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City Paws Club

City Paws Club

City Paws Club is the UK’s first dedicated outward bound centre for dogs. This means your dog will engage in a number of activities, from dog walks, pack runs, paddle boarding, bike trails, swimming, tracking, agility, training & lots of fun thrown in for good measure.

Born from the love of dogs and the great outdoors, the City Paws Club is dedicated to giving your four legged friend the chance to enjoy a dog’s life in the city. Our mission is to take the Urban dog back to his roots just as nature intended. This means all day adventures in a safe location, close to London surrounded by other like minded dogs and human pack leaders offering guidance throughout each doggy-day-away. Young or old, slow or speedy, we can cater for any of your dogs needs.

We host a number of events to get you and your dog outdoors with other City Paws Club members and have a shop with grooming facilities including a self-wash option.

42 Lower Richmond Road
London SW151JP
020 7164 6126
No restrictions
Water Bowl, Doggie Treats, Poop Bags