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A Dogs Day Out At Camber Sands

Who doesn’t like to be beside the seaside? Living in London, we’re spoilt for choice on parks and even lakes where you can take your four-legged friend but sandy beaches that stretch for miles and miles aren’t exactly on the weekend walk menu.

Camber Sands 13

Well, if you and your pooch long to feel the sand beneath your paws you actually don’t have to travel too far – within 1-2 hours of London there are several dog-friendly beaches that make for the pawfect dogs day out. The Dogvine decided to head to East Sussex to see what Camber Sands had to offer for dogs and we weren’t disappointed…

A Dog’s Day Out – Why Camber Sands?

Well have you seen the pictures? I mean seriously…over miles and miles of sand and sea that dogs are allowed on was enough to convince me. Then there are the sand dunes…apparently these are so fabulous that they regular double as deserts in movies e.g. as the Sahara in Carry On Follow That Camel (nope haven’t seen it either).

Camber Sands 11Camber Sands 3

Camber Sands 4

It also had to be less than 2 hours from South-West London to make it easy to get there and back in a day (driving that is) and it was.  Before you go, make sure to check the weather and tide times which you can do at the handy Beach Guide website.

Where Are Dogs Allowed On Camber Sands Beach?

Camber Sands Beach is open year round to dogs but during May to September they are restricted from one part of it. Rother District Council show on their website where dogs are  / aren’t allowed but don’t worry you won’t miss which part you’re allowed on.

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What Did Ned From All Dogs Matter Think Of Butternut Box?

Butternut Box is a brand we’ve had our eye on for a while (since we first spotted them at the National Pet Show last year actually) as they are clearly trying to do something very different in the world of dog food and are keen rescue supporters too  – they donate a meal to a rescue dog in need for every new customer that signs up amongst other ways they support dogs in need.

Ned - Butternut Box 8


So when Butternut Box co-founder Kevin got in touch to see if we would like to do a Butternut Box review we were definitely interested. Whilst chatting to Kevin, he told me that a rescue dog – Ned from London Rescue and Rehoming Charity All Dogs Matter was going to be trialing Butternut Box we thought it would be even better to feature Ned’s journey (and help spread the rescue dogs rock message a bit more) rather than review the food ourselves. So not only did we follow along on Ned’s journey, but myself and Belinha met up with Ned and his foster humans Rowena and Amos to visit the Butternut Box kitchens. Read on to find out how Ned (and we) got on…

Belinha - Butternut Box 7


Firstly What Is Butternut Box?

Butternut Box is aiming to change the way we feed out dogs. Butternut Box is fresh (yes fresh) human grade,  grain free food made from either 60% chicken, Turkey, Beef or Lamb and packed with nutritional ingredients such as Lentils, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Spinach that is delivered to your door. You know the saying ‘you are what you eat’? Well, for Butternut Box this doesn’t just apply to humans but our four-legged friends too. The Butternut Box menu has been developed alongside vet nutritionists to make sure your dog has everything they need and research has shown that dogs eating a natural, home cooked diet can live up to 32 months longer than those who were fed industrial canned products. Where do we sign up?! There is an eye-opening comparison against wet and dry food on the Butternut Box website as well as a breakdown of ingredients that is well worth a read.

Butternut Box 23

So Who is Ned?

Ned is an absolute sweetheart of a rescue dog who was sadly found abandoned in North London on West Green Road on 2nd April this year. He had no microchip, no tag and no collar so was taken to All Dogs Matter who set about finding Ned the pawfect home. Whilst Ned was waiting he was fostered by Rowena from All Dogs Matter and her partner Amos from Mr B’s Proper Walks. Rowena and Amos think Ned is a German Shepherd Cross…possibly with crossed with an Estrela Portuguese Mountain Dog (how exotic).

Butternut Box 5

Amos & Ned

We caught up with Rowena and Amos to find out a bit more about Ned and his Butternut Box journey…

How was Ned’s general condition when he arrived at All Dogs Matter?

When he first arrived in our care, he was underweight and smelly. His coat was in poor condition, he had bad teeth, bad breath and once he was neutered, he also got a bad infection (Oh no poor Ned). Luckily he came to us on foster at the end of April right after this infection was discovered so we could take extra special care of him.

Why did you decide to try Ned on Butternut Box?

Butternut Box kindly sponsored Bring Your Dog To Work Day this year and then wanted to get more involved and support the charity so they got in touch.  They offered us a two-week trial for our own dog Nordle but we thought it might be a fun idea to trial it with a foster dog so we could record their journey and make a bit of a feature out of it!

Butternut Box 9

Ned is in favour of that…

What was Ned eating before you started him on Butternut Box?

He was initially a bit of a fussy eater so we had to have him on dry and wet food.

How long has Ned been eating Butternut Box and what changes did you notice over this period?

Ned has been on Butternut Box for at least 5 weeks now!  When we first brought him home, he also had a very bad post-neutering infection which was horrible for him. However putting him on the Butternut Box did nothing but good things for him, he did not get an upset stomach and he was obviously a big fan from the start!

Here’s what else we noticed…

His weight has been a bit up and down since he arrived all those months ago. The sudden heat waves definitely had an effect and he did get a bad stomach around the 2-3 week mark which meant very little food, if not no food for a day or two. He also had to have some dental work recently which meant he only managed smaller meals. But he is back to his normal self now and he’s back to hoovering down his normal meals!

Week 1-2Week 2-3Week 3-4Week 4-5

Ned’s coat was greasy and coarse when he first arrived, he also had very dry skin and some ‘hot spots’. We also found a few scabs on his head and ears where it looked like he had been bitten by another dog, these took a few weeks to heal up properly but there’s not even a hint of them now!  His coat has become more shiny and smooth as opposed to wiry feeling. He seems to be much less itchy too.


His breath has improved a great amount, so much so that we barely notice it now!

Energy Levels

He has always been quite energetic, although when he first arrived we were worried about his legs not being great… then he jumped over a 6ft garden fence and we realised, he’s probably ok! He might not look it, but he’s got a lot of energy for an older dog and he loves long walks and being out and about. However when he gets home and spots the Orvis bed… it’s snoring time!

Butternut Box 6

What do you mean for an ‘older dog’?!

The Poo Factor

Ned’s stomach has been pretty much perfect on the Butternut Box food, it’s helped keep him consistent (bar the few unfortunate times he got diarrhoea… which was unrelated to Butternut Box)

Which Butternut Box flavour was Ned’s favourite?

Lamb but he’s been lucky enough to enjoy all the different flavours! We were so excited that he loved this food so much, after being a bit picky when he first arrived. The difference in meal times is hilarious, the Butternut Box almost causes a riot at our house!

Butternut Box 3

As Ned’s foster humans what did you like about Butternut Box?

It is really quick and easy to prepare. It is well packaged and easy to store. The dogs response has just been amazing to it and it’s so good to know that they are getting everything they need.

Butternut Box 10

Was there anything you think could be improved by Butternut Box?  

No! We are just excited to see more from Butternut Box! We are so impressed with Butternut Box and have decided that our dog Nordle should join the Butternut Box family too. We are paying slightly more than we would normally but we are happy to do this considering the quality of the food and the service you receive. Ingredients are nearly all organic, which is great.

Butternut Box 13

It’s a paws up from me too!

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Winston and Porter Dog Supplements – Do They Work?

​As your dog gets older, we all know you need to start thinking about their dietary needs differently. First comes the senior food then it’s time to start thinking about supplements too. As Belinha is now a ‘senior lady’, I’ve noticed that she’s slowing down a bit and can get a bit stiff. Moleque is not far behind at 8 which apparently is considered ‘senior’ although he doesn’t act it. So when Devin from dog nutrition brand Winston and Porter got in touch to tell us about their Nourish + C range of Winston and Porter Dog Supplements I was intrigued to learn more.

Winston and Porter Dog Supplements 00007

What Are Nourish + C Winston and Porter Dog Supplements?

Nourish + C and Nourish + C Max Strength Pain Free are ‘All in One Multi Vitamin and Mineral’ dog supplements in the form of a powder which when you add water turns into porridge for dogs! Winston and Porter developed it after many years of working in the equine nutraceutical industry to help their ageing collie Charlie with his arthritis. Their ethos is all about feeding your dog an exceptionally healthy diet and that doesn’t have to be expensive. By feeding a healthy diet, owners can ensure they are doing their best to avoid diseases such as diabetes, cancers and the resulting emotional heartache for dog and owner.

There are many supplements on the market but these usually come in tablet form. The great thing with the Winston and Porter Dog Supplements is that you can add them to your dog’s food (with or without water) or you can give it to your dog separately as a tasty snack. We tried both so read on to see how we got on.

Winston and Porter Dog Supplements 00011

Without water

Winston and Porter Dog Supplements 00012

With water

The main benefits of these supplements are better well-being, improved stamina and increased joint mobility but your dog can also look forward to a shiny glossy coat and superb skin condition…we like the sound of all that! The Nourish + C Max Strength Pain Free has all the benefits of Nourish + C but in addition helps build healthy cartilage, ligaments and tendons as well as soothing aching joints.

The Key Ingredients In Nourish + C Max Strength Pain Free

The key additional ingredients in Nourish + C Max Strength Pain Free are MSM, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid and the anti-inflammatory enzyme Serrapeptese. You may also find these in other well-known supplements on the market but if you do the comparison (and we did), you will see that in the Nourish + C Max Strength these are in much higher doses. Also, as they are all present together, they form a molecular binding agent and stay in the body for longer meaning your dog benefits for longer! Both supplements also contain Chia Seeds and plenty of Omega 3 and 6. Just like in humans these are essential sources of healthy fats that your dog might not be getting much of elsewhere. Finally, the supplements are Gluten and Wheat Free and all the ingredients are human grade.

What Did We Think Of Winston and Porter Dog Supplements?

For our trial, Belinha was trying the Nourish + C Max Strength Pain Free and Moleque the Nourish + C All in One Multi Vitamin and Mineral supplements.  Their supplements arrived with their own personal name tags on which was a lovely touch.

Winston and Porter Dog Supplements 00013

The first time Belinha and Moleque tried it, I made it as a porridge on it’s own. I could tell they were a bit surprised about the texture, especially Moleque who can be a fussy eater. However the next day I wanted to get some pictures of the supplements and when I turned my back for a minute, I found them both helping themselves, directly from the tub…clearly they liked it!

Winston and Porter Dog Supplements 00001

Moleque helps himself…

I tried it both as a standalone porridge and also mixed in with their food and both work just as well as the other. Moleque who has a sensitive stomach preferred it on it’s own whilst Belinha who believes food should be eaten as soon as possible however it comes, didn’t mind either way!

Personally, I preferred to give it as a standalone snack as both Belinha & Moleque often come pleading for treats between meals so this way they get what they want and it’s healthy. I even tried adding fruit! Also the supplements contain Chia seeds, which helps the dogs feel fuller between meals and even better, studies have shown they have anti-carcinogenic properties too!

Winston and Porter Dog Supplements 00018 Read More

What’s On | The June 2017 Events Agenda For London Dogs

Temperatures are rising and the London Dog Event Calendar is hotting up too! This month sees plenty more pawsome events lined up for the city’s canines as well as the return of some much-loved favourites.  From dog shows to dog river running there’s something for urban pups to outdoor pups in this month’s round-up.  Find out what’s on in our June 2017 Events Agenda For London Dogs…

June 2017 Events Agenda For London Dogs

Dog Factor – Sunday June 4th 2017

4jun2:30 pm- 5:00 pmDog Factor 20172:30 pm - 5:00 pm Finsbury ParkEvent Organized By: All Dogs Matter

Dog Factor 2017 PosterThe June Dog Show fun kicks off on Sunday June 4th with Dog Factor, an annual event from London Rescue and Rehoming Charity All Dogs Matter at Finsbury Park. With 9 categories to take part in and prizes to be won from Natural Instinct, Hownd, Leucillin and Kong Company to name a few, the chances of being a prize-winning pup are high! So what are you waiting for…put your best paw forwards London dogs!

HGS Residents Fun Dog Show –  Sunday 11th June 2017

11jun12:30 pm- 3:30 pmHGS Residents Fun Dog Show12:30 pm - 3:30 pm All Dogs MatterEvent Organized By: All Dogs Matter

HGS Residents Summer Dog ShowAnother weekend, another dog show…next up is the Hampstead Garden Suburb Residents Dog Show also organised by All Dogs Matter. The dog show is part of the Hampstead Garden Suburb Summer Fun Day on Central Square NW11 (next to St Judes Church) so why not get a head start on National Picnic Week and bring a picnic to make a day of it!

Waggy Wimbledon Dog Show –  Saturday 17th June 2017

17jun10:30 am- 5:00 pmWaggy Wimbledon Dog Show10:30 am - 5:00 pm Wimbledon CommonEvent Organized By: Wimbledon Guild Village Fair

Waggy Wimbledon Fun Dog ShowDo you think your pooch could have the waggiest tail in Wimbledon? If so then the Waggy Wimbledon dog show could be yours for the taking! Held as part of the Wimbledon Guild Village Fair (the largest free outdoor event in South London apparently), the Waggy Wimbledon dog show has some interesting dog show categories in their line-up…Egg and Spoon or Relay Race anyone?! To make sure your pup is in with a chance, pre-register here.

Bring Your Dog To Work Day  – Friday June 23rd 2017

23junAll DayBring Your Dog to Work Day 2017(All Day: friday) Your Office!Event Organized By: Hownd

Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2017Bring Your Dog To Work Day is back and for those of us who don’t work in a dog-friendly office this is probably the best day of the working year! Organised by HOWND, the nationwide event on June 23rd will be raising money for two deserving Animal Welfare Charities All Dogs Matter  and Animals Asia. So it’s definitely time to give your dog a job and (for a small donation) get them featured in the Bring Your Dog To Work Day Hall of Fame. This year, dogs with a job also have a chance to star in the official Bring Your Dog To Work Day movie…all you need to do is download the ‘Seenit Capture’ app for free and join the project called BYD2017. You can then upload a video of your dog at work which will be used in the official event movie, how cool is that!

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Our Dog And Human Paddle Boarding Experience On The Thames

When we recently heard about dog and human paddle boarding on the Thames hosted by City Paws Club (the UK’s first dedicated outward bound centre for dogs), we were simultaneously super excited and extremely nervous at the thought of giving it a go! Let’s just say we’re not the most likely participants that come to mind seeing as neither human nor hound are that athletic. Not letting a minor detail like that (nor that fact that we’re not the best swimmers) get in our way, we signed up.

Dog and Human Paddle Boarding 00009

In terms of things to do with your dog, dog and human paddle boarding has to be at the top of the ‘different’ category and definitely ticks the box for a unique experience. Honestly we had no idea what to expect but imagining things going well, saw us serenely and effortlessly gliding down the Thames!

Dog and Human Paddle Boarding 00005

Belinha…ready for our paddle board adventure!

After making sure we had some of the logistics covered – both dog and human life jackets are provided (phew), we were very much looking forward to giving it a go. On the big day, we met eleven other humans and their hounds at Active 360 under the Kew Bridge Arches for a kitting out and briefing. I was pleased to hear that several of the experienced Active 360 instructors would be joining us and well as pack leader Matt from City Paws Club. At least there would be someone not too far off to help fish us out if we fell in!

Dog and Human Paddle Boarding 00013

Dog and Human Paddle Boarding 00006

The dogs seem to be paying attention to the briefing by pack leader Matt!

Dog and Human Paddle Boarding 00010

Given that dog and human paddle boarding was a new experience for the dogs, it was important to get them used to the boards on dry land first. With the help of some treats helpfully provided by Matt, we enticed the dogs onto the boards and encouraged them to sit and lie down to get comfortable. Somehow I managed to end up with two dogs on mine…Belinha and little Alfie. Fine on dry land just not on the river Alfie!

Dog and Human Paddle Boarding 00024

Image: Natasha Balletta Photography

Dog and Human Paddle Boarding 00008

Then we were off…after a few rocky steering moments we managed to get going in the same direction as everyone else which was a good start! It’s best to start in a kneeling position which is much easier than standing up. It’s also good for dogs who are a little unsure (as was Belinha) as they can stay close to you for reassurance.Dog and Human Paddle Boarding 00007

Dog and Human Paddle Boarding 00025

Image: Natasha Balletta Photography

Some of the other dogs like Frank the wire-haired Vizsla needed no reassurance whatsoever and seemed to think this was dog and human swimming instead!

Dog and Human Paddle Boarding 00015

Frank | Image: City Paws Club

Once you get some confidence you can progress to standing up (it is called stand-up paddle boarding after all). Sam the instructor helpfully held Belinha on his board whilst I gave this a go and oh my….does this give you a leg workout or what! Weirdly, your legs start to shake uncontrollably (apparently happens to most people first time) which doesn’t bode well for not capsizing. Surprisingly however, I didn’t capsize (don’t worry that moment comes later).

Dog and Human Paddle Boarding 00017

Belinha & Sam | Image: City Paws Club

We glided (yes, there were moments when my vision of serenely gliding down the Thames became a reality) from Kew Bridge to Chiswick Bridge and were even able to catch some of the moments on video (as seen from Belinha’s point of view)…

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9 Of The Best Alternative Great Hampstead Bark Off Awards 2017

Last weekend, Hampstead Heath was taken over by London’s humans and hounds for the annual Great Hampstead Bark Off, raising much-needed funds for London Rescue & Rehoming Charity, All Dogs Matter.

FB The Great Hampstead Bark Off (1)

Each year this event gets bigger and better and this year didn’t disappoint. The dog show categories of Best Pup, Golden Oldies, Best Rescue, Best Child Handler and Mr & Miss Heath were all packed with pups and owners hoping their pooch would wow the judges and be the star of the show.

Celebrity judges Alan CarrMarc AbrahamAnneka SvenskaMichelle Collins, Plum Pudding (holding the torch for Lucy The Rescue Cavalier), James WhalePeter Egan and Kevin O’Sullivan certainly had their work cut out choosing the winners with so many gorgeous pups…we most definitely did not envy being in their shoes!

The Great Hampstead Bark Off 2017 Judges_0965

Anneka Svenska with Golden Oldies Winner Pippa and Nina

The Great Hampstead Bark Off 2017 Judges_0571 1

Alan Carr with the Cutest Pup Winners

The Great Hampstead Bark Off 2017 Judges_0559 1

Alan Car, Marc Abraham and Michelle Collins with two young winners

The Great Hampstead Bark Off 2017 Judges_0385

Alan Carr with the K-9 Angels

The Great Hampstead Bark Off 2017 Judges_0221

Judges Peter Egan, James Whale and Anneka Svenska

As well as the judges’ choices for winners (with the true caveat from judge Peter Egan that every dog is a winner), we couldn’t help but fall in love with some of the pups who were there to show their suppawt. So following on from our Alternative Bark Off Awards last year, here are our nominees for The Dogvine Best Alternative Great Hampstead Bark Off Awards 2017….

1. Best Dressed Dog

These dogs certainly came dressed to impress and were winning with both style and elegance.

Best Dressed - Great Hampstead Bark Off 2017

2. Best Human & Hound Bond

It was clear that the bond between these humans & hounds is truly special and we were lucky enough to be able to share in some of their special moments during the day…

Best Human & Hound Bond 2 - Great Hampstead Bark Off 2017

Best Human & Hound Bond 3 - Great Hampstead Bark Off 2017

Best Human & Hound Bond 1 - Great Hampstead Bark Off 2017

3. Most Engaging Eyes

‘Eyes are the window to the soul’ and that’s certainly true in the case of these pups…

Most Engaging Eyes - Great Hampstead Bark Off 2017

4. Best Name

Some people clearly like to choose unique names for their dogs. Meet Halloumi (left), Beyonce (top right) and Plum Pudding (bottom left). Probably not on The Kennel Club most popular dog names list but absolute winners for us.

Best Name - Great Hampstead Bark Off 2017

5. Most Colour Co-ordinated Human & Hound

This glamorous pair is definitely winning at #twinning. We’re loving the South American vibe too!

Great Hampstead Bark Off 2017 Most Colour Co-ordinated Read More

Our London Dog Photo Shoot with Emma O’Brien

It’s official, I most definitely ‘have a thing with walls’ – did you know there’s even an Instagram account @woofandwalls dedicated to dogs and colourful walls which is just my idea of insta heaven! So when I was contacted by award-winning Photographer Emma O’Brien who spends her time between South Africa and the UK to ask if I would like to bring Belinha along for an ‘urban’ London dog photo shoot, images of photos with gorgeous graffiti backdrops flashed before me and the answer was a resounding YES!

Belinha London Dog Photo Shoot with Emma OBrien_0138

Read on to see how we got on and be warned…this is a colourful post!

Belinha London Dog Photo Shoot with Emma OBrien_0146

We met Emma at the Leake Street Tunnel, Waterloo. For me, this most definitely ticks the box for an urban dog photo shoot (and for graffiti) – it’s an amazing space with ever changing art and for a photographer I can imagine simultaneously both inspiring and challenging due to the lighting. Fortunately, it wasn’t me behind the camera so I was able to stand back and let Emma work her magic.

Belinha London Dog Photo Shoot with Emma OBrien_0060

Belinha London Dog Photo Shoot with Emma OBrien_0089

Belinha London Dog Photo Shoot with Emma OBrien_0073

Belinha London Dog Photo Shoot with Emma OBrien_0048

Belinha as always was a superstar (not that I’m biased) and Emma was able to capture Belinha’s personality in some amazing photos that I will treasure forever.

Belinha London Dog Photo Shoot with Emma OBrien_0154 Read More

What’s On | The May 2017 Events Agenda For London Dogs

Oh my dog! Aside from being one of our favourite months of the year, May has a pawsome line-up of events for the city’s canines in store. And as if planning your own social life isn’t hard work let alone your dogs, here’s our pick of the pack to make planning your dog’s social life that bit easier.

From pooch parties to dog & human paddle boarding, there’s enough to keep us London dogs busy this month! Find out what’s on in our May 2017 Events Agenda For London Dogs…

FB May 2017 Events Agenda For London Dogs

Orvis Dog Club Launch Party – Wednesday 10th May 2017

10may6:00 pm- 8:00 pmOrvis Dog Club Launch Party6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Orvis LondonEvent Organized By: Orvis UK

Orvis Dog Club Launch Party

London dogs get their own party invite this month, courtesy of  luxury dog brand Orvis who are celebrating the launch of the Orvis Dog Club on May 10th at their flagship Regents Street Store. Hounds & Humans are invited to come along for a pawsome party, bringing together much-loved dog brands and canine experts. There will be treat and feed brands, pet photographers and dog care specialists on hand to keep the pups entertained. Free to attend, please confirm your pup’s RSVP (and yours), either via the Orvis London store or email

Dog & Human Paddle Boarding – Sat 13th & Sun 14th May 2017

13may11:00 am- 2:30 pmDog & Human Paddle Board Event11:00 am - 2:30 pm Active 360Event Organized By: City Paws Club

This is one event we cannot wait for this month….the chance to take to the Thames on a paddle board with your pup, how cool is that! The event hosted by outdoor experts City Paws Club will take 12 lucky dog & human duos for a 2 hour paddle board each day from Kew. If you or your pups aren’t the best swimmers (like us), life jackets are of course provided with special Ruffwear dog life jackets available too. Cost: £55 per dog & human duo – to book email or call Matt on 07869461304.

Richmond May Fair Dog Show – Saturday 13th May 2017

13may2:00 pm- 4:00 pmRichmond May Fair Dog Show 20172:00 pm - 4:00 pm Little Richmond GreenEvent Organized By: The Vet on Richmond Hill

The Richmond May Fair is a longstanding London tradition (it’s back for the 48th year) complete with traditional Maypole dancing and of course….the Richmond May Fair Dog Show hosted by none other than TV heart-throb: The Vet On The Hill, Dr Scott Miller. There are ten canine categories to choose from so put your best paw forwards pups and head on down to South West London on 13th May to impress the judges.

The Great Hampstead Bark Off –  Sunday 14th May 2017

14may11:00 am- 4:00 pmGreat Hampstead Bark Off 201711:00 am - 4:00 pm Hampstead HeathEvent Organized By: All Dogs Matter

Great Hampstead Bark Off 2017

To round off this mid-May weekend, London Rescue & Rehoming Charity All Dogs Matter will be holding their much-loved annual Great Hampstead Bark Off on Hampstead Heath on Sunday 14th May. This is the event where both humans and hounds have the chance to impress with the Cake ‘Bark-Off’ (doggy themed) and the popular Dog Show, all to be judged by a panel of celebrity judges. Make sure you get your registrations in early for this one London Dogs as places sell out and the competition is tough! To see what’s in store, have a read of our blog post on last year’s event.

Goat Dogs Trust Party – Wednesday 17th May 2017

17may6:30 pm- 9:00 pmGoat Dogs Trust Dog Party 20176:30 pm - 9:00 pm Goat ChelseaEvent Organized By: Goat Chelsea


Chelsea’s dog-friendly The Goat restaurant, will be holding their annual pooch party in aid of The Dogs Trust on Wednesday 17th May. Owners will be greeted with a canine-themed cocktail and dogs with treats from Lily’s Kitchen. There will also be the chance for your pup to be crowned ‘Top Dog’, as well as a raffle and lucky dip to be entered with some fab prizes to be won. Tickets are £20 with 50% of all ticket sales going directly to the charity. RSVP your dog with #DTGOAT on Instagram.
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SCI-FIDO | The Geeky Event Not To Be Missed For London Dogs This Month

So even though you may not necessarily be a big Sci-Fi fan, when SCI-FIDO – The World’s Only Cosplay for Dogs comes to town and London is taken over by Doggy Darth Vaders and Princess Leia’s, how can you not become a little bit of a sci-fi geek…just for one day?

Sci-Fido dogstar-scifilondon-20130505-8615

The very aptly named SCI-FIDO will be taking place at 11.00am on Saturday 29th April, at Juju’s Bar, The Old Truman Brewery and will be supporting a great cause – London Rescue & Rehoming Charity All Dogs Matter.  SCI-FIDO is part of the annual SCI-FI London Film Festival which runs from 27th April until 6th May 2017 with an astronomical programme of film, live music, immersive experiences and more…including a whopping 6 World and 13 UK film premieres!

Sci-Fido dogevent

Paws down, the best part of the festival has to be the cult cosplay for dogs! In-character canines will have the chance to walk their own red carpet in the annual dog show hosted by Bunny Galore and will be photographed by the fabulous Dogstar Photo who have teamed up with Doug’s Dogs to support the event. The best-dressed pup will win a bag of canine goodies courtesy of Hounds of Bow, a framed print of their photo and most importantly, earn a well deserved place in the canine cosplay hall of fame!

Sci-Fido dogstar-scifilondon-20130505-8492

You’d be barking mad to miss SCI-FIDO purely for the entertainment factor alone and if you happen to be a dog-loving sci-fi aficionado this will be your idea of geek and canine heaven. 

Sci-Fido dogstar-scifilondon-20130505-8425

London dogs….if you secretly see yourselves as the next ‘Hound Solo’ or ‘Chew-bark-a’, there’s still time for your humans to get creative and make sure you take home the coveted best-dressed canine cosplay award!

Personally, we can’t wait to see who goes over to the ‘bark side’…may the ‘fur-ce’ be with you! Just make sure you do Carrie Fisher proud.

Sci-Fido dogstar_scifi_leia

Photos courtesy of Dogstar Photo

Our Airbnb Guidebook To Dog Friendly London | 10 Of The Best Spots For Shopping & Hanging Out With Your Furry Friend

More and more places are recognising the importance of being dog friendly in the capital, so when we were asked by Airbnb to write an ‘Insiders’ Guidebook to Dog Friendly London for their new Trips platform, we couldn’t wait to share some of the pawsome places and lovely local businesses we’ve discovered along our blogging journey. We’ve had great fun putting our Airbnb Guidebook together and the launch photo shoot was a blast!

Airbnb gathered several of it’s London ‘Insiders’ together on the rooftop terrace of One New Change to help celebrate the launch and we were joined by TV presenter and broadcaster Reggie Yates who has created his own Airbnb Guidebook.

Teresa Keohane Airbnb Guidebook 1

Presenter and broadcaster Reggie Yates comes together with a series of London ‘Insiders’ (including The Dogvine) to celebrate the launch of Airbnb’s ‘Insider Guidebooks’, part of the new Trips platform. Photo: Airbnb

From bike-makers to bloggers, each insider has curated a Guidebook based around their local expertise showcasing their favourite spots around London in a bid to help both locals and visitors discover more about the city. See all the London Guidebooks here.

Teresa Keohane Airbnb Guidebook 3

Sadly for health and safety reasons Belinha couldn’t join me on the shoot but a ring in was swiftly organised. Photo: Airbnb

We were extremely proud to be part of the Airbnb ‘Insider’ Guidebooks project and to see our Dog Friendly London Airbnb Guidebook published (find it here). And of course we had to share our top tips with you, so without further ado meet the dog friendly London spots that feature in our Insider Guide (in no particular order of pawsomeness)…

1. Holly & Lil The Collarmakers (103 Bermondsey St, SE1) The Dogvine Airbnb Guidebook 7 - Holly & Lils

Why We Love It:

Think fashion emporium for dogs with a classic British feel. Nestled in the very quirky Bermondsey St, dogs are treated like queens (or kings) here, roaming free whilst you browse their selection of iconic handmade collars and leads, stylish accessories or tasty treats in this treasure trove of a shop. Treats and water readily available.
The Dogvine Airbnb Guidebook - Holly & Lil's Who Let The Dogs In

Insider Tip:

Make sure you pick up a copy of Holly & Lil’s ‘Who Lets The Dogs In Paw Guide to Bermondsey St ‘ a brilliant dog friendly map of the area with more than 30 places nearby for coffee, shopping etc. Staff are also super knowledgeable and can give you plenty of tips. If you’re looking for unique items for your dog (or as a gift) or London-themed dog accessories then this is definitely the place to come.

Website: Holly and Lil’s The Collarmakers

2. F***Coffee (163-167 Bermondsey St, SE1)The Dogvine Airbnb Insider Guidebook 10 - F***kCoffee

Why We Love It:

The perfect refueling pit stop after some doggy shopping at Holly & Lil’s in the same street. Relaxed and spacious place with huge sofas at the back for lounging on next to your dog or plenty of tables at the front. The vibe is eclectic, laid back and colourful and not at all pretentious – it feels like a home away from home. Staff make sure to offer dog treats and a bowl of water and dogs are genuinely welcomed throughout.

The Dogvine Airbnb Insider Guidebook 9 - F***kCoffee

Insider Tip:

Definitely recommend grabbing a spot on one of the many huge sofas so your dog can relax next to you. Coffee is great and there is a good selection of fresh cakes (including vegan ones) and soups on offer. If Bitcoins are your thing there is also a Bitcoin ATM for some post-coffee Bitcoin trading (whilst your dog is still sleeping on the sofa of course). Read More