a delicious selection of artisanal treats all made by independent UK food producers and two delightful ‘British’ themed soft toys. As if that wasn’t enough, the hamper makes a good toy box once empty too!  £45 from The Artisan Pet Deli

The Artisan Pet Deli Best of British Hamper - Patriotic Pooch

2. Make sure your patriotic pooch is showing off his sense of style with the Mutts & Hounds Union Jack Soft Linen Harness, a perfect addition to this summer’s pawdrobe. £24.85 from Mutts & Hounds


Mutts & Hounds Union Jack Linen Dog Harness - Patriotic Pooch

3. The First Class Luxury Dog Bed from Spotted Hound is the perfect place for your patriotic pooch to put their paws up after a busy day of social engagements. Also available in charcoal and with extra covers for when the human servants need to do the chores. Comes in four sizes (made to order). From £35 at Spotted Hound

Spotted Hound First Class Luxury Dog Bed - Patriotic Pooch

4. This gorgeous Barks and Bijoux Crown Bandana from Spoilt Little Puppy is adorned with fancy vintage crowns and is definitely fit for any pampered princess pooch. From £9.99 at Spoilt Little Puppy

Spoilt Little Puppy Crown Bandana - Patriotic Pooch

5. To complete the Princess look, showcase your pups royal style with the Princess Dog Tag from hashtagdogtag. You can even customise the tag to have whatever regal hashtag and charm suits your pups pawsonality. #fitforaqueen from £13.50 at hashtagdogtag

Hashtagdogtag Princess Tag - Patriotic Pooch

6. If your patriotic pooch is more of a ‘Fly the Flag Fido’, then this selection of Union Jack, Corgi and London themed Bow-ties & Bandanas from Smart Dogs Boutique will be right up his street. Pop over to Smart Dogs Boutique for individual prices.

Smart Dog Boutique - Patriotic Pooch

7. For the true patriotic pooch, playtime should also be Brit themed. We love this Union Jack Plush Squeaky Bone Toy from one of London’s much-loved shops, Bow Wow London. We’re pretty sure your dog will too. £7.50 from Bow Wow London.

Bow Wow London Union Jack Bone - Patriotic Pooch

8. And we shouldn’t forget that the patriotic pooch should dine in style! To celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday Cuffleberry & Co have created a limited edition porcelain bowl featuring the distinctive silhouette of the Royal Corgi. Only 90 of these limited edition bowls have been made, with all profits from sales going to the deserving folks over at London Rescue & Rehoming Charity, All Dogs Matter. Of course, 4 have been set aside already for the Queen’s dogs Candy, Vulcan, Willow and Holly. Get yours for £48 from All Dogs Matter.

Cuffleberry Limited Edition All Dogs Matter Dog Bowl - Patriotic Pooch

9. Finally, for the patriotic pooch about town, the essential everyday accessory is the Pet London Brit Bandana Dog Collar from John Lewis – a two in one collar and bandana complete with Pet London signature bone charm. £15 from John Lewis


Pet London Brit Bandana and Collar - Patriotic Pooch

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