30 Cute Christmas Dogs To Get You In The Festive Spirit

If you haven’t got into the festive spirit yet, these 30 UK Christmas Dogs of Instagram should certainly get you there. We dare you not to be feeling festive after this….

1. “Bet Buster The Bloody Boxer doesn’t put up with this.”

2. “No one said anything about replacing the reindeers.”

3. “Nothing to do with me…” 

4. “Where the hell am I? Doesn’t look like Winter Wonderland!”

5. “Yes, I know I look fabulous. More treats please.”

6. “I’m just trying to blend in…”

7. “You said Santa Paws. Well here I am.”

8. “Why didn’t you get him any of these socks?”

9. “It’s #ChristmasJumperDay every day right?”

10. “I’m going as a Christmas Pudding, can’t you tell?”

11. “You promised there would be no more costumes.”

12. “Mine, mine, mine.”

13. “They took it a step further this year with a onesie.”

14. “I’m here to help, honest.”

15. “There had better be some treats after this.”

16. “Cute? Christmas? I’ve got both of those covered.”

17. “Yo! Got me some Christmas swag.”

18. “I helped put the Christmas lights up.”

19. “Dear Santa, please let this be the last time….”

20. “You got nothing for me and I’m wearing this?!”

21. “I’m trying a new look.”

22. “Dogs can have Christmas Jumpers too you know.”

23. “Christmas…I ‘AM’ Christmas!”

24. “You can’t go wrong with a nice Christmas snood.”

25. “Yes, my wardrobe is better than yours.”

26. “Christmas is hard friggin’ work.”

27. “Wouldn’t you like to find me under your tree?”

28. “We’re on guarding the presents duty.”

29. “Christmas is a time for cuddles. Even with the cat.”

30. “Who said we’re not having a white Christmas?”


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